Scientists Want to Turn Consciousness On and Off Like a Light Switch

By Truthstream Media

AP Editor’s Note: Melissa Dykes covers the changing definition of what “problems” technology aims to resolve.  Modern science increasingly views the human body and the human condition as a set of continuous problems that need to be improved upon, including the complexities of consciousness. Are we destined to become the light switch? If they have their way…

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here and their full-length documentary THE MINDS OF MEN here.

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3 Comments on "Scientists Want to Turn Consciousness On and Off Like a Light Switch"

  1. Shame the dialogue is so casual. To non Americans, barely understandable.

  2. don’t we have all the viral parts necessary to assemble, already conveniently delivered to us through all the vaccinations?? And the optic fibers? Aren’t they also delivered to us thought ONGOING GEOENGINEERING, all clever covered up by the slogan of a ‘climate change’??? Every breath we take, is filled up with staff we are NOT SUPPOSED to have in our bodies!!! It is frightening, that the ‘research’ shown in this video, is already 3 years old…

  3. Pulsed signals are already known to disrupt human cells. 5G energies are likely carcinogenic and are extreme enough to break DNA. None of us will be able to escape the ubiquitous wi-fi fog unless we build a Faraday cage to block the high frequency miasma.

    Fun fact: The cellular industry successfully lobbied our government early on to write laws which BAN any concerns of human health as a factor when and wherever the tower emitters are constructed. Some commenters have demonstrated how 5G beams can be weaponized. It makes you wonder if the Big Providers want us sick and dying. More likely they don’t care either way as long as they get their sixty bucks a month for the fast uber-cool service subscription. (Prob’ly should upgrade to the extra heavy duty tin foil hats from now on. Make mine a cloak.)

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