Families Managing Media Event Hosted by Comedienne, Paula Poundstone. Experts Discuss How Screen-Time Affects Kids’ Developing Brains

By B.N. Frank

Research keeps indicating that there should be limits on how much time kids spend using screens for a variety of reasons.  Families Managing Media is an organization trying to help families with this increasing issue.

If you’re in or near L.A. next week, you can personally attend this event which will be hosted by Paula Poundstone and feature experts Victoria Dunkley, MD and Melanie Hempe.

Ms. Poundstone’s son Thomas had suffered from screen addiction:

Playing video games consumed his life to the point where she called the police once when he was a teenager because he refused to go to school. That was years ago and at the time no one had heard of technology addition.

One of the problems Paula faced when dealing with her son’s addiction, was how easy it was for him to find devices. He was able to play at school and he found ways to bring technology home even after she took his computer away. She often finds pushback when she talks about solutions like limiting the use of  technology in elementary schools.

If you aren’t able to attend this event, there are some great resources online from Families Managing Media– including videos.

There have been online documentaries that have been produced about this subject as well.  Of course, screen addiction and some of the tragedies associated with it aren’t isolated to children.

Outside of the U.S., citizens and government agencies have been proactive in trying to reduce all issues associated with digital, electronic, and wireless technology use and exposure.  Unfortunately in the U.S., there are still more mixed messages about this than not – especially regarding children – despite the growing amount of research proving harm and experts speaking out.

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