What Has (State) Government Done to Our Money?

By Jp Cortez

Is your state destroying your money?

Federal policy and the privately owned Federal Reserve System are the root causes of inflation, instability, and currency devaluation. However, states can take some steps to protect their citizens from the ill effects of America’s unbacked paper money system.

The 2018 Sound Money Index is the first index of its kind, ranking all 50 states using 9 different criteria to determine which states have implemented the most pro-sound money policies in the country.

The complete 2018 Sound Money Index is available here: https://www.moneymetals.com/guides/sound-money-index

Jp Cortez is a graduate of Auburn University and a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina. He is the Policy Director of the Sound Money Defense League, an organization working to bring back gold and silver as America’s constitutional money. Follow him on twitter, @JpCortez27

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2 Comments on "What Has (State) Government Done to Our Money?"

  1. Our privately owned house of Rothshit federal reserve bank gives money to their friends at tiny to no interest. These happy friends run out and buy the best assets with paper fiat. Now these friends have become the rich 0.01% who own 95% of this world’s resources and wealth. The tribe takes care of their own. What do the rest of us get? High inflation throughout our lives robbing us of our wealth, a dollar devalued to 4 cents, a climate of low low wages that never keep up, and every debt scam the criminal bankers can dream up. How do you enjoy being raped everyday by a ugly banker? They are parasites and we are their host.

  2. Fingal Carson | August 31, 2018 at 2:03 pm | Reply

    I always love these charts. Basically, the only describable states to live in with virtually no exceptions are always at the bottom of the. Also, I totally question the merit of this nonsense index, because NY, the worst state and always top 1, 3, or 5 worst at everything, isn’t even the darkest blue. Total nonsense and impossible. No State wastes and loses more money, and costs more to live in, than NY.

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