Twitter Memory Holes Antiwar Activist Caitlin Johnstone

By Kurt Nimmo

Target Liberty posted a screen capture of Caitlin Johnstone’s terminated Twitter account.

The Silicon Valley division of the national security state is now in the process of memory-holing high-traffic users in violation of corporate community terms of service which are of course selectively enforced.

Johnstone is a critic of the war party and its crimes against humanity.

She had to go.

Johnstone cannot be allowed to infect other users with her pathogen of peace.

I don’t know why her account was terminated. Caitlin likes to curse and this may be the excuse used to get rid of her. Then again—Twitter is a cesspool of invective, insults, defamation as entertainment, and general nastiness that has nothing to do with politics or killing Syrians and maybe soon Iranians if Trump and his neocons have their way.

It is now set in stone. Social media will purge you if you are a well-trafficked user and espouse viewpoints contrary to the official narrative cranked out by the state.

I imagine it won’t be long before the less popular are purged and the social media world can go back to its roots—friendly and mindless posts of selfies and puppy dog pictures.

Kurt Nimmo is the editor of Another Day in the Empire, where this article first appeared. He is the former lead editor and writer of Donate to ADE Here.

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7 Comments on "Twitter Memory Holes Antiwar Activist Caitlin Johnstone"

  1. What happened to the lawsuit against Twitter for violating their promised free speech policy?

  2. BTW disqus sucks balls almost as bad as twitter

    • There should be a law against Facebook and Twitter forcing people at gunpoint to use their services…or is it the other way around? There should be a law to force make the First Amendment apply to corporations. We currently have a government which thru nondisclosure contracts, which you must sign if you want to work for the Executive Branch, infringes on speech in the most forceful way by punishing those who exercise their First Amendment Rights.

  3. Again, why is anyone still on twitter and facebook?
    Starve the Beast, don’t feed it,

  4. She just says out loud what everyone is thinking but is too afraid to say it. She just said John McCaine was a war criminal, or something like that, and we’d all be better off when he dies, hopefully very soon, or something to that effect. Fuck Twitter. Who needs them? Good for her. Not gonna stop her. You can still find Caitlin on her site:

    Here’s what she said; sounds fair to me:

    “Friendly public service reminder that John McCain has devoted his entire political career to slaughtering as many human beings as possible at every opportunity, and the world will be improved when he finally dies.”

    The whole point of this wave of un-American censorship is they want to start a war with Iran really badly, and so do the Saudis and they’re willing to pay lots of money for us to do it, and by golly anyone that opposes it will be silenced, just like the Saudis deal with their dissenters. How low can we go?

    She just published an update that the suspension was soon lifted due to complaints from irate fans. Way to go.

  5. Johnson is less an anti-war activist than a part of the Trump propaganda machine with its NO COLLUSION mantra and attacks on the media and Mueller investigation. Twitter has the right to ban anyone it wants. The First Amendment applies only to the government. Twitter can ban Trump, but Trump cannot ban Twitter.

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