The Technocratic Global Government Of The Future Is Here

By Truthstream Media

Enter the futuristic space kingdom of Asgardia, endorsed by NASA, and preaching a familiar message of one world government run by elite technocrats … all for the common good and “social justice” of course. But since it’s a kingdom, who will be the monarch? What does this new constitution say about individual rights under technocracy? Aaron Dykes takes a look at the full scope of this digitally managed society. And, no, this isn’t a joke…

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here. and their full-length documentary THE MINDS OF MEN here.

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1 Comment on "The Technocratic Global Government Of The Future Is Here"

  1. no comments, not very scientific.
    well after taking the POOR US CITIZENS money and doing NOTHING for 30 stinking years in LEO they should have enough cash to build some sort of a KINGDOM someplace.
    NO MORE GEE – Men/Women in space. they only do it for the cash.

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