Soros’ Role in Social Media Censorship Revealed in Leaked Document

By Isaac Davis

Social media censorship is here and out in the open, and it has become clear that the major tech companies are working together to shut down and silence members of the free press for political reasons. Of course, this has everything to do with Donald Trump being in office, and whether you support him or not, what is being lost in the effort to depose him will eventually affect everyone.

Censorship is not the American way, and while people today may think that the ‘other’ side is dead wrong and shouldn’t be allowed to speak up, it takes a special kind of influence to achieve the level of social media and platform banning that we’ve seen in recent weeks.

It turns out, according to a leaked 49-page document, that this special influence may be none other than George Soros himself, the world’s wealthiest liberal political agitator. Soros has long been known to exert influence, via his immense personal wealth, at the grass-roots level of many political struggles around the world.

confidential, 49-page memo for defeating Trump by working with the major social-media platforms to eliminate “right wing propaganda and fake news” was presented in January 2017  by Media Matters founder David Brock at a retreat in Florida with about 100 donors, the Washington Free Beacon reported at the time.

The document obtained by The Free Beacon states that Media Matters and other Soros funded groups have “access to raw data from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites” so they can “systemically monitor and analyze this unfiltered data.” [Source]

The full confidential memo, which reads like a subversive political manifesto, was written by American liberal political activist and author, David Brock, also the founder of Media Matters for America.

Entitled, Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action, and composed in early 2017,  it lays out the Democratic plan to oppose Trump’s presidency at all costs by waging a daily media war, and we have been feeling the results of this strategy since Trump took office, and after nearly two years as president, the media landscape is in utter chaos, and the population is more divided than it has been since the American Civil War.

Regarding Soros, he is a known financier of Media Matters, of which he has supported since 2010 in an overt effort to counter news organizations like Fox News. Soros has developed the reputation of being the world’s leading agit-prop bankroller.

Media Matters is one of the few groups that attempts to hold Fox News accountable for the false and misleading information they so often broadcast. I am supporting Media Matters in an effort to more widely publicize the challenge Fox News poses to civil and informed discourse in our democracy. ~George Soros

The effort to censor social media began in earnest with the election of Trump which saw the rollout of the term ‘fake news,’ and the Brock memo clearly outlines how this plan was intended to bring about the resulting censorship we see today.

From the Brock memo:

Furthermore, the memo discusses how big tech companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter (all of which are openly censoring user accounts today) will be recruited and called upon to collude with the Soros and Brock agenda in order to manipulate the political landscape.

Collusion between Media Matters and social media platforms runs rather deep, as noted by WND:

The document claims Media Matters and far-left groups have “access to raw data from Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites” so they can “systemically monitor and analyze this unfiltered data.”

“The earlier we can identify a fake news story, the more effectively we can quash it,” the memo states. “With this new technology at our fingertips, researchers monitoring news in real time will be able to identify the origins of a lie with mathematical precision, creating an early warning system for fake news and disinformation.”

Final Thoughts

Again, if open censorship of American independent media is allowed to take root, everyone will suffer in the long run. While politics may seem like the biggest game in town, above this spectacle are the values and traditions that have made this country worth living in. Once this is gone, America will be totally unrecognizable, and billionaires like Soros will be become our de facto kings and lords.

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Isaac Davis is a staff writer for and Survival Tips blog. He is an outspoken advocate of liberty and of a voluntary society. He is an avid reader of history and passionate about becoming self-sufficient to break free of the control matrix. Follow him on Facebook, here.

This article (Soros’ Role in Social Media Censorship Revealed in Leaked Document) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Isaac Davis and It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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10 Comments on "Soros’ Role in Social Media Censorship Revealed in Leaked Document"

  1. If Soros is even still alive, they need a special place for him to permanently expire.

  2. I cannot understand who so many people continue to voluntarily communicate on these 3rd party platforms when they know everything said is monitored and censored.

  3. Sorros the billionaire communist…go figure.
    He pays for mayhem, death and chaos.
    More than likely a satanic killer of children.

  4. I have to give that a great big DUH….

  5. Why is this pig allowed to create mayhem in our political system? Isn’t this treasonous? He is an enemy of America, we should deploy the military to destroy him, his spawn and his legacy! If he was a government, he would be decimated!

  6. Richard Olsen | August 26, 2018 at 4:34 pm | Reply

    Whether we realize it or not, government is already so far removed from being a republic and from having any connection to the constitution, that there is nothing left worth saving. We have become a collection of delusional, self centered, ignorant, and nearly illiterate rabble. A true North America style banana fascist corporate oligarchy ruled by a cabal of corporate criminals that have no lawful authority to rule anyone. Their ability to rule rests entirely upon the fact that the vast majority of the US population has been so thoroughly indoctrinated and “dumbed down” by compulsory schooling over the last seventy years that they are unable to understand much of anything. We are now a part of a civilization (sic) that is in the last stage of its decline. Like all empires of the past, our decline is irreversible. Like all others too, the leaders whose greed and depravity brought about the decline become more and more oppressive and ruthless toward their subjects as they try to stave off the inevitable collapse. A commonly used attempt at staying in power is the starting of wars, and keeping wars going, even though their military ventures continually fail, and often have led to crushing defeats. We are already on that path today. The difference this time is that our crushing defeat is the best we can hope for. The alternative is the extinction, or near extinction, of mankind in a thermonuclear firestorm. The moral compass of Western Civilization has been pointed in the wrong direction for so long that we have gone well beyond the “point of no return”, and we now make biblical Sodom and Gomorrah look like a church choir practice.

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