Russia Deploys Fleet of Warships to Syrian Coast Amid Concern of US Attack

By Jason Ditz

(ANTIWAR.COM— Russian media are confirming reports that they are in the process of a naval buildup off the coast of Syria, sending additional frigates through the Bosphorus into the area. This is being called the largest naval presence Russia has had in the Mediterranean since 2015.

This comes as the US adds warships to the coastal area as well. Russia noted in particular that the USS Ross, armed with Tomahawk missiles, was deployed to the area recently. This comes amid repeated US threats to attack Syria.

Russia has been warning the US against attacking Syria again, while US officials continue to reiterate threats if there is a “chemical attack.” Those threats take on a whole additional seriousness amid reports Islamist rebels in northern Syria are planning to “stage” such an attack so the US will intervene again.

NATO made no mention of the US ships in the area, but issued a statement calling on Russia to “exercise restraint” with its own ships, and faulting them over the humanitarian problems inside Syria.

By Jason Ditz / Republished with permission / ANTIWAR.COM / Report a typo

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6 Comments on "Russia Deploys Fleet of Warships to Syrian Coast Amid Concern of US Attack"

  1. John LaRochelle | August 29, 2018 at 4:46 pm | Reply

    Russian tactical nukes being staged to Syria to respond to chemical weapons attack.

  2. Read Chuck Baldwin’s take….it’s excellent
    More False Flag Attacks Are Coming In Prelude To War With Syria And Iran

    By Chuck Baldwin
    August 30, 2018

    • David Kledzik | August 30, 2018 at 3:15 pm | Reply

      So while I agree false flags do exist, if you think the Russia, Syria deal is a false flag, then whats your take on all the shootings happening around the country………. False flags too.

  3. McCain’s mischief working beyond the grave….
    Trump in line with it…..He won’t be reelected but I’d hope he’d be impeached before he can start this war

    • David Kledzik | August 30, 2018 at 3:12 pm | Reply

      Rhonda, I wouldn’t sweat it if I were you, we’re not going to war with Russia, it’s all political posturing and theater. Too much to lose on all accounts, from all sides. This is coming from a 21 year Marine Corps vet. As they say, it takes two to tango. Alot of globalist hands in the pot. As far as Trump getting impeached………. He won’t, no crime has been committed, especially with all thats come to light about what happened in Trump Tower and the supposed campaign finance violations, they’re just non-existent. And the way he’s going he will not only be re-elected, but in huge fashion.

  4. what a great place to practice nuclear war with tiny nuks, best spot ever, the Isralies get some also,great practice for the real deal.
    the aircraft carriers will be expensive to replace but cheaper than Israel’s rebuilding.
    dozens of pocket nuclear warheads going off everyplace,wow what a display, get the cameras ready on the ISS.

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