Russia Begins Testing Of “Robocop” Exoskeleton

By Mac Slavo

Russia’s new super-soldier exoskeleton is said to be able to endow its wearer with superhuman abilities.  The “Robocop” prototype military exoskeleton reportedly allows infantry soldiers to fire machine guns using one-hand and achieve “computer-like accuracy.”

As the Daily Mail reports, the suit resembles the work of an action-packed science fiction movie. The exoskeleton’s design is reminiscent of the Stormtroopers in Star Wars, or the fictional mechanical police officer in RoboCop. The suit allows a soldier to not only carry an enormous amount of weight (extra ammunition or weapons) but it also helps the wearer run faster than is normally physically possible without the suit.  The exoskeleton, which is constructed from titanium, is designed to boost a soldier’s strength and stamina while a layer of body armor protects the wearer from any incoming bullets and shrapnel.  The exoskeleton fits over the torso and is secured around the waist, dispersing the weight of the built-in backpack, which can be filled with up to 110 pounds (50kg).

Chief designer Oleg Faustov told the Russian news agency TASS that trials are underway for the new super soldier suit. “We have already held trials for the prototype of the active exoskeleton,” said Faustov. “It really enhances a serviceman’s physical abilities. For example, the tester was able to shoot from a machine-gun only with one hand and accurately hit targets.”

But the development of the exoskeleton’s prototype has stalled since running into an obstacle.  There is currently no room to store an external power source, according to a report by The Daily Mail.   That means the suit can only be worn for a very limited amount of time before it is nothing more than dead weight. Russia says it is confident that the battery issue can be resolved.

The Russian firm will also continue to work to improve the design of the exoskeleton super soldier before it is introduced to battlefields in 2025.

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