More TV News Coverage, Complaints About Duke “Smart” Meters in North Carolina and Other States

By B.N. Frank

On Thursday, August 2, 2018, NBC affiliate News 13 reported more customer complaints and concerns about inaccurate measurements and excessive billing after Duke Energy installed AMI “Smart” Meters.  Many North Carolina customers don’t want Duke’s “Smart” Meters for a variety of reasons including health concerns due to exposure to the meters constant RadioFrequency Radiation (RF) and EMF emissions.  One particular News 13 segment provides more of explanation about RF emissions from the Duke meters and includes a picture.

The Duke Energy AMI “Smart” Meters have been problematic since 2010 .  This has been documented in 6 states.  Many customers don’t want them.  Despite all of this, some “authorities” continue promoting Duke AMI “Smart” Meters as being beneficial to customers.  At the same time, some “authorities” noted findings last month that documented just the opposite (see page 18):

Securing benefits in excess of costs is extremely difficult and rare. Variation is post deployment benefits is extremely high.

Seems like the only ones benefiting from Duke Energy AMI “Smart” Meters is Duke Energy and their cronies.  Duke received $204M in federal stimulus in 2009 and has been raising customer rates to install these meters since 2010.  They continue proposing customer rate increases for their awful meters. 

Some Duke customers have fought hard to have original analog meters and already have “opt-outs”, however, they are limited and/or expensive.  Other states – like North Carolina – are still fighting for original analog meters.

Problems and health complaints from “Smart” Meters aren’t isolated to Duke Energy.  Why would anyone want something like this installed on their home or anywhere else?

There is diagnostic lab testing available to learn if you and your loved ones are “sensitive” to exposure to RF and EMF from “Smart” Meters and other sources. According to and NBC News article in 2010, some experts stated that up to 1/3 of the population is sensitive to some degree.  There are also experts that believe that with enough exposure, anyone can become “sensitive” and extremely ill from RF exposure.

If Duke Energy is your utility company and you’re unhappy about AMI “Smart” Meters, you are not alone:

  1. Stop Smart Meters Florida
  2. No Smart Meters 4 Indiana
  3. Stop Smart Meters Ohio
  4. Stop Smart Meters North Carolina
  5. Stop Smart Meters South Carolina and Worldwide:
  6. Raleigh ES
  7. SC Smart Meter Awareness
  9. In Power Movement

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  1. These Asheville, NC residents are naive victims of their own liberalism. Their colleagues ordered the meters to save the planet.

    • Fight, fight, fight back…..everyone must fight back….Pennsylvanians need help too. So many in Eastern Pa. totally unaware……until it’s too late….

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