Let’s All Move to Taxlandia! – #PropagandaWatch

By corbettreport

So how much taxation is too much? And how much is too little? And how much is juuuuuust right? Don’t worry if you don’t know, the European Union is here to educate you (and your children) on the right answer to these questions with their latest propaganda indoctrination “game,” Taxlandia! Happy gaming!


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1 Comment on "Let’s All Move to Taxlandia! – #PropagandaWatch"

  1. No need for taxes when they can and do print up all the counterfeit that they want. They could just spend it into circulation paying for everything as they go. But that would free us. Can’t have that!
    We must first borrow these scraps of paper while paying interest to the banksters. We are not smart enough to print our own. Then we make everybody slaves to fraudulent debt (nothing of value being lent) and then we enslave them further by taxing the crap out of the stupid slaves, so as to deceive them into believing it has value.
    The stupid sheeple/ cattle will just continue chewing their cud while being happy, happy slaves to the synagogue of satan .
    No worries. Ain’t life great?

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