If No One Comes to Read Your Utility Meters, You Probably Have Problematic “Smart” Meters. Documentary “Take Back Your Power 2017,” Now Available for Free Viewing

By B.N. Frank

If no one comes to read your gas, electric, or water meters, you probably have “Smart” MetersUtility companies refer to these types of meters as many things besides “Smart” Meters because they have been associated with so many problems including

  1. Fires and explosions
  2. General failure
  3. Malfunctioning and breaking appliances
  4. Measurement errors / inflated bills
  5. Privacy violations
  6. Cybersecurity issues
  7. Health issues

Consumer advocates, human rights groups, and many others have all had valid reasons to oppose these types of meters since utility companies first started installing them.

The original version of Take Back Your Power was produced and released in 2013.  A new version has been released and according to creator, Josh del Sol Beaulieu,

this final cut has 20% new content since the original release, and is a streamlined 83 minutes. My two favorite new segments are Dr. Timothy Schoechle, and the crazy-blatant admissions by utilities of their illegal and unlawful conduct.

Watch it free on TakeBackYourPower.net

Watch it free on YouTube

Josh also recommends a new article he wrote on GreenMedInfo about ‘smart’ meters, 5G and the bigger picture.

Activist Post and many others have published countless articles about “Smart” Meters over the years.  Some include:

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More articles about “Smart” Meters may be accessed at the Activist Post archive.

No one seems to be benefiting from “Smart” Meters except utility companies.  Despite worldwide protest these meters are still being forced on the public and promoted as beneficial and eco-friendly even by so-called environmentalists.

It’s not just stupid.  It’s despicable.

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