Facebook Now Targeting Left Wing Pages As Predicted

By The Jimmy Dore Show

Editor’s Note: Instead of recoiling instinctively at any mention of progressives or “the left,” it’s worthwhile to take a moment and listen to what is being said on this segment of The Jimmy Dore Show. He uses a recent article by Matt Taibbi to illustrate the key points that differentiate adhering to principles versus the misguided adherence to political outcomes. This is crucial to understand as it is becoming obvious that the entire concept of media and journalism is being upended as we engage in distractions from the core issue: all media that is in any way critical of establishment ideology is being targeted. If we celebrate the demise of any voice we disagree with, we are really celebrating the demise of own own right to choose the voices we support or reject.

Although Dore makes some excellent points, we would recommend that you also view James Corbett’s recent video “Problem Reaction Solution: Internet Censorship Edition” which offers a far better long-term solution to the problem of censorship and how each of us can participate right now to help restore the free market of ideas.

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2 Comments on "Facebook Now Targeting Left Wing Pages As Predicted"

  1. The prioblem is not that private corporatoins like Twitter or Facebook are exercising censorship….all the media does this and it is legal. I personally am banned by both left and right: from Twitchy and Punditgate and Townhall to Dailykos and opednew.com. All have banned me for not following their party’s line. I can’t help it. I am a radical independent.

    The problem is the government censoreship, the attempt to denigrate the press, threatening critics. The focus on social media follows Goebbels’ Principle of Propaganda #18: “Displace anger onto targets of hatred.”

    Hitler did it; now Trump, who learned the techniique from reading a colleciton of Hitler’s speeches (“A JEW gave it to me,” Trump explained), is doing it. Distract legitimate outrage of govwernment censorship (including non-diclosure contracts, which directly violate the First Amendment0 with outrage over non-government censorship, which is as old as journalism. The media is not the enemy of the people; the current illegitimate government is the enemy of the people.

    When the President buys silence with hush money and non-disclosure contracts forced on anyone seeking to work for the Executive Branch or its leader, we have naked censorship bought and paid for.

  2. I don’t see that the POTUS Trump has anything to do with these tactics.
    It’s simply that they get rich here in the USofA then go over to the dark side.
    The dark side loathes free speech and has no room for counter beliefs.

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