Excuses, Excuses: Duke Energy on Their Smart Meters Catching Fire, Causing Appliances to Malfunction and Break, etc.

By B.N. Frank

Duke has installed AMI “Smart” Meters in 6 states and problems have been reported in 6 states by residents, organizations, and various news sources including Activist Post.

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Duke Energy always has some excuse as to why their “Smart” Meters aren’t at fault for anything.

For example, on March 21, 2018, an Ohio/Kentucky TV news station aired a story that includes Duke Energy admitting to fires after AMI “Smart” Meters have been installed.  The company blames poor installation – not the meters themselves.

The same Ohio/Kentucky TV news station aired a segment in 2013 where Duke Energy admits that touch lamps were being affected after “Smart” Meters were installed.  But they blame the communication nodes not the meters themselves even though their AMI “Smart” Meters seem to require communication nodes. So without the required communication nodes, there would be no touch lamp problems?  How about other reported appliance problems?

Duke Energy also says their AMI “Smart” Meters don’t cause health issues.  “Smart” Meters from all utility companies have been identified with causing health issues because of the RadioFrequency (RF) emissions.  How can Duke Energy’s “Smart” Meters be exempt since they also use RF?

Essentially that means your smart meters will relay your energy usage using an RF signal to a hub in your neighborhood. If you can’t connect directly, it could send your usage next door, or to the next neighbor, or next one until it can get a signal to Duke’s hub, placed in your neighborhood. (Source)

Many people, communities, consumer advocates, government employees, and organizations including The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) want the right to refuse “Smart” Meters for a long list of valid reasons.

If you don’t want Duke Energy AMI “Smart” Meters, you are not alone:

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