Cities Across The Country Are Installing “Free” Spying Smart City Kiosks

By MassPrivateI

Two years ago, I wrote an article warning NYC residents that City Bridge was installing spying Smart City Kiosks (SCK) throughout the city.

The SCKs came equipped with cameras, microphones and sensors that created the largest urban spying system in the country.

SCK’s collect lots of personal information, like a person’s MAC address, IP address, browser type and version and their destination IP address to name a few.

Who is behind SCKs?

Two years ago it was revealed that Google acquired Control Group, which is CityBridge’s parent corporation.

Control Group and Titan Outdoor are both behind an effort called LinkNYC, the Wi-Fi hotspots will offer charging stations for cell phones and free calls to anywhere in the US. (Source)

Why is the MSM silent about Google’s involvement with SCKs?

Google and Qualcomm have invested hundreds of millions of dollars to fuel SCKs’ expansion.

Qualcomm’s 410 SnapDragon processor and Vision Intelligence Platform are designed with one thing in mind, Smart City surveillance.

How have SCKs grown?

Fast forward two years and companies like CityPost are offering cities free SCKs.

“Among other terrific benefits, we are particularly thrilled to bring free Wi-Fi hotspots to downtown, as well as improved wayfinding, and enhanced safety and security,” LDP Executive Director Rebecca Matheny said in the release. (To learn more about spying kiosks click herehere.)

Why everyone should be concerned about free SCKs.

Louisville Downtown Partnership Executive Director Rebecca Matheny said,

There are a lot of things we’ve wanted to have in our downtown that this great product brings in one place. They are Wi-Fi hotspots that are camera-enabled, have great wayfinding, and are a terrific help identifying restaurants, directions and all kinds of metro resources. We hope to eventually have 100-150 within all of downtown, so we will be rolling them out fast and furious. (Source)

Cities across the country are installing free SCKs

Kiosk has a created an updated list of places and things that SCKs are collecting.

There are at least eight companies that are responsible for installing SCKs in cities across the country. They are, CIVIQ Smartscapes, IKE Smart City, Smart City MediaSmartLINKSoofa , Verizon and LG-MRI.

SCKs are part of the Smart City surveillance network
image credit: Kiosk Industry


As you can see from the diagram, SCKs are part of a giant web of Smart City surveillance devices.

If you still have any doubts about SCKs being part of a Smart City surveillance network, checkout the the diagram below.

image credit VTARA Energy Group


Soon, nowhere will be safe from Big Brother’s spying eyes.

You can read more at the MassPrivate I blog, where this article first appeared.

Top image credit: Startland News

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