Anonymous Challenges QAnon And The LARP Falls To Shambles

By Aaron Kesel

Anonymous is Making the Internet Great Again (MIGA) and bringing back sanity, the international collective of Nyan cats, horse heads and headless spectators are highly upset about a LARP. That all started on 4chan in its decentralized movement’s name and in the words of the hacktivist collective has now “formed into a deformed Alex Jones’ thought bubble” on 8chan.

The video released last week was created in an unusual albeit refreshing classic 2006 style of Guy Fawkes to show the movement is still around and coming for the Qs and its operators.

“I am going to play a little game with him that will make him never want to play with me again,” the video opens up with Oscar the Grouch of Sesame Street.

Then the music comes on and you are greeted with “The Muffin Man” song.. which the collective has since explained its reasoning.

“Q is for qua-qua-  Quidley Quidley Diddley Dee Q is the letter that comes after P. Creatively the hacktivists detail the alphabet, “OpQ” floating in the background, at the beginning of the video. While towards the end of the press release a duck is heard quacking with the words “quack-quack” playing.

Greetings Q,

We are Anonymous.

We’ve been watching the interwebs from deep within our basements, flinging data bits and bytes here and there – living the stereotypical hacker life, you know; eating Doritos and drinking the Dew, (we do the dew – that shit’s trademarked by the way), and we’ve been watching the world burn at the hands of idiots. We’ve slapped around a few people for being ignorant morons, sure – we’re totally not sorry for taking down racist websites or helping antifascist movements, leaking ICE data, and also all the little things we do when people don’t pay attention… Anyhow Q, we’ve been watching you too – and you’re quite funny. We were all like “yo, check this troll out! He has them convinced that he’s on the inside and they’re eating it up like sheep!” We all knew who was responsible for Q, and we thought the insanity would end with a final punch line of lulz – yet u 8 chan freaks never delivered that shit. Nope, you tossed it aside and let it grow into a deformed Alex Jones conspiracy thought bubble. Someone is gonna get hurt, so we have to put our foot down and start some shit with you all, oh kay? We don’t know if you can hang with the real thing, cuz believe it or not – we’re kind of upset that you’d try to even associate yourselves with our decentralized collective. That crazy pedophile conspiracy you Q’s are throwing around while ignoring Trump’s own connections makes us wonder why? Seems you have some kooky political agenda. We don’t like brainless political agendas; hell we don’t even like political agendas at all, so get your asses ready for a thrashing of butt hurt. You got all these foolish people all riled up with no proof, no leaks. We have plans. We will not sit idly by while you take advantage of the misinformed and poorly educated. In our collective we all have our differences and internal drama but we do have one thing in common; none of us are happy with your bullshit. And oh my god, oh no – it’s teh real “Anonymous” they deep state fedz oh my god ohmygod *insert conspiracy* theory omg help. We gonna wreck you. We are Anonymous, We are legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget.

Since the launch of OpQ, Q related websites have been DDoSed, in some cases deleted, d0xes have been flying over prominent Q supporters, accounts have been exposed and individuals behind “Q” have been being hacked including Pamphlet Anon, the board moderator for Q on 4chan and 8chan and PrayingMedic a Q Reddit YouTuber.

The truth of Q that you won’t read anywhere else, is this LARP has been passed around from person to person. It’s nothing more than posting under a 4chan or 8chan “tripcode” asking questions that are ubiquitous and posting cryptic double meanings claiming your wins and ignoring your failed guesses of “predictions.”

As a fun fact, this writer was asked by one of 0hour1’s friends to sell out and be involved with the LARP in January when I was sick, because of my real sources and connections; and this same person further offered me money to post on the tripcode. I declined.

Just a mere two months ago, before the Qrap hit the fan, I wrote on Elizabeth Lea Vos’s article, in a comment that I was dumping redacted screenshots on the “Q” psyop which showed it was a MAGAt LARP.

I then proceeded to leak the person who was in that conversation to Miss Lea Vos. For the time being that person will remain unknown because they weren’t involved and were only a middleman, but they know who they are.

How or why this writer was contacted to be a part of this dangerous game will remain unknown. But ultimately they ended up outing themselves as nothing more than a MAGAt LARP.

As even I don’t know why they would read my Twitter bio and say: “Sure that guy might want to help with the Q psyop,” with a smile on their face.

As further screenshots this author posted on Twitter reveal, the Q psyop may have been allegedly started by someone who indeed was an insider of the Trump administration at first former NSC Intelligence Programs Director, Ezra Cohen Watnick (Q1) according to someone who was close with him, 0hour1 and others who were in the “Q MAGAt LARP group” to “excite the base.”

The full context of the conversation is below.

This person stated that Ezra posted a few times on the board and was Q1. As a fun fact, Watnick entered the Defense Clandestine Service in 2012 and attended the CIA’s infamous psyops Farm in 2013, Newsweek reported. If true and Watnick started Q, then this is another whole layer to this Q LARP, besides being a MAGAt role-playing game.

The game is simple: they claim they are inside the WH and Trump is going to save the world and arrest all the elite by using an image board. In other words, since Trump is capitulating to “Q” and it’s a LARP, if Ezra Cohen Watnick (a psyops guy) was really behind Q, then Q effectively becomes state-sponsored propaganda.

Although, conflicting data alleged by YouTuber Titus Frost shows that Q may have been started by Cicada 3301 involving someone named Quinn Michaels, originally under the hashtag #FollowTheWhiteRabbit. At the very the least, the operators of Q jacked information from the hashtag including Jared Kushner going to Saudi Arabia and the mass arrests.

However, Cicada 3301’s 2018 puzzle was ongoing at the same time starting on January 4th, and the group isn’t previously known to have run multiple complex puzzles at the same time. There is also the credibility of Titus’s source who espouses rhetoric about the Illuminati, which in my opinion is fanatical. But there is an interesting part of the 2018 puzzle by Cicada which might connect the two.

During one part of the 2018 puzzle, an image reads “You are delivering a message that has been needed. If a soldier gives his life to an oil war he is awarded a piece of metal he can never wear. If a citizen fights the deep state, he is awarded imprisonment in a metal cage.”

Another user on Reddit who claims to be CIA Anon, believes that Q was started by the BadSelfEaters crew. I won’t go into his full beliefs or comment on them, I will simply state one of the things he noticed.

Right now Q is controlled by the same crew who ran BadSelfEater. They use as a boomer powerbase. One of the members is Narphenal, the other is Seraphim.

There is a military surplus dealer who is part of the team from and he was originally going to use BadSelfEater to promote a “very rare” government issued laptop that he had the only existing supply of. He came up with this idea after badselfeater bills and briefcase shit were going for thousands on eBay.

He further goes on to state, AR15 is the hidden hive where a lot of the QAnon shit is a/b tested before becoming “drops.”

For more on that user and their own investiation see the Twitter account QPredictedThis.

The truth is we may never know who started “Q” or was involved with it but we can certainly find out who’s running the current “Q” and establish it’s a LARP that needs to be put to rest.

We can also dig up who first pushed this baseless conspiracy which makes every critical thinker with actual evidence and documents  showing corruption or wrongdoing look bad because it’s baseless and feeds false hope.

Tracy Diaz tells the history bluntly in a blog post on Steemit right there on the blockchain. Diaz details her role in the early days of QAnon , and how she banded together with two moderators of 4chan’s board Pamphlet Anon (Coleman Rogers) and BaruchtheScribe (Paul Furber.) Their goal, according to Diaz, was to build a following for QAnon which would mean bigger followings for them as well.

On Nov. 3, 2017, just six days after the first 4chan post from “Q,” Diaz posted a video entitled “/POL/- Q Clearance Anon – Is it #happening???”

Diaz further expressed in her same blog post, she recommended they move to Reddit. Archives listing the three as the original posters and moderators show they created a new Reddit community called CBTS_Stream, short for Calm Before The Storm, where the Q’s gathered to talk all things Q and Quilt.

Two of the original Q moderators then went on to Alex Jones’ Infowars to talk about “Q” before it evolved. Alex Jones and Jerome Corsi are two people who endorsed the QAnon conspiracy then went on to denounce it later.

Anonymous d0xed Tracy Diaz (Tracybeanz) among others, and continues d0xing those who were involved and helped this LARP grow according to the YourAnonNews account. One of many Anonymous operative Twitter accounts supporting the operation which has now also taken on the tagline #WarOnQ.

Even one of the original moderators of 4chan told NBC that he believes the Qult was “hijacked,” by imposters, despite the facts of the failed predictions, which are damning toward the end of this article with the Github. In other words, it was never real to begin with.

“I was very definitely banished,” Furber said, noting that he believes Q’s board has been taken over by imposters, NBC reported.

It’s interesting to note that Pamphlet Anon exposed himself as being one of the Q operators live on stream, in a video where he shows an image of a bike rack and makes the connection to a Seth Rich memorial. There is just one problem – Q didn’t use his tripcode, out of all the posts posted on 8chan Pamphlet was able to find the Q post? He also gives a bogus explanation for a reason why viewers and his supposed co-host can’t see the image.

As Anonymous moves against the “Q” cult as it has before with the Church of Scientology, and Westboro Baptist Church by going after the leaders and those benefiting off this QAnon Qrap by cutting the head off the hydra so to speak. There will be a lot of people shocked that they got fooled by this and then there will be those who still hold on to the false hopes and promises of Q.

Those people will stand still with the belief that anyone against Q are Clowns (the group lingo) for people who support the deep state, rather than just admit they were duped.

For the rest of us normies that aren’t Quilters Quilting about Q, Q evolved into what was a scheme to use an Internet LARP to make money by a host of individuals now being exposed by Anonymous through various channels in support of the operation.

Profiteers pushed inconsistent claim after inconsistent claim, such as the arrests of Podesta, Huma, and Hillary, which dragged on for months saying they were wearing ankle bracelets and various other “breadcrumbed conspiracies” twisting information and disinformation spreading lies. So you would think eventually the “Q” LARP would have died, right?

Well, that’s in a world that makes sense, but we are living in a post-truth CERN-created reality with Donald Trump an entertainer and businessman who has gone through multiple bankruptcies as the U.S. President. This certainly isn’t a normal world; it’s the matrix where everything you see around you is invisible and this is a simulated experience ~Q.

Q took a short hiatus then reappeared with vengeance on 8chan, it was at this point that as Anonymous notes in the press video, it morphed into an Alex Jones conspiracy thought bubble beyond everyone’s expectations. Still, people followed the LARP to the edge of the earth as the operators pleaded “Trust the plan” and echoed “We are Q” one of the groups catchphrases which insinuates another phrase “Where We Go One We Go All.”

The mainstream media narrative on Q is surprisingly dead on accurate. Q is a LARP and 4chan is notorious for these types of LARPs. People benefited financially from this.

“In 2016, there was FBIAnon, a self-described “high-level analyst and strategist” offering intel about the 2016 investigation into the Clinton Foundation. Then came HLIAnon, an acronym for High Level Insider, who posted about various dubious conspiracies in riddles, including one that claimed Princess Diana had been killed because she found out about 9/11 “beforehand” and had “tried to stop it.” Then “CIAAnon” and “CIA Intern” took to the boards in early 2017, and last August one called WH Insider Anon offered a supposed preview that something that was “going to go down” regarding the DNC and leaks,” NBC writes.

Closing up the book of Q, the LARP will go down in history as surely the most influential online LARPs of all time. Of course, there are those fools out there that will continue to follow the Q drops – at least until the operators are outed, hacked, arrested or physically harmed for this dangerous game they are playing with other people’s lives.

Which, oops, we appear to be seeing that happening with a drop of a Github account called “QCodeFag” that appears to be one of the operating channels for Q. The Github shows the source code for every Q post ever posted and deleted on 4chan, 8chan, and POL. While a post in the issues column of the Github 11 days ago simply states “Update the tripcode.”

Remember that time in 2018 when some people really got idiots to show up at Trump rallies screaming “we are Q” a variation of one of the “secure tripcode passwords” that leaked? Or any of these people ranting and raving about Q in a Vice interview that makes it look like a sitting U.S. president is capitulating to an online LARP? Fun fact, Trump has even pointed at multiple Q shirts at his campaign rallies.


Tripcode: ITPb.qbhqo Password: Matlock

Tripcode: UW.yye1fxo Password: M@tlock!

Tripcode: xowAT4Z3VQ Password: Freed@m-

Tripcode: 2jsTvXXmXs Password: F!ghtF!g

Tripcode: 4pRcUA0lBE Password: NowC@mes

Tripcode: CbboFOtcZs Password: StoRMkiL

Tripcode: A6yxsPKia. Password: WeAReQ@Q

The passwords for the tripcodes are hilarious to say the least and expose that the operator behind the current Q is not someone with technical knowledge for operational security.

Where Qtards believe that Q predicted Trump stating the odd remark, “this is the calm before the storm.” It’s the exact opposite; Trump stated the remark on October 6th and Q posted the thread “Calm Before The Storm” on October 28th as is documented with this crazy wacky QAnon conspiracy video on 7 reasons why Q is real. Which are all laughable the way this QAnon LARP twists things and takes advantage of correct “predictions.” While other enlightened future tellings by Q that have failed to come to pass are ignored and written off.

The fact is it’s great to have free thought and think for yourself. That means not listening to any opinions, or instead taking in multiple views and developing your own idea about the world.

Q isn’t free thought, it never was and people who say the Q movement helped the “truther movement” are severely deluded. Q was false hope painting Trump as a messiah who is going to save the world and that’s the definition of a Qult, “trust the plan” don’t sway just blindly believe. The operators of Q have even posted bible verses as a means to manipulate.

Q harms real information and data dumps and pits people against others who don’t subject to the Qult’s mentality questioning the holes in the narrative labeling them “Clowns.” Q has warped some individuals’ minds by literally putting them into a different reality than the rest of us, hence the joke earlier on CERN.

How they did this is even more disturbing and disgusting using elite pedophilia by saying Trump is going to take down all the elite pedophiles. This may be true given a previous tweet of his and his executive order, but Q isn’t involved and larping hurts real exposures like those by filmmakers @AnOpenSecret of real Hollywood pedophiles in the industry grooming and groping children or those who follow the original research of elite pedophilia #OpDeathEaters.

A further fun fact: the LARP moved from 4chan to a chan board, 8chan that has literally been known to host pedophilia by pedophiles.

If Trump really is going after elite pedophiles and not just the low-level scumbags let’s see Jeffrey Epstein’s associates locked up; oh wait.. Trump’s connected to him and has been a friend of Epstein, so that would mean Trump would be locked up too.

Trump also appointed Alexander Acosta to United States Secretary of Labor, the same guy who cut a secret plea deal with Epstein’s lawyers giving him what lawyers, police and the rest of America criticized as a lenient sentence.

The sentence Acosta handed Epstein? A part-time, eight-hours-a-day county jail sentence, rather than the ten years or more in prison for child trafficking, violating the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act by failing to alert Epstein’s victims of the terms of the “sweetheart deal.”

Of course, every Q follower would ignore these facts and claim that RQbert Mueller is working with Trump to out these pedophiles. WHAT?

The conspiracy is all especially dangerous when your followers believe there is a grand master plan and they can somehow be a part of it by doing acts of violence like the Holy fires in California …  for which Forrest Gordon Clark was recently charged with arson who followed Q.

The Holy fire still rages and is only slightly contained, so far damaging 22,986 acres, and officials have issued warnings to residents to stay far away from the flames, the Desert Sun reported.

The ashes may contain toxic chemicals because of the various materials that have burned, officials said. This includes plastics, metals and an array of unknown items that were left in homes and other structures in the burn area.

“People forget we store an awful lot of toxic stuff on our properties,” said Dr. Cameron Kaiser of the Riverside County Public Health Office. “We just want people to keep in mind that, when you’re dealing with ash, you don’t know what’s burned.”

There is also the case of Mathew P. Wright, who with his “homemade armored vehicle” and a rifle stopped traffic for about 90 minutes on a bridge near Hoover Dam demanding the release of IG report. Wright was arrested after the incident.

For more on the QAnon network, see Erin Gallagher’s visual network map of the QAnon group on Medium.

Anonymous isn’t a brainless political movement, it’s an idea and a resistance tactic used against governments worldwide. Q’s mistake was thinking that Anonymous was only in the U.S., capitulating to the “Trump is the messiah” LARP narrative.

Q utilizes both real and fake information to push the LARP agenda. I won’t spend the time going through each post, you can do that yourself by viewing the Github here.

If anything, Trump is the exact opposite with warmongering going on with Iran, and continuing to deregulate Wall St enabling fraud as the economy goes up, pushing for sanctions against Europe for supporting Iran and other sanctions on allies, appointing Gina Haspel the war torturer, John freaking Neocon Bolton, and filling the swamp with Goldman Sachs, you get the point!

To reiterate, Trump is already one of the most dangerous presidents in history. Then we have this Q LARP that gullible people seem to have fallen for. The reality is that Trump is gearing up for war with Iran and has expanded the surveillance state way further than Obama ever did and is on the path to drop more bombs in his short presidency than his predecessors Bush and Obama.

According to Defense Department figures cited by TruthDig columnist Lee Camp, the U.S. military under President Donald Trump dropped 44,096 bombs last year. That works out to 121 bombs per day or one every 12 minutes.

The Pentagon’s numbers show that during George W. Bush’s eight years he averaged 24 bombs dropped per day, which is 8,750 per year. Over the course of Obama’s time in office, his military dropped 34 bombs per day, 12,500 per year. That’s compared to Trump’s first year in office, he averaged 121 bombs dropped per day, for an annual total of 44,096.

As the Anonymous video concluded – it’s time to Quit. Especially since the LARP/Augmented Reality Game has been banned from Reddit’s Pro Trump threads, citing it as an embarrassment.

There are real-world repercussions to online LARP games that become real. Trump isn’t taking down the elite. he is a part of the elite club, qidiots for the last time quit quilting about Q.

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