School Strip-Searches 6th Grade Girls’ Class After Cop Accused them of Hiding $50 in Their Underwear

By Matt Agorist

Houston, TX — What started with an alleged missing $50 in a middle school choir class ended in 22 depraved and disgusting strip-searches of innocent children on behalf of the state. Now, after a ridiculous back and forth in the court system, the taxpayers are being held liable.

According to the court documents, the incident began when $50 allegedly went missing during a 6th grade choir class at Houston’s public Lanier Middle School. The assistant principal was brought in to investigate and no money turned up. That’s when the school’s resource officer made the suggestion “that girls like to hide things in their bras and panties.”

Assistant Principal Verlinda Higgins then brought all twenty-two girls in the choir class to the school nurse who, according to the lawsuit,

strip-searched them, taking them one at a time into a bathroom, where she “check[ed] around the waistband of [their] panties,” loosened their bras, and checked “under their shirts.” The girls “were made to lift their shirts so they were exposed from the shoulder to the waist.” No parents were notified, despite the girls’ requests.”

After the disturbing strip-search of nearly two dozen preteen girls concluded—nothing was found.

After finding out their children had been illegally strip-searched at school, furious parents filed a lawsuit. In spite of admitting the school violated the students’ rights, however, the lower court dismissed the lawsuit, citing lack of a claim. Naturally, the parents appealed the decision and, last week, the Fifth Circuit Appeals Court overturned the lower court’s decision in a scathing reversal.

During a sixth-grade choir class, an assistant principal allegedly ordered a mass, suspicionless strip search of the underwear of twenty-two preteen girls. All agree the search violated the girls’ constitutional rights under Texas and federal law. Even so, the district court dismissed the girls’ lawsuit against the school district for failure to state a claim. We reverse.

As Tim Cushing points out, writing for Techdirt, the school admitted it violated the students’ rights. It admitted it performed a search without justification or guiding policies. It all but started cutting settlement checks and yet the lower court said no viable claim was made by the plaintiffs.

The idea of a school detaining and strip-searching an entire class of preteen girls to look for an allegedly missing $50 should shock the conscience. Equally as disturbing as the act itself, however, is the fact that not a single person involved in the illegal search was punished.

The only “discipline” handed down for such a heinous violation of children’s rights was in the form of a memo chastising the Vice Principal, not for the strip-search itself, but for conducting the search to find something not actually considered “contraband.”

As the 5th Circuit points out:

Regardless, the supposed lack of “contraband” appears to have been the principal’s only concern; the memo never criticized the search for invading the underwear of twenty-two preteen girls, or for doing so without particularized suspicion.

The 5th Circuit also pointed out that the memo even suggested that strip-searching preteen children is acceptable so long as the principal is notified.

The memo further made clear that, at least in the principal’s mind, such strip searches of students are not per se improper under school district policy. Rather than forbidding all strip searches going forward, the memo requested: “In the future, if you feel a student must have a search requiring a strip search, please notify me before proceeding.”

There you have it. In police state USA, innocent school children can and will be strip-searched with no probable cause, those who carry it out will not face consequences, and, despite admitting to the violation of the girls’ rights, not a single person was held accountable. Disturbing indeed.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project, where this article first appearedFollow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.

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6 Comments on "School Strip-Searches 6th Grade Girls’ Class After Cop Accused them of Hiding $50 in Their Underwear"

  1. Menzoberranzan | July 6, 2018 at 12:14 pm | Reply

    They will do this to the wrong little girl one day and someone will go in there and kill the offenders. I will laugh.

  2. i went to school with a set of twin girls who were mean enough to have sucker punched the searchers and whose parents would have stormed the school board meeting for retribution

  3. Welcome to Amerika commrades…

  4. BugsBunnyPatriot | July 7, 2018 at 10:49 am | Reply

    This is absolutely disgusting. If it were my daughter you can bet there would be a big price to pay and the court is no better than the school.

  5. Cmore Butts | July 7, 2018 at 2:37 pm | Reply

    yeah try that BS on my son. he has my full permission to kick the pervs in the crotch. I have always told him to be a gentlemen and not pick on girls. I guess i should tell that to the pervs running the school.

  6. Richard Olsen | July 7, 2018 at 2:55 pm | Reply

    Isn’t ANYONE ever going to understand what has been done? Compulsion is the opposite concept to that of liberty. Compulsion is being FORCED to COMPLY. Compulsory schooling is NOT about educating anyone, and never has been. The compulsory government schooling laws were enacted solely for the purpose of indoctrination of the population. It was established to produce a population of obedient, compliant, ignorant, and nearly illiterate, wage slaves for the corporations and cannon fodder for use by the military in building the empire and accepting rule over their lives by force and economic dependency. The government schools have NOT been FAILURES! We now have a population the vast majority of whom exhibit exactly the characteristics mentioned above. Further, a population too ignorant to understand that corporations, whether they be school districts, city or other governments, banks, or industrial, CANNOT commit a crime. A corporation is a legal fiction that is, in some matters of business conduct, treated as if it were a person. Only human beings can form an intent to do harm to the person or property of another. Levying a penal fine, or a civil judgement, against a corporation only serves to spread the penalty payment over a large number of payers who are entirely innocent and uninvolved in the wrongful act; in the case of the school district the payers are, in part, the victims who brought the lawsuit. The perpetrators, the human beings who engaged in this activity, committed a CRIME. The governments, at all levels, know this. They consistently refuse perform the functions that their oaths of office require, thus rendering themselves and their “enforcers” immune from accountability for their unlawful acts. This can ONLY mean one thing. That one thing is that the republic formed under the constitution for the united states of America in 1789 with its amending articles known as the “Bill of Rights” no longer exists. We are ruled by a fascist government corporation owned and controlled by an oligarchy. The majority of the oligarchs are citizens of other countries.

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