New App “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” Encourages Students To Spy On Each Other

By Aaron Kesel

The “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” application released by Henderson County Public Schools is encouraging students to spy on each other and report suspicious activity within the app, Blue Ridge Now reported.

Henderson County students in the upcoming school year will be able to report their peers to administrators using their smartphones.

The app is available on both Android, IOS and has a web version which allows users to upload up to three pictures or screenshots of physical or social media threats, in a field for “Optional Supporting Evidence.”

Users of the app will be able to report a number of categories including threats, bullying, drugs, fighting, a personal crisis, vandalism, weapons and others, directly to school administrators who can immediately alert law enforcement if needed.

Reports on the app can be submitted anonymously or signed with a student’s name, include additional witness information, and names of people involved in the incident.

Meanwhile, this issue is far from minimal as the state is developing a similar reporting app for schools to use statewide, but that won’t be ready until 2019.

“Report It, Don’t Ignore It” was developed by the district’s Technology Department to “approach school safety proactively, and to improve two-way communication between students and administrators.”

This is conditioning to accept the nanny police state and expands on a wider trend that we have seen more recently over the years. That trend is the installation of surveillance cameras in schools. Even in school bathrooms as Activist Post reported last year.

Except, in this case, the school district is asking every student to be the eyes and ears of administrators for their “safety.” As a result, handing students the tools to not only report each other but to spy on each other.

“We know that school safety is a community effort,” Caldwell said. “Administrators and law enforcement can only respond to concerns in schools – and parents can only respond to them at home – when we’re made aware of them. Our students and staff are our best eyes and ears.”

“We hope this tool will empower students to take ownership of their campus’ safety, keep each other accountable, and know their administration is here for them,” Caldwell added. “We’re here, and we’re listening.”

North Carolina isn’t the only state pushing for a mobile app for students to report; after the Florida school shooting earlier this year Florida’s governor Rick Scott proposed a similar app echoing an old motto from the Bush-era “See Something, Say Something.”

Whereas there is an overwhelming amount of violence in schools these days and bullying which leads to suicide,  students should consider the potential future implications of giving a Stasi tool the go-ahead.

Public school is becoming more and more like a prison in the U.S. and UK; prisoners should have a camera on them, not students going to a school of “higher learning” to get an education.

Below is a horrifying promotional video for the tool with students from the school district endorsing the application one by one.

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14 Comments on "New App “Report It, Don’t Ignore It” Encourages Students To Spy On Each Other"

  1. More social engineering | July 10, 2018 at 5:59 pm |

    This will be abused!
    What’s to bet people won’t give their name & choose to be totally anonymous purely because they don’t want anyone challenging their take on what the say is abuse. Taking a small snap shot of things without context can be made to look like anything. If someone happens to have a grudge then they WILL use this to frame some innocent person & that person will have no recourse to explain or confront their accuser. I’ve seen that happen & seen it destroy people’s lives.
    It’s extra judicial & flys in the face of due process & the constitution.
    With a generation of SJWs who are scared of their own shadow this tool in there hands will do more harm than good.
    Thanks NWO for bringing yet more misery to the planet.

    • Anonymity is hardly the point. It’s teaching kids to dob in your neighbours that is the insidious method of raising fascist robots.

    • Brilliant, and exactly how will anyone be anonymous when using a smart-phone app?
      Every call and message and app response is tracked and archived. The only way to do it would be to use someone else phone. Let them take the rap.
      We used to know what to do with snitches and ‘narcs’, hopefully today’s kids will do the same.

  2. Yet another tech aid to underpin the widening fascist agenda.

  3. This toy rocks. Chalk another one up for public education.

  4. Re-institute the motto ‘Snitches get stitches’.

  5. Hey be sure to report anyone that talks about Patriotism, being proud to be American, anyone with Christian beliefs, All Conservatives, anyone that wants secure borders, and anyone that uses politically incorrect words. Yeah this will work well for the Communist indoctrination institutions.

  6. unless its reporting about muslims then you will be dealt with accordingly you islamophobe

  7. Will we hear when it’s used to report the horrid Franken Food in the Cafeteria?
    How about the Tranny bathrooms?
    Teachers having affairs with students?
    Students being forced vaccines?
    Made to watch LGBQABCD films?

  8. Any time you hear, “We’re all in this together”, be wary! Remember kids, NOBODY likes a snitch… not even another snitch. (Seriously, just say NO to this “high-tech communism” while you still can!)

  9. It’s likely a much better idea to eliminate smartphones on campus. That would take care of many of the problems in the first place.

  10. Fortunately, all of my children and most of my grandchildren are beyond the age, or have been taken out of their incarceration, where they were affected by the monstrosity wrongfully known as compulsory public education. Education is the farthest thing that could even possibly be on the minds of the perverted criminals who are in control of compulsory schooling. Other than those currently in control of our de facto governments, and those involved in training of police, it would be impossible to find a more evil corporate enterprise. Their goal appears to be the creation of a population so evil, or so tolerant of evil, that all of the other nations of the world would welcome our extermination as being a divine intervention. They will attain that goal rather soon because we have already been rendered so ignorant, and so indifferent to our condition, that we continue to finance and otherwise support the destruction of our children’s minds.

  11. Funny, funny.I ca’t stop laughing (it is not a laughing matter don’t judge me) I was raised in a Communistic society, where everybody was suspicious of everybody.One just never knew who is spying on whom for whatever malicious intention.This is how Communists kept their terror grip on people. Now it is here too. welcome to the Orvellian NWO.

  12. It will be necessary to retaliate with floods of complaints against leftist prejudice, gay prejudice, anti-bisexual prejudice, anti-Christian prejudice, anti-white prejudice, Islamic threats to turn Muslim or die, bullying of whites, hot glares from angry black guys, tisking and head turning from guys with purses, or any bullying by anyone disrespectful of your views and feelings, which are, after all, ****ing sacred. They will of course filter for these but you must first flood them with complaints in very similar language and let them sort it out. If possible, let the complaints be ambiguous. Make them have to look up your race & religion in order to determine whether the complaint is valid.

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