The End Of Independent Media And The Fake News Psyop

By WeAreChange

In this video, Luke Rudkowski of WeAreChange is joined by Derrick Broze to discuss YouTube and its financial support of mainstream news while suppressing alternative outlets. Facebook has moved in a very similar direction as well, so what do we do about it? Can we stop the end of independent media?

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You can read Derrick Broze’s exclusive report about the state of Independent Media in the latest issue of Counter Markets premium newsletter.

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1 Comment on "The End Of Independent Media And The Fake News Psyop"

  1. Nearly Free Speech web hosting is viable for dissenting or alternate news. There’s also placing alternate views in the deep net via Tor. I think eventually a move to private versions of the Internet & Web might come into play, similar to Fido net. One thing we ought to have learned is that we do not have to rely upon the main stream resources in order to attain goals. We do not need centralization nor authority, especially not to communicate.

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