After US, UK, France Bomb Syria – OPCW Report Contradicts Claims Of “Irrefutable Proof” Of Chemical Weapons

By Brandon Turbeville

After the lowest moment of Trump’s presidency to date – the bombing of Syria despite the risk of a third world war – the OPCW has released a statement re-affirming that the United States, France, and the UK were wrong about their assertion that the Syrian government used chemical weapons in Douma in April, 2018.

In its latest Fact Finding Mission report, the OPCW states that

OPCW designated labs conducted analysis of prioritised samples. The results show that no organophosphorous nerve agents or their degradation products were detected in the environmental samples or in the plasma samples taken from alleged casualties. Along with explosive residues, various chlorinated organic chemicals were found in samples from two sites, for which there is full chain of custody. Work by the team to establish the significance of these results is on-going. The FFM team will continue its work to draw final conclusions.

So, quite plainly, the decision to bomb Syrian government facilities, research facilities, and civilians in Syria was made on the basis of something that never actually took place. As virtually the entirety of the alternative media was able to report early on before the bombing, there were no chemical weapons used against civilians or terrorists in Douma by the Syrian government. Indeed, shortly after the attacks, clear evidence was presented which demonstrated that the attacks never actually happened. Even more so, clear evidence demonstrated that the attacks were entirely fabricated by the al-Nusra Front propaganda wing known as the White Helmets.

At best, the United States, UK, and France went headlong into a possible third world war half-cocked. However, such a possibility is overly generous to the Western powers who have been attempting to destroy Syria since 2011. More likely, the entire event was coordinated between the White Helmets and the Western powers in order to provide a justification for a military assault on the Syrian government. After all, Russian intelligence warned of an impending false flag in Syria in the days and weeks leading up to the attack, strongly suggesting that the United States (though not saying so outright) was behind the planning.

Unlike previous reports by the OPCW which were heavily politicized and which were heavily seized upon by the West, the Douma report involved an actual presence on the ground by the OPCW FFM, interview with witnesses and civilians, and actual environmental and biological samples, which virtually none of the previous politicized documents had.

The OPCW writes,

The Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) of the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), issued an interim report on the FFM’s investigation to date regarding the allegations of chemical weapons use in Douma, Syria on 7 April 2018.

The FFM’s activities in Douma included on-site visits to collect environmental samples, interviews with witnesses, data collection. In a neighbouring country, the FFM team gathered or received biological and environmental samples, and conducted witness interviews.

So the United States, UK, and France claimed before the world that they had undeniable proof that not only were chemical weapons used in Douma but that the Syrian government had used them. On this basis, the three powers launched an assault against the Syrian military (to the advantage of terrorists) and put the entire world at the brink of a thermonuclear third world war. But the US, UK, and France lied. They did not have any such evidence because no such evidence existed. Indeed, no such evidence existed because the attack never took place.

I highly recommend reading my articles on the Douma chemical attack as well as the work of Vanessa Beeley of 21st Century Wire and The Wall Will Fall, and Pearson Sharp of OAN in order to understand how the attack has been so thoroughly debunked even before the missiles and bombs began to fall on Syria in “response” to the “alleged” incident.

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3 Comments on "After US, UK, France Bomb Syria – OPCW Report Contradicts Claims Of “Irrefutable Proof” Of Chemical Weapons"

  1. “….the entire event was coordinated between the White Helmets and the Western powers in order to provide a justification for a military assault on the Syrian government. After all, Russian intelligence warned of an impending false flag in Syria in the days and weeks leading up to the attack, strongly suggesting that the United States (though not saying so outright) was behind the planning.”

    Gulf of Tonkin lie………..3 million slaughtered
    Saddams WMDS lie…..1 million slaughtered
    Ant-Syrian lies…………… half a million slaughtered

    Next: Iran.

    All recent wars have been justified by lies. Most recent Trump lies: Iran protected al Quada. Syria used CW on the peope it is fighting to liberate;

    • “All recent wars have been justified by lies.”

      All wars have been justified by lies. Further all wars are simply the same continuing war. Those whom perceive themselves as being “in power” desire staying “in power” & desiring “more” power. For these parasites there is never “enough”, despite the cosmos providing exactly that and then some.

      Want a bit of a clue? Look toward the Myth of Scarcity as it relates to food. The Myth of Scarcity though is not only applied to food but everything. It is a blatantly false pack of bull dung crammed down everyone’s throats.

      Here, it becomes even more so clarified.

      “Economics is the study of how society chooses to allocate its scarce
      resources to the production of goods and services in order to satisfy
      unlimited wants. You may be surprised by this definition of economics.
      People often think economics means studying supply and demand, the
      stock market, money and banking. In fact, there are many ways one
      could define economics, but economists accept the definition given
      here because it includes the link between SCARCITY and CHOICES.” (I.
      B. Tucker, III, “Survey of Economics”, West Publishing Co., 1995)

      This what is meant by the question, how is the economy doing? Do people still have confidence in the lie that resources are scarce? Well then the economy is doing good. People are losing confidence in that lie? Well then the economy is doing terrible. Extrapolating, it is also the same for the U.S. dollar. Do people accept fiat currency as means to issue and settle debt, do they still have confidence debt is money? Good, the dollar does well.

      Ultimately, though it’s all a con job ran on people who according to those who think they are powerful “want to be ruled, led”. The end goal? More power and continued exertion of control by coercion or deciet.

  2. This sort of violent reprisal for imaginary offenses is what makes me wish NATO were disbanded. Even if just the US and Canada resigned from it, the resulting organization might retreat from its aggressive agenda against third world nations that were never a part of its original justification to begin with.

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