3D Printed Guns for Everyone, Ross Ulbricht Petition Denied, Cashless Backlash and Other News of the Week

By corbettreport

Welcome back to #NewWorldNextWeek – the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

Story #1: Ross Ulbricht Denied Supreme Court Hearing https://bit.ly/2JepNzf

Story #2: Cashless Backlash As Movement Taking Heat From Lawmakers https://bit.ly/2Jhs1O7

Story #3: DOJ Settles Suit In Landmark Win for 3D-Printable Guns https://bit.ly/2Jdiwj6

Decentralize Everything: How To Avoid the Technocratic Nightmare https://bit.ly/2zsE9wk

Nearly Half of Social Media Users Deleted One Account In the Past Year https://bit.ly/2zCIOvM

#GoodNewsNextWeek: The Return of Hemp For Victory https://bit.ly/2ug1JXQ

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1 Comment on "3D Printed Guns for Everyone, Ross Ulbricht Petition Denied, Cashless Backlash and Other News of the Week"

  1. In WV one can grow hemp legally. There are however several high barriers as far as restrictions.

    First you need to be some kind of commercial plant farmer & be able to clear at least $700 annually from that crop alone.

    Second you need to buy hemp seed from a co-op that gets rubber stamped by the D.E.A and in so doing will be taxed on the crop as well needing the license to grow it. You must register and provide accurate information to her majesty. Plus pay her majesty to grow a crop on your own land, make revenue on it.

    Third your hemp must not exceed approximately 0.03 some units of THC to remain a viable “industrial’ crop and not be ruled as marijuana. It does not matter if your crop is subjected to wild drift in, or someone being a jerk and putting marijuana into your “industrial” crop. If your crop is found to be marijuana you will be charged as having that and with intent to distribute, sell. There’s no room for error the D.E.A will be checking up continually via the agriculture department. It is your responsibility and you alone are accountable no matter external risks beyond your control.

    Fourth if you are found growing marijuana, your farm all of it, is forfeit and seized immediately.

    To me the ‘regulations’ read as the government finding a means to seize farms, then farm a cash crop on them. The whole issues reeks of another Whiskey Rebellion waiting in the wings. Of course, think of all the false flags that be pitched; “Marijuana farmer holds family hostage on his farm, D.E.A & F.B.I preparing to raid and strip the ‘terrorist’ of hostages.” … “We’re the government and we’re here to help.”

    I did look into farming hemp here in WV, oh probably six months or so ago when it was announced it could be done legal. Know of roughly 2.5 acres that would/could grow plenty of hemp and provide some much needed income relief. Looking at what seems barbed regulations though left a sour taste.

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