Conspiracy Theory Proven Fact as Cops Remove Senator from Walmart Converted into Detention Center

By Jack Burns

In 2015, Snopes attempted to fact-check “rumors” that “began to swirl in April 2015 when several Walmart stores around the U.S. were abruptly closed due what Walmart claimed were “plumbing problems.“ Walmarts in Pico Rivera, CA, Livingston, TX, Midland, TX, Brandon, FL, and Tulsa, OK, all suddenly closed their doors, with Walmart corporate announcing that some of those outlets would be shuttered for six months or more. We now know, even though Snopes has not updated its web page, that at least one of those Walmarts is a detention center to house children of immigrant families.

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) attempted to enter the converted Walmart in Brownsville, TX to inspect the living conditions of immigrant children who had reportedly been separated from their parents and were rumored to be kept in cages and concrete floors of the converted Walmart. Merkley streamed live on social media his attempt to enter the facility but was denied entry by Homeland Security.

All the windows and doors to the facility—which is a shuttered Walmart—have been blacked out with window tinting. Merkley arrived and was immediately asked to leave by a female government worker.

One of the country’s most powerful lawmakers then demanded to speak with a supervisor. Instead of complying with his wishes in the name of transparency, the shadowy government workers called Brownsville police on the U.S. Senator. After 10 minutes of waiting and being confronted by local police, he was denied entry and forced to leave.

Later, in a Facebook live video, Merkley remarked:

When an organization has something to hide, not allowing members of congress to see it, in a democracy, is completely unacceptable…What’s going on is an effort to prevent the press from being able to report to the American people what is happening. And that’s simply unacceptable.

Later on in the video he added:

So far, as far as we know, no member of Congress has actually been allowed to see what’s going on with this program.

The detention facility is run by Southwest Key Programs, who promptly issued an apology to the Senator from Oregon on Wednesday for disallowing Merkley entry to its converted Walmart on Padre Island Highway in Brownsville. The statement reads:

We regret having to turn away Senator Merkley at our Casa Padre shelter. The U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) prohibits any facility from allowing visits that have not been approved by them, even if it is a U.S. Senator. With ORR approval, Southwest Key shelters have welcomed elected and other public officials at our facilities in the past, and will continue to do so, because we are proud of the caring environment we provide these children. We have reached out to the Senator and connected with his staff because we would like to see this happen.

After the video began gaining traction, the White House lashed out at the senator, claiming that he is “spreading blatant lies” about the reality of the situation.

“Senator Merkley is irresponsibly spreading blatant lies about routine immigration enforcement while smearing hardworking, dedicated law enforcement officials at ICE and CBP,” deputy White House press secretary Hogan Gidley told Fox News.

“He voted against closing the ‘catch-and-release’ loopholes used by child smugglers, and his reckless open borders policies are responsible for the permanent separation of thousands of American families who have been forced to bury their loved ones,” Gidley added. “No one is taking a public safety lecture from Sen. Merkley, whose own policies endanger children, empower human smugglers and drug cartels, and allow violent criminal aliens to flood into American communities.”

What’s more, DHS press secretary Tyler Houlton said Merkley was actually able to visit the facility—in spite of the video showing otherwise.

“At 2pm on a Friday, the Senator asked to visit a secure DHS facility over the weekend where children are present and we worked with him to provide him access,” Houlton said. “This presented obvious and serious privacy concerns – not to mention disrupting operations. He was able to visit the facility on Sunday.”

That never happened.

According to Merkley, however, he says that he’s actually been inside another one of these facilities in which he witnessed hundreds of children being kept inside cages.

“When I was at the center at McAllen Border Station, this is the processing center, earlier and I was admitted there and I did see the people, hundreds of children locked up in cages there at that facility,” Merkley said in an interview with CNN. “They have big cages made out of fencing and then wire and nets stretched across the top of them so people can’t climb out of them.”

After the White House issued the statement on Merkley allegedly spreading lies, Merkley Communications Director Ray Zaccaro fired back and insisted the White House be more transparent on what’s going on with these children.

“The White House is smearing Senator Merkley because they can’t defend their indefensible policy of snatching children from their parents,” Zaccaro said. “Senator Merkley and his staff saw children in cages yesterday at the DHS processing center. We still have no idea what’s happening in the detention center where reportedly up to a thousand children are being held, since they refused the Senator’s request to go inside.”

Even if Merkley is doing all this as a means to smear Trump or garner political support, the reality of the situation is that children have been documented by politicians and local news crews during the Obama administration being kept in cages.

Photo: McAllen, TX, U.S. Rep. Jim McGovern (MA-02) tour of processing center.

Sadly, these children are being used as pawns in a political game as rivals bicker over how to handle them while ignoring real factors that would curb criminal immigration.

As the Free Thought Project reported, Ron Paul provides penetrating wisdom on truly effective ways to deal with the situation, while providing a financial benefit and removing a giant injustice being perpetrated by the U.S. government.

End the war on drugs.

From the Ron Paul Institute:

Likewise, the 40 year war on drugs has produced no benefit to the American people at a great cost. It is estimated that since President Nixon declared a war on drugs, the US has spent more than a trillion dollars to fight what is a losing battle. That is because just as with the welfare magnet, there is an enormous incentive to smuggle drugs into the United States.

We already know the effect that ending the war on drugs has on illegal smuggling: as more and more US states decriminalize marijuana for medical and recreational uses, marijuana smuggling from Mexico to the US has dropped by 50 percent from 2010.

This view is backed by data from the U.S. Sentencing Commission. In fiscal year 2015, illegal immigrants were responsible for 75 percent of federal drug possession charges.

Amusingly, both Sean Hannity and PolitiFact confirmed this. Data show that the ‘illegal alien” category accounted for “1,640 of 2,181 total convictions (75 percent) in which the primary charge was simple drug possession.”

It is important to note that a rise in gang violence in El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala has caused a massive influx of immigrants seeking refuge lately. They are coming in by the thousands in an attempt to escape this violence. Instead of looking at the cause of this violence, however, US policy is to separate immigrant children from their parents while prosecuting the adults—and this is supposed to somehow be a solution.

Paul also points out the burden of free medical benefits, food assistance, and education given to illegal immigrants which amounts to about $100 billion a year. Granted, many of them are part of the workforce in sectors such as agriculture, but not paying taxes and sending money back to Mexico creates a significant imbalance.

Instead of wearing the badge of the “largest prison population in the world” and continuing to convert Walmarts into detention centers, the United States could begin eliminating the national debt, reduce crime, foster personal liberty, and drastically decrease criminal gangs that flourish from prohibition—and all it would have to do would be end the war on drugs.

Sadly, at least for now, it appears that these dinosaurs in DC think that caging children, ripping them out of their parents arms, and repeatedly deporting them at the expense of the taxpayer, is the only solution. Thanks government.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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13 Comments on "Conspiracy Theory Proven Fact as Cops Remove Senator from Walmart Converted into Detention Center"

  1. Hugh Farnham | June 8, 2018 at 7:11 am | Reply

    Obvious the Obama administration planned well in advance for the flood of illegal immigrant children.

    Obama worked with several State governors to house the wave of immigrants – many months BEFORE they arrived. Pressured Walmart to convert stores to detention camps.

    It was primarily about chain migration.

    Little Carmencita could later pull in her parents and siblings into the US – why else would a normal parent allow their children on such a dangerous journey unless there was a sweet EBT and welfare rainbow at the end of the deal?

    A sickening fact is that many of these children were then roped into prostitution rings in the States. Atlanta just had 160 children liberated from these sex rings last week.

  2. Psychic Warrior | June 8, 2018 at 7:13 am | Reply

    The refugees are there because of drug runners like the Bush and Clinton families, The US policy on creating drug lords is also part of the problem. The US is in the child trafficking business for many reasons like: body parts, scientific experimentation and satanic ritual abuse that takes place at the highest levels of business and politics – like Ping Pong Pizza.

  3. Lil Miss Free the kids | June 8, 2018 at 8:08 am | Reply

    Is this pedi heaven?… why is it just the children? Where are the parents?
    Get ready America – YOURE NEXT!
    Or do you really think they’ve gone to all that trouble just for these lil kiddies.
    Hey illegal immigrants… be careful what you wish for, welcome to the land of the free that has a better future for you & your children.

  4. ChuckInBama | June 8, 2018 at 8:35 am | Reply

    And what the “senator” fails to realize is that if we built a wall and stopped the flow of illegals, there would be no reason for these facilities to exist. Democrats are such idiots.

    • B-Free (NL) | June 9, 2018 at 8:26 pm | Reply

      Best would be that the PTB decide to develop the rest of the world to a minimum level that supports a decent basic life. Cut all the crap like wars and other forms of destabilization. And there would be no problems at all with unbalanced mass migration.

      But they have chosen differently, and unfortunately we allowed and enabled them, and continue to do so. Apparently they are of the opinion that this works better for them.

  5. The CONSTITUTIONAL American MILITIA needs to storm these facilities and arrest the UN-CONSTITUTIONALLY CONTRIVED DHS GESTAPO, created by the Globalist pedophile satanist bankers through 911, which THEY orchestrated. Incarcerate these CRIMINALS in their OWN PRISON, charge them for MURDER on 911 and the subsequent MILLIONS of innocents and powerless they attacked and murdered in a contrived “war on terror”. Then EXECUTE them ALL for these crimes. Drop, Snap, Swing and Twitch for 2 minutes, Traitors/Murderers. MAGA.

  6. They’re only doing it for the federal money to care for the kids. Same game as CPS or APS. Take away the money and it will stop

  7. Looks like there is plenty of room for a swingset, bounce house, slide and tumble mats. Just sayin.

  8. Glenn Festog | June 8, 2018 at 12:50 pm | Reply

    Let’s see now: Eliminate the National Debt.

    Our “National Debt” is around 21 trillion dollars now; coincidentally, that’s the amount “claimed” to have been “lost” by the DoD.

    So there is NO National Debt, just PROOF of egregious fraud committed by the Government.

    So here’s your clue; fraud mitigates everything.


  9. All your Walmarts are belong to us.

  10. This is a hit piece by a SJW you know…

    Just enough poison in the piece to plant false seeds that shape common consensus or popular opinion…

    He is a good liar…

  11. John LaRochelle | June 10, 2018 at 10:22 am | Reply

    Holocaust America style.

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