Chemtrails: Brought to You by the CIA and Their Global Narcotics Racket? Peter Kirby panels with Elana Freeland, Patrick Roddie, and Jerry Day on No Lies Radio

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Greetings, fellow Earthlings. As part of the Deep Truth: Visionaries Speak Out conference, our comrades: Elana Freeland, Peter Kirby, Patrick Roddie, and Jerry Day just did a great panel discussion about the scientific New World Order.

Elana firstly runs down the latest ways that the Luciferian establishment is going about subjugating Humanity with their electromagnetic energy weapons. Peter then explains why he calls chemtrails a new Manhattan Project and the Central Intelligence Agency’s involvement here. Patrick subsequently gives us the latest on how we can cleanse our bodies and our society of these toxins and parasites. Then Burbank, CA show-biz producer Jerry Day tells us about the Imperial probe droids attached to our houses doing all sorts of God knows what. Lastly, the question and answer period, which ran for about an hour, was quite interesting as well. The whole shooting match runs for almost 3 hours and is well worth a gander.

Other guest speakers of the Deep Truth conference included Ray McGovern and Cynthia McKinney.

We know that the CIA has used their global narcotics racket to fund terror attacks in Europe. Why not use it to fund chemtrails? Paul Williams in his book Operation Gladio: The Unholy Alliance Between the Vatican, the CIA, and the Mafia and Richard Cottrell in his book Gladio: NATO’s Dagger at the Heart of Europe and others show how the CIA ran the global heroin racket in the 1950s and ’60s and used the proceeds from their enterprise to fund terror attacks in Europe and elsewhere. So, if they did that and got away with it, why would they not use proceeds from the global narcotics racket to fund the New Manhattan Project? After all, they’re saving us from the dreaded global warming, right? It’s good. Watch Peter break it down at the end of his 30 min. segment.

Thanks to the moderator Tom Kiely who did a great job. Today’s proceedings have been brought to you by No Lies Radio and their Deep Truth: Visionaries Speak Out conference.

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  1. Oh, you thought that the chemtrail business was dirty already? Well, it’s probably funded by junkies all over the world injecting and snorting pure death. Hey, a nation of drug addicts brings things like chemtrails upon itself. We need to GET OFF THE HEROIN. We need to stop injecting the theory of man-made global warming into our veins. Our collective ignorance and degeneracy are killing the planet, not man’s statistically insignificant contributions to global atmospheric carbon dioxide.

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