Russia, China and Iran Counter Donald Trump’s Removal Of The U.S. From Iran Deal

By Aaron Kesel

China has opened a railway link with Iran as a response to the sanctions set on the Middle Eastern country by President Donald Trump’s administration after Trump recently ended the Iran deal.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and Israel are working to spin the narrative about the protest in Gaza after Israel massacred 58 Palestinians and injured scores of others by blaming Hamas. This sets the stage to blame Iran, which is known to fund Hamas, according to the group’s new leader Yehiyeh Sinwar, who stated last year they repaired relations with Iran after a five-year rift. Other countries are choosing to work with the Middle Eastern country.

Israeli Deputy Minister Michael Oren blamed Hamas for the bloodshed at the Israel-Gaza border this week, CBC reported.

U.S. ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley has praised “Israel’s restraint” against the protesters — an absolutely laughable contention.

“No country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has,” she said. “In fact, the records of several countries here today suggest they would be much less restrained.”

This mass murder, of course, coincided with the opening of the U.S. embassy in Jerusalem, a move which Trump stated was “a great day for Israel.”

Meanwhile, the Eastern powers of the world — Iran, China, and Russia — are working to continue the destruction of the U.S. dollar’s hegemony as the world’s reserve currency, as the BRICS nations continue their economic takeover to establish a new world reserve currency and form their own Eastern-backed New World Order.

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Eurasia Review reports:

Beijing has officially opened its new train route to Iran, as the US urges its companies to wind down their operations with Tehran.

As US President Donald Trump hardens his confrontational attitude to Tehran, tearing up the 2015 nuclear deal and calling for a new sanctions regime, China is more than ready to grab the opportunity for trade by opening a new international railroad connecting Tehran and Bayannur, a city in China’s Inner Mongolia region.

The exact route of the railroad is yet to be disclosed, as there are currently several major railroad projects, some of them even including China’s biggest regional rival, India. But, considering Bayannur is located near the northern border of China and there’s already an international railroad to Kazakhstan there, it is likely that the new trade route goes through the territories of former Soviet republics Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

According to the Washington Post, China has sent the inaugural train from Bayannur carrying — you’ll never guess — 1,150 tons of sunflower seeds, because Bayannur is China’s biggest sunflower seed production area. China exports some 180,000 tons of sunflower seeds every year, supplying Middle Eastern, European and US markets, according to Xinhua.

Compared with ocean shipping, the train route shortens the delivery time by some 20 days, and Chinese sunflower seeds are now expected to get to Tehran in two weeks — less than half as long as before.

The news comes at a time when an all-out military conflict between Iran is Israel is looming. In this light, Washington’s call for companies to stop doing business with Iran might be perceived as a precaution in light of a coming war. If so, then China would seem to be taking Iran’s side with its trade projects.

Or, Trump’s call might just be just another attempt to entice US companies home. With Trump, you never know.

During a media briefing Wednesday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang said that Iran and China would “maintain normal economic ties and trade.”

“We will continue with our normal and transparent practical cooperation with Iran on the basis of not violating our international obligations,” he said.

According to the Washington Post, Iran sells more to China than to any other country and celebrated a 25 percent increase in exports there last year. The value of Chinese exports to Iran also increased by more than 21 percent last year, according to Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration’s statistics.”

Further moves being made include China’s state-owned CNPC oil replacing France’s Total in an Iranian gas project when they leave the South Pars field. As tensions rise with the U.S., it is expected that France will back out of the deal unless it can be protected from U.S. penalties, according to Total’s website.

“The possibility of Total’s pullout is quite high now, and in that scenario, CNPC will be ready to take it over fully,” Reuters quoted an official.

Of course, such moves are expected to be met with harsh consequences by the U.S. in the form of sanctions which will just risk making Beijing even angrier, inching us all closer to WW3.

In March, Trump issued U.S. tariffs and “trade restrictions” against the Chinese Republic. China retaliated by issuing sanctions on steel and aluminum imports, as well as food imports and other U.S. products.

This also comes as Iran has warned Europeans that if trade stops with its country and the Euros don’t put pressure onto the Americans, then they will reveal bribery of U.S. politicians that took place during the Iran deal.

Last month Iran dropped the U.S. dollar for the Euro in foreign trade transactions. A huge deal…

One month prior, Iran did the unthinkable by banning the U.S. dollar in trade, setting the groundwork for replacing it in foreign trade transactions. It’s a move that has been in the works and was attempted last year when Trump sanctioned the country mere days after Iran said it would stop using the U.S. dollar in response to President Trump’s previous travel ban.

That means that Iran finally pulled the trigger and dumped the U.S. dollar. Israel responded with “Intel” that Iran has nuclear weapons, as Activist Post reported just last week.

European leaders themselves earlier this month pushed back against Israel’s claims of new evidence showing that Iran is breaching the nuclear deal, doubting the accusations, the Guardian reported.

As that article “U.S. History Of Attempting To Overthrow Iran Is Riddled With Conspiracy To Stage Conflicts #DisbandTheCIA” goes on to express in detail, President Donald “Drain The Swamp” Trump appointed two war hawks to his cabinet, Mike Pompeo and John Bolton, notorious for their stance of regime change in Iran.

Europeans have objected to Trump leaving the Iran deal and have started working with Iran to save the deal.

This means that all hope lies in the hands of the Europeans to keep the peace in this situation.

However, the top advisor to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said on Wednesday he doubted Tehran’s talks with European nations to save the nuclear deal after the U.S. withdrew from it would be fruitful.

“I doubt that the talks with the Europeans will be fruitful. I hope we see good results, but …. we should become self-sufficient,” Ali Akbar Velayati was quoted as saying by Fars News agency, Reuters reported.

Whereas if Europe does save the Iran deal, then the U.S. has threatened sanctions on European companies that do business with Iran. In short, it’s a cluster f*** mess…

All this while the QAnon psyop drags on and continues to echo the words “trust the plan;” in cold-hearted reality, the elite are preparing for war with Iran, which could be the move that starts WW3 with China and Russia.

There is no better time to remind the public of this statement of “5 years 7 countries” by former NATO Supreme Allied Commander General Wesley Clark. Despite the Washington and deep state bureaucracy and aristocracy being behind schedule, the plan seems to continue progressing toward a war and invasion in Iran.

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9 Comments on "Russia, China and Iran Counter Donald Trump’s Removal Of The U.S. From Iran Deal"

  1. Well the EU will use the Euro and Airbus will stop using US parts for their deliveries. Americans already feel the impact of inflation and jobs going away.

    • “Americans already feel the impact of inflation and jobs going away.”

      American will soon be facing hyper-inflation as our dollar will no longer be the world reserve currency, or based upon petrol. Trans-Canada has a project ‘in the works’ which might provide some buffer. Though a more likely way that plays out is yet another oil based corporation playing the rich get richer while poor get poorer song. My FIL and I have been noting their progress through WV here local to us.

      America’s current POTUS is not the white knight he seemed. The project while offering short term job booms will leave environmental impacts and dwindling jobs long term. Doubtful any of the Congressional or Senatorial politicians even looked over any of the legislation which got the project ‘green lighted’, they we’re too busy looking at the green greasing their palms.

      I’ll posit this again rhetorically; What happens when no one can buy the surplus ‘product’ for lack of having ‘income’ by having a job? What happens too when no one is no longer using the US dollar, even its on citizenry? Will it then be ‘open season’ to slaughter Americans?

      I know that seems a bleak picture. I do though fear it might be becoming the reality we face.

      • lightingstrikesthrice | May 17, 2018 at 6:40 am | Reply

        I completely concur. And the questions your are posing are viable and important to note. Adding up the the bleak reality we face.

  2. Don’t threaten to reveal the corrupt swine, put their names on billboards all over the world!
    No matter what you do or say, USA will screw you over, ask Hussein, Gaddafi, Assad and thousand others.
    Payback is not only a female canine, but also very satisfying.

    • lightingstrikesthrice | May 17, 2018 at 6:48 am | Reply

      I concur. But, what replaces the soon to be old Empire? I don’t see the ‘new’ one being better. Ah what fun we face in the coming years and decades.

  3. lightingstrikesthrice | May 17, 2018 at 6:46 am | Reply

    27th paragraph: …Iran finally pulled the trigger….Israel responded with Intel….I believe with all this the banking families are laughing themselves hoarse. While their bureaucratic puppets are roostering around trying to keep their egos and status in place, the oligarchs wallets and hegemony gets fatter and more complete. Plus, if these oligarchical families wish the U.N. to be the world government, then their cannot be an Empire running around. So, the chopping down the U.S. in necessary. The world will cheer until horrified by what replaces the old hegemony.

  4. US foreign policy is a total disaster. The only way to shock it back into some semblance of normality is for Its “allies” to refuse to go along with Trump’s war plans! The US loves company when it steps into the proverbial cow pie!

    • The problem is that rumpTdump is such a narcissist divider he doesn’t seem to get that the rest of the world operates on cooperation, and congress has long lost all self-respect to think for itself. One EMP over central US and we are toast.

  5. Yes, they are calling for everyone to stop trading with Iran, but you CANNOT boycott Israel.

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