Rhode Island Drivers Fined $100 For Cell Phone Use. Research Confirmed Cell Phone Radiation Disrupts Blood Brain Barrier, Causes It to Leak

By B.N. Frank

Starting June 1, Rhode Island police officers may pull over drivers who are holding phones and fine them.

The new law was sponsored by Senator V. Susan Sosnowski and Representative Kathleen A. Fogarty.

According to Sosnowski. “It’s important not to forget that every time we step into a vehicle, we are taking our lives and the lives of others into our own hands. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous.”

Senator Sosnowski is right about distracted driving being extremely dangerous.  According to a 2017 Bloomberg article, “Smartphones Are Killing Americans, But Nobody’s Counting.”

Thing is, this law only penalizes drivers who are holding phones in their hands.  There is no penalty for Rhode Island drivers to use hands-free cell phone systems or accessories, like Bluetooth.

This being said, the new law seems more like another way for The Tech Industry to profit rather that something that protects the public from distracted drivers.

While we’re on the subject of distracted driving, there is research confirming that cell phone and other sources of wireless WiFi radiation disrupts the blood brain barrier which can cause it to leak.

This leaking can lead to a host of problems including cognitive impairment and reduced impulse control which could lead to all kinds of horrible stuff behind the wheel and everywhere else.

There’s also cancer risk.  In February 2018, CBSNews.com posted “Cell Phones & Cancer:  8 Dumb Things to Boost Your Possible Cancer Risk”.  #4 Dumb Thing: Using a Cell Phone When Signal is Weak.”

On November 9, 2009:  Dr. Oz addressed weak cell phone signals when driving:  “…don’t talk when you’re driving…the phone signal must move to several wireless towers. Those waves have to boost up from your cell phone to find the towers,” Dr.Oz explained.  

May 31, 2011, from CNN on weak signals and driving:

  • cell phones emit the most radiation when they are attempting to connect to cellular towers.
  • A moving phone, or a phone in an area with a weak signal, has to work harder, giving of more radiation.

December 20, 2017:  California Department of Health Brochure: “How to Reduce Exposure to RadioFrequency (RF) Energy from Cell Phones”

  • Reduce or avoid using your cell phone when it is sending out high levels of RF Energy.
  • This happens mainly when you are in a fast moving car, bus, or train.  Your phone puts out more RF energy to maintain connections to avoid dropped calls as it switches connections from one cell tower to the next unless it is in airplane mode.

Drivers can reduce their radiation exposure by attaching cell phones to their dashboards.  However everyone in the vehicle is still being exposed to it.  There is no scientifically determined “safe level” of wireless radiation for kids or pregnant women.  Pets can be harmed by exposure as well.

None of this is breaking news.  There has been credible U.S. military research that has proven harm from exposure since 1972.

Even GPS technology can also be a source of exposure to harmful wireless radiation.

The Tech Industry’s solution to “Distracted Driving” is Automated Vehicles which are already causing accidents – sometimes fatal.  AVs also emit harmful wireless WiFi radiation.  Coincidentally, many of these tech industry folks are also planning for doomsday.

Many elected officials are going along with AVs and everything else that The Telecom Industry is selling despite the media reporting that none of it is really safe after all.

Even if you don’t care about any of this, cell phones and other wireless devices have also been known to malfunction, catch fire, and/or explode.  You may want to make sure your auto insurance covers that possibility.

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  1. Psychic Warrior | May 28, 2018 at 5:08 am | Reply

    Microwaves are weapons of mass destruction. The cellphone is the mobile communications industry’s way of reducing the human population of the planet via Earthling’s love for talking. They kill US with love.

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