If Your Cell Phone and Other Devices Were Making You Fat, Would You Cut Back on Using Them? WiFi Exposure Causes Blood Sugar Fluctuations, Weight Gain, Obesity.

By B.N. Frank

Have you ever seen those Sono Bello ads on TV?  Some of those people seem to have tried everything and they still can’t lose weight.

Decades of research on cell phone and wireless WiFi radiation as well as Electrical Pollution (Electrosmog) has proven that exposure can cause all kinds of health issues.  Research has also proven that exposure  can worsen pre-existing conditions even if it didn’t cause them.

There are also so many symptoms caused by exposure that it is often misdiagnosed and/or mistaken for other health issues – physical, mental, emotional, and behavioral.

One of them is blood sugar fluctuations which may lead to diabetes, as well as weight gain (or loss).

A 2010 NBCNews.com article, “Is Electrosmog Harming Your Health?” stated that 1 in 3 are “sensitive” to exposure and 3% Are “HyperSensitive.”

ElectroSensitivity has a long history dating back to the 1950s.  It was originally named “Microwave Sickness.”

Here is detailed scientific testimony about how exposure affects blood sugar levels, metabolism, and weight gain (or loss).

  1. Dr. Magda Havas on Diabetes and ElectroSensitivity:

One symptom of electrohypersensitivity is altered sugar metabolism similar to diabetes. In addition to type 1 and type 2 diabetes, some diabetics may be electromagnetically sensitive as shown by changes in their blood sugar when exposed to electromagnetic triggers.

  1. From Dr Andrew Goldsworthy’s paper, “The biological effects of weak electromagnetic fields – problems and solutions.”

Although electromagnetic fields frequently stimulate glandular activity in the short term, long term exposure is often harmful in that the gland ceases to work properly. This is particularly serious for the glands of the endocrine system (those that coordinate our bodily functions) since it can affect many aspects of metabolism and throw the whole body out of kilter.

“Eskander et al. (2012) found that people living for six years within 100 metres of a cell phone base station showed a highly significant loss in their ability to produce thyroid hormones. The expected consequence of this is hypothyroidism, the most frequent symptoms of which are fatigue and obesity.”

  1. From SaferEMR.com: “Evidence that dirty electricity is causing the worldwide epidemics of obesity and diabetes

Diesel generator sets are a major source of dirty electricity. They are used to electrify small islands and places unreachable by the conventional electric grid. This accounts for the fact that diabetes prevalence, fasting plasma glucose and obesity are highest on small islands and other places and lowest in places with low levels of electrification.

  1. In regard to childhood obesity:
  • “In-utero exposure to magnetic fields increases the risk of childhood obesity”:

According to a study, recently published by Nature’s Scientific Reports, in fact, it is biologically plausible that in-utero MF exposure have an adverse effect on fetal development including the metabolic and endocrine systems. Damaged metabolic and endocrine systems could lead to childhood obesity.

  • “EMF Exposures in the Womb Can Lead to Childhood Obesity”:

Maternal exposure to high [magnetic fields] during pregnancy may be a new and previously unknown factor contributing to the world-wide epidemic of childhood obesity/overweight,” Li writes in a paper posted today by Scientific Reports, a peer-reviewed, open access journal owned by the group that publishes Nature.

  1. Do you have Microwave/EMR Sickness? By Paul Raymond Doyon

See paragraph on first page about symptoms.  It includes weight gain or loss.

There is diagnostic testing available if you are concerned that WiFi and Electrosmog exposure may be affecting you or someone you love.

From Vitality Magazine:

Electrosensitivity is not like an allergy you are born with; it is an illness that builds up over increased time and radiation exposure.

Just as we cannot yet explain why some individuals will die from second-hand smoke and others can live a long life smoking 2 packs a day, we cannot explain why some individuals react to wireless radiation.

Research has also proven that pets, nature, and wildlife also suffer from exposure to WiFi and Electrosmog.

Sono Bello procedures sound expensive and painful.  Reducing our personal exposure to WiFi radiation and Electrosmog causing sources will help but it won’t fix the problem.  There needs to be an overall reduction of WiFi and Electrosmog emitting infrastructure and products.

Digital and wireless utility “Smart” Meters have been adding WiFi radiation and Electrosmog to the environment for several years now.

The Race for 5G,” “The Internet of Things (IoT), “Smart Cities,” Automated Vehicles, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are adding more sources of WiFi radiation and Electrosmog into the environment as well.

Research has already proven that new 5G technology can affect metabolism as well as cause other health issues such as increased sweating.

Our elected officials and the Telecom Industry are continuing to ignore “The Precautionary Principle” with new technology.

Many people can live long and happy lives being diabetic and carrying a little extra weight.  Time will tell how many people can continue to live long and happy lives being exposed to increasing sources of WiFi and Electrosmog.

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3 Comments on "If Your Cell Phone and Other Devices Were Making You Fat, Would You Cut Back on Using Them? WiFi Exposure Causes Blood Sugar Fluctuations, Weight Gain, Obesity."

  1. Common Sense | May 4, 2018 at 7:56 am | Reply

    The addiction to cellphones has become so strong it could be killing them and they still would not get rid of it.
    But I don’t think the wifi is the real problem. It has its affects, but the REAL dangerous ones are being ignored.
    People are actually ripping themselves from the fabric of society with the crazy phone, tv, and computer addictions. The screen culture. And their are more terms that have had to be invented to describe this addiction.
    People go out to dinner together and stare separately at their phones never realizing going out to be together is a complete joke. This kind of thing is everywhere and if you haven’t noticed its probably because you’re captivated by your own phone and haven’t looked around. We can’t live without our gadgets and perceived authority (as well as big business) are working to infiltrate and use this addiction to its best interests.
    They try to convince you of what the truth is, what you should think and feel, what you need to buy so your life is better. We think information is knowledge and it’s being pumped at us 24/7. This is how and why we have become arrogant in our ignorance. We are told what REAL news is, (usually sensationalized or propaganda) and are dragged around by our FEELINGS. Because how we FEEL is more important than really being informed (sarc)

    • paula boyer | May 4, 2018 at 1:41 pm | Reply

      I agree with you 100%. This is a sad, sad situation we have invented that is now controlling us to the extreme. You try to tell people this, try to open their eyes to what’s really going on, and they look at you like your the idiot……
      I don’t own a computer, never have. I don’t even have a tv anymore, since Sandy hit in 2012. I don’t own any iphones, kindles, ipads, secutrity systems, wifi, smart appliances, no GPS on my truck, in fact I try to treat my ’89 pick up truck like gold, considering it might be one of the only things to run in a SHTF scenario(grid goes down, it has no computer parts) and am fighting like mad to keep the damn smart meter off my house. All these gadgets are killing us, rotting our brains, ruining the environment. but people like us, who think this way, we are in the minority any more…

  2. fat, blood sugar, diabetes, obesity, all are terrible, but the tip of all, is the possibility of an active mind control through every single device out there..

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