The Right To Bear Arms

By Rosanne Lindsay

It’s the middle of the night …or broad daylight.

Three masked thugs armed with guns burst through your door.

MAYBE you get lucky and remember to grab your cellular phone as you make it to a hiding place where you dial 9-1-1. Maybe the marauders don’t hear you making the call. Maybe you manage to get the police dispatched. The nearest officer on patrol might be 10 minutes away.

Maybe you’re dead if you wait.

You are not a trained sniper who spent 10 years negotiating wartime scenarios, nor do you have time to aim your Glock with pixel accuracy.

Instinct takes over. You release the safety and rack the rifle in Tony Montana-style, then blast the intruders with shrapnel to the gut and the knees, enough to disable them, so they cannot come for you or your family.

The ambulance hauls them off with the police in tow to slap the cuffs on as soon as they’re situated in their hospital beds.

You and your family are safe.

Politicians and the media chastise you for owning a rifle and a few of your neighbors rebuke you for attempted murder. But you know that owning a gun is your choice and defending yourself from harm is your right. Firearms save lives as well as take lives.

You know criminals will always ways find a way to illegally acquire weapons, leaving the police to be the only ones legally armed. You also know that police are not required to protect you, under the law. Or do you?

During the February 14, 2018 Parkland, Florida school shooting, police stood idly by and did nothing. The non-response by those in authority showed a hidden truth that police have no Constitutional duty to protect anyone, even if a court issued restraining order has been obtained, according to a 2005 Supreme Court ruling (DeShaney v. Winnebago County, 1989).

The Truth Will Not Be Televised

The truth is that the deadliest shootings happen in states with the strictest gun laws. In the UK, where gun restrictions make it difficult to own a gun, violence still spreads and the murder rate still rises. Criminals find other weapons, such as knives and acid.  In Sweden, migrant gang violence, rape, and acid attacks are rising from illegal weapons smuggled into the country due to a borderless Europe. Criminals are not brought to justice due to outdated laws that do not address flammable weapons.

In Chicago, a city known for the most restrictive gun laws, has the highest homicide rates in the world (650 in 2017), with close to 3000 people shot in 2017. The media reports the killings as “a grim sign of improvement” over the previous year.

The toughest gun laws fail to curb gun violence and the media is complicit. The media fails to report that suicide rates outpace homicide rates by a wide margin. In 2013, there were a total of 33,636 deaths due to “injury by firearms,” of which the majority were suicides, 21,175. Homicides numbered 11,028.

Gun control laws leave lawful individuals defenseless while criminals find ways to acquire guns. Chicago police discovered that 60 percent of the weapons recovered from shootings come from out of state. Meanwhile, Switzerland, with a higher per-capita gun ownership than the U.S. has lower rates of crime.

If the government is not responsible for protecting the general public from common criminals, rapists, acid attacks, mass murderers and terrorists, then why do so many government proposed solutions involve limiting an individual’s access to firearms? Why has the AR-15 become the poster child for gun control?

The media’s rant on the AR-15 rifle, the choice of weapon used in multiple shootings, continues to dupe people into believing that the AR-15 is automatic and that automatic rifles are legally sold. On the contrary, “AR’ does not stand for assault rifle, or automatic rifle, but refers to the company that developed the weapon system, Armalite Rifle. “AR-15s do not have the select fire capabilities, only semi-automatic settings, so the firearms industry insists they are not an actual assault rifle or assault weapon, and automatic firearms have been severely restricted from civilian ownership since 1934″.

The Holistic Solution

Guns don’t actually assault people. People assault people due to conditions that create a violent culture. The UK recognizes that officials cannot “arrest their way out of the problem.” They suggest that problem needs to be addressed holistically in partnership with the communities.

The idea that conditions must change within the community to find peace, is the wisdom of an ecosystem in Nature, which includes the ecosystem of the human body. In the body, disease is a result of imbalance due to conditions of pH, nutrition, and toxicity. When conditions are restored, so is health. This is The Law of the Terrain under Natural Law.

Natural Law reflects epigenetics, the science of change, where gene expression is changed based on shifts within a cell’s environment. The Law of the Terrain was taken out of the discussion in the 1860s by Louis Pasteur and his Germ Theory, which describes an outside invader, the germ, as responsible for disease. The germ, however, does not cause disease. The germ is present based on the conditions that allow it to survive, and is therefore a result of disease.

Violence is the cause of mass shootings, not guns. And the media machine propagandizes gun control and violence to maintain imbalance. The latest media blitz for gun control featured the nationwide public High School “walk out,” known as the March For Life.  This preplanned march claimed to bring attention to “safety in the public schools” through the Youth Movement. But the Youth Movement appears eerily similar to Hitler’s Brownshirts which attracted many young people to the SA (Storm Trooper) organization whose methods of violent intimidation played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. The same arguments coming from the Youth Movement were used in Nazi Germany to authorize the registration and confiscation of all firearms for “public safety” reasons.

The new American Youth Movement is less interested with safety than with killing the right to bear arms.

The media reported that a student from one school in Ohio who did not follow instructions to participate in the walk out was suspended from school as punishment because his safety could not be ensured without supervision. Where were the teachers?

The national news media gives gun owners negative press. One story, not mainstreamed, followed a group of students from Rockledge High School in Florida who walked out to support their 1st Amendment right to free speech in support of the 2nd Amendment right to self-defense. One of the marchers wore a shirt that read, “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.”  The political debate over gun laws serves to distract from the real threat.

The Real Threat

The real threat to Americans is not death by guns or knives, but death of the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution by its repeal. The 2nd Amendment represents the inalienable “right to bear arms”:

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

The Amendment was easily accepted in 1791 because everyone agreed that the federal government should not have the power to infringe the right of the people to keep and bear arms, any more than it should have the power to abridge the freedom of speech or prohibit the free exercise of religion. Since 1791, the traditional militia, made up of the people, has become defunct, while state-based militia groups became militarized under the federal government.

The right to self-defense comes from the Creator and, therefore, cannot be granted or withdrawn by government, or any document. Without giving voice to our inherent rights, Americans risk the repression experienced in Nazi Germany that “cleansed” society, arrested leaders of independent gun clubs, and placed “undesirables” in camps. Hitler’s Gun Control Act of 1938 allowed only Nazi Party members access to guns. Today, Germans do not have a fundamental right to bear arms but that doesn’t stop them from acquiring guns. It is estimated that there are 30 guns for every 100 people in Germany, the fourth highest per-capita, just behind the US and Switzerland. Notably, Germany has one of the lowest rates of gun-related deaths each year, according to research.

If one right is removed, all rights are threatened and we have tyranny. Humanity falls further out of balance. Millions of Americans legally carry firearms every day citing self-defense as a primary reason. Self-defense by lawful people works, as it did for a 23-year old Oklahoma man who used his AR-15 rifle to shoot three intruders who broke into his home. Oklahoma, similar to 22 other states, passed stand-your-ground legislation which justifies a person using deadly force in order to protect themselves under certain circumstances.

Americans, old and young, should reflect back on the events of the last school shooting and ask why all school shootings always happen in public schools.  Where are the mass-murdering Home Schoolers? Unless the conditions change within the public ecosystem, we can expect more of the same going forward. Perhaps public school shootings can end by banning public schools? If we do away with guns, do we also eliminate all tools of destruction? Knives? Acid? Cars? Do we do nothing about violence?

If you had just defended your family from intruders with a gun in your bare hands, do you suddenly give up your right to bear arms to authorities who claim they will save you from yourself? No.

You clean out your gun, put it back on the rack, and hope you never have to use it like that again. You stand your ground knowing you made the right choice. Your family, standing next to you, is living proof.

Rosanne Lindsay is Naturopath, writer, Earth Keeper, President of the National Health Freedom Coalition, co-founder of Wisconsin For Vaccine Choice  and author of the book The Nature of Healing, Heal the Body, Heal the Planet. Find her on Facebook at Rosanne Lindsay and Natureofhealing and consult with her using the tools of nature to heal yourself (virtual consults available) at, where this article first appeared.

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5 Comments on "The Right To Bear Arms"

  1. Keep America safe and keep yourself safe.
    Shouldn’t need to background check anyone.
    Laws are already on the books and don’t deter.
    False flags and hoaxes are financed by the nwo crowd.
    Odd how camera hogg was ready to roll out with more adults marching than kids.
    Anyone look into where the kid really went to school?

  2. Psychic Warrior | April 4, 2018 at 6:46 am | Reply

    The guns are in this country because it was necessary to exterminate the native Americans. Once the populace is Wet-wared and 5Ged your legal guns will be used against you and your family. The 2nd Amendment is on the elites agenda for your extermination. The 2nd amendment is a Trojan horse. Gun owners need to stop whining about their legal guns and realize the elites have manufactured a work around for your elimination. Rights are Wrongs in the Orwellian society of the future.

  3. What about my right to arm bears?

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