Reports Claim Syria, Russia Capture British Troops In Douma – UK Gov’t Denies

By Brandon Turbeville

As the battle for East Ghouta began heating up in 2018, a reader wrote to me and suggested that there must be something incredibly important in East Ghouta for the United States and the rest of the “Western” world to react in such a volatile way. If recent reports coming from al-Mayadeen are true, that reader may be proven correct.

According to a report by al-Mayadeen and FARS News, a number of British troops have been captured in Douma. The source cited by al-Mayadeen says the troops are believed to be part of the “international coalition” and a plan to launch a ground assault in Damascus in coordination with the U.S. The report suggests that the US and NATO as well as Jordan and Israel had planned to launch attacks on Syria from several different fronts. However, as the Syrian military began operations to liberate Ghouta, the plan was disrupted.

The news agency claims that, after the Syrian and Russian militaries discovered the plot, the operation to liberate Ghouta was launched.

Sputnik International writes:

The US and Turkey sought to rescue foreign “militants and agents operating for Israel, Jordan and NATO,” now trapped in Ghouta, and move them to Idlib, the source says.

The Turkish initiative to help with the evacuation of Nusra Front terrorists from Ghouta has reportedly been a coverup for “special foreign forces that were among the ranks of the Al-Qaeda-affiliated” Nusra front terror organization.

“Therefore, the US has ordered Jaysh al-Islam, Faylaq al-Rahman and other terrorist groups to allow the evacuation of civilians from Eastern Ghouta to army-held regions in a bid to provide the ground for these foreign agents to also leave Ghouta in disguise and enable the Turkish intelligence service to send them to specified regions in At-Tanf and northern Syria which are under the control of US troops,” the source said.

Western mainstream media outlets, however, are claiming that the reports are false.

For instance, a report in the Sun states,

FALSE reports which circulated in Iran claimed a group of British soldiers were captured in Syria.

The Sun Online contacted the Ministry of Defence, who denied the claims made by Iran’s semi-official news agency.

The unverified report was attributed to a journalist – based in Moscow – working for Lebanon’s news channel al-Mayadeen.

Fars agency claimed the “British military men” who were taken in Eastern Ghouta, near the capital of Damascus were seized by Syrian-Russian military forces.

The report claimed the Brit soldiers were part of a plot involving “terrorists and NATO forces” to attack Damascus.

If the reports are true, we call on the Syrian and Russian authorities to release video, photos, or some other form of evidence to at least corroborate that the British troops have been captured.

Regardless of the accuracy of this report, Ghouta has long been known as the “eyes and ears” of Israel in Syria and has long been used to terrorize and pressure the capital. For that reason alone, Ghouta has been strategically significant for both parties.

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  1. Yeah well there’s obviously plenty of reasons for finishing this mess quietly. Sweep the commandos under the rug for peace?

  2. whatever the case, the Russians and Iranians are in Syria legitimately, invited by a democratically elected government of a sovereign nation
    the US, UK, and NATO are intruders and deserve whatever they get – why did they start this civil war in the first place?
    what gave them the right to arm and equip rebels, and where did those rebels come from?

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