Horrifying Testimonies Prove You Have Been Lied To About Eastern Ghouta

By Bas Spliet

During my time in Damascus, I got the opportunity to talk to several civilians from Eastern Ghouta. Their testimonies, totally ignored by the mass media, tell a horrifying story of starvation, withholding of food and medical aid, rape, and the imprisonment and murder of innocent women and children. World peace hangs in the balance as the whole world is busy talking about Syria. Yet, the voices of those with an actual right to testify and share their experiences and opinions, i.e. the Syrian people, are disregarded.

Access my very first video report here.

Show notes:

Bas Spliet is a 22-year-old student Arabic studies at the University of Ghent in Belgium, where he previously obtained his bachelor’s degree in History. His journalistic work can be found at https://scrutinisedminds.com/ and he can be reached at [email protected].

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2 Comments on "Horrifying Testimonies Prove You Have Been Lied To About Eastern Ghouta"

  1. I want to say that nobody believes the LIES coming from the U.S. media, the U.S. representatives, and especially the POTUS, Donald J. Trump, over this incident. I voted for Trump, so all the Trump supporters out there, need to wake up if you are still towing the line that he is representing US! He is NOT representing us! And the longer you hold out, the longer you deny the truth, the more damage you are doing!
    America DESERVES A PRESIDENT WHO WILL DO MORE THAN DONALD TRUMP! You loyal trumpers are willing to accept ANY DISGRACEFUL ACTION because THAT is how low we have been brought! Russian sanctions & the omnibus bill-he didnt WANT to sign them, but he DID anyway! The DACA issue, medical marijuana under attack, POTUS ENCOURAGING civil asset forfeiture attacks on citizens as well as encouraging gun confiscation! And now this Syria B.S.! POTUS thinks we ARE STUPID! And if you still believe the few things Trump HAS DONE outweigh what he HASNT DONE, then you really ARE stupid! Yes he threw us some crumbs and it was nice. BFD! Transfer of wealth STILL HAPPENING! Everything else on hold. Illegals STILL COMING IN SWARMS! THEY STILL RECEIVE WELFARE, unlike Americans in poverty! Time to DEMAND MORE! And to those still hanging on to Trump, I say, “HAVE SOME PRIDE!” Will you grovel for peanuts while being screwed up the you know what?! Will you CONTINUE TO F*CK OVER OUR CHILDREN for table crumbs?! I am not Democrat! I am NOT Republican! I am MORE than both combined! And this will never stop while you people continue to believe in POTUS and continue to believe in voting! The voting is rigged and we KNOW THIS! The Dems WILL WIN this year in landslide victories BECAUSE they have complete access to the election results! There is no Democrat majority in this country right now, but after the last two races where Dems supposedly WON, and we ACCEPTED the results, AS IF they were accurate, there is NO STOPPING THEM NOW! Get with the program people! Wake up already! Fight for the children and the future children of this country, if nobody else! Stop the wholesale slavery that WE ARE DOOMING THEM TO!!! Stop shafting our kids for these stupid crumbs because its repulsive!

    • Appreciate you rattling cages, genuinely do. You though are far too late. Bush Jr. bought one election and stole another. We knew the process of election was rigged then as well. Hackers all over the world demonstrated it taking thirty seconds or less to break into the voting software. They could change results and leave no traces to track them or prove tampering.

      It is not all POTUS Trump. This goes back at least 30, possibly 60 years or more. Want some real eye opening stuff read about George Washington did in the Whiskey Rebellion. The ‘fix’ as it’s called has been in a long time. Nobody has stood up yet.

      I think part of it lies in recognizing that humans are flawed by greed. It is a darkness within each of us that cannot be fought by the sword nor eradicated no matter how long we mature on Earth. If we stand up and take away the snake’s head what then? We choose a new head? Well, corruption, evil are a hydra that continually regrow a hundred head for each one cut off.

      Don’t think I am painting a hopeless picture. I still hope. I still choose to not consent as best I’m able. That’s about the only recourse we’re allowed, not consenting. Until enough of us don’t consent though, it is kind of pissing against the wind.

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