Doers Have The Biggest Impact on Liberty

By Adam Kokesh

Adam shares an epiphany about his own insignificance by way of Anarchapulco, self-driving cars, Bitcoin, and independent media.


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2 Comments on "Doers Have The Biggest Impact on Liberty"

  1. Self driving cars part of the “entrepreneurial” system that will save us? Do more research.
    DARPA and the national labs created this tech to control mobility. Regulators and legislators are tripping over themselves to get it going and force it on us. The IoT world and everything “as a service” world they are building will enslave you more than you can imagine. Do more research.

  2. [hi mods, this is criticism, not “spam” ok?]

    Progress.. > Evolution.. > Inevitability..
    Wow, chilling determinism right there. Very off-putting besides the already rather embarrassing self advertising, unsuccessfully masquerading as humility. Pretty bad all around.

    But it gets way worse. After some disjointed babbling about self-actualization, at 3:25 this guy’s musing become progressively creepifying.
    I mean, “self driving cars”? What the h*ll is this guy pushing that technocracy nonsense for? “If only govt didn’t hold us back, we’d have..”
    So let me get this straight, the anti-govt rant now has become a vehicle for pushing the ideas of deep state technotopia underneath this deceitful surface game of self actualizing “anarchism”? Well thank you for that, Adam. And thanks for the warning.

    Around the 5:00 minute mark, there’s the telltale name dropping of so-called alternative media: Alex Jones? Young Turks? These outfits really scream “CONTROLLED Opposition!!” Other alt-fakers only whisper the same, btw.

    Finally at 6:00 minutes, it gets beyond ridiculous when this unstable neo-hippie claims that, “Government will be rendered obsolete by self driving cars and cryptocurrencies.” Just plain in your face NWO propaganda dressed in anarcho speak. This man, this fake Ron Paul supporter of old, has been a plant all along and now his true colours are showing. What’s all this delusional talk about the “Great Movement of Humanity Forward”? That sound eerily like some kind of NWO collectivist afterparty? Sure does.

    This obvious kind of propaganda serves the purpose of attacking nation states, which seems pretty cool at first glance. But to what end? Decentralize, yes agreed, but then what? After a period of planned chaos: Recentralize. That’s it.
    Are families strengthened by these neo-hippies? Nope. Are traditional forms of community that provide resistance to the coming superstate promoted? No sir. People following these crypto NWO hipsters are most likely to end up atomized (“self-realization,” yeah right!) and an easy prey for the ruling elites of the near future.

    The purpose then, of the network of alt-Fakes like this one is not to help establish a freer society, but to help dissolve nation states (the “anarchy” part) in order to prepare for world government.

    Crypto will become the NWO world currency, probably some blockchained version of IMF’s Special Drawing Rights, but these controlled neo-hippies promote it because, ya know.. “it’s decentralized!” (for now).
    Self driving cars are part & parcel of the horrible Internet of Things, courtesy of the technocrats seeking to control the population through greenspeak, because somehow the necessity (or inevitability, Adam) of all of this can be traced back to “Climate Change” and the need for “Sustainability”.

    In my opinion, these two reds flags alone are sufficient to at least be very suspicious of these self-declared “anarchists”. Before you know it, this NWO hipster will be plugging blockchain based “social media” with a payment lure built in.. 😉

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

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