Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria? An Open Source Investigation

By corbettreport

No sooner has the idea of a US withdrawal from Syria been floated than Assad launched a chemical weapons attack on the suburbs of Damascus…or so we are being asked to believe. But this is not the first time we have been lied to about chemical weapons claims. What is the evidence about this situation, and what are the latest developments with regard to the international response? Corbett Report members are asked to contribute to this open source investigation by posting information and links about this breaking news event.


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7 Comments on "Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria? An Open Source Investigation"

  1. Assad must be very stupid: just as the US is about to leave, his gasses the people he is liberating to invite the US to attack him. The only possible explanation, other than this is another false flag attack orchestrated by the ISIS propaganda White Helmets, is that Assad is very very stupid. Which makes most sense: the terrorists are giving the US a pretext to stay and attack Assad, or that Assad is just the dumbest man on earth ever?

    • Americans will believe anything their government tells them. Americans are the stupid ones and this has been proved time after time. Remember WMD? How about Tonkin Bay? And what is the US doing in Syria anyway? Didn’t Trump say he would not do these foreign wars? Lies and propaganda — we are doomed.

      • Not true. Most Americans do not trust the President, do not trust the Congress, and do not trust the corporate media. American people also support progressive causes and are way ahead of the politicians who are paid to betray them.

        The claim that the public is stupid is the narrative of the elitists and is their justification for running the show.

        Trump is lying and most Americans know it.

  2. Now we have “Media Monitoring” and “Homeland Security” and absolute lies about everything. (chemical attacks in Syria —- bs) This is 1984, the real thing. Police trained in Israel where they shoot unarmed protesters. An army which is used to destroy Israel’s enemies. A government overrun by people with dual loyalties or stupidity like Trump.

    Time to push back. Disobey. Don’t vote (a “winner” then has no legitimacy and can’t claim any!). Get off of Amazon, Google and FB because they are surveillance agencies and take orders from the govt. Stop 5G. Destroy the neighborhood towers that will be built for 5G. Just knock them over. Keep the internet open by violence if necessary. or create a new one. Encrypt everything, shred paper and don’t pay taxes. If you can’t encrypt your smartphones, use ordinary cell phones. If enough people stop paying taxes, the IRS can and will be overwhelmed and nothing will get done. They are understaffed to begin with. Form you own community services, schools, businesses and police. The only change you can believe in is the change you make happen.

  3. seems to me somebody dont want ISIS destroyed..

  4. A$$H4T I34II4N4 $II4CKB4I2

    You do know what I am talking about.

  5. Asshat Banana Snackbar

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