YouTube Purge: The End Of Freedom Of Expression Or The Great Awakening For Alternatives?

By Aaron Kesel

The censorship is ramping up as YouTube has begun deleting channels at a rapid rate including more recently a friend of Activist Post, Health Ranger Mike Adams of Natural News. I spoke to YouTube alternative BitChute for their opinion on the recent purge against independent thoughts and how we are literally walking into George Orwell’s 1984, where YouTube, Google, Twitter, Facebook and other companies are playing the purveyors of truth.

But first, here is a rundown of a list of accounts that have been suspended by YouTube in the past few weeks, many of whom this author is friends with – Health Ranger, Anti-School, Bombard’s Body Language, Charlton, Charles Walton, Defango, Dustin Nemos, David Seaman, Destroying The Illusion, Ron Johnson, Richie AllenTitus Frost and of course Activist Post’s own YouTube channel which was suspended months ago was one of the first to go.

A full list according to this writer’s knowledge is available at

  1. According to Joe
  2. Adamic Amethyst
  3. AmericanEveryman
  4. animal farm
  5. Anti-School
  6. aplaintruth
  7. Arthur Koestler
  8. ashtonbirdie
  9. Back to the Constitution
  10. Barry Soetoro
  11. Blackstone
  12. Bombard’s Body Language *
  13. Brave New World
  14. Charles Walton
  15. Charlton
  16. Colin Flaherty
  17. Crow777 *
  18. Darkness at Noon
  19. David Seaman
  20. Defango *
  21. Destroying the Illusion
  22. Dr. Jerome Corsi
  23. Dr. of Common Sense
  24. Dustin Nemos
  25. Edgy Sphinx
  26. Elliott Marxx
  27. Eric Dubay
  28. Factions of Freedom
  30. Free Radio Revolution Revived
  31. FromDeath2Life
  32. Gematrianator
  33. HowISeeTheWorld
  34. InTruthbyGrace
  35. Jake Morphonios
  36. Jay Myers
  37. Jim Marrs
  38. Joanne Steen
  39. Johnny Supertramp
  40. JYW420
  41. Kalika from “For the People”
  42. Kearn Kearsy
  43. Kevin K Johnston
  44. Kinningan
  45. Lawarewolf
  46. Liberty Columnist
  47. Mag Bitter Truth
  48. Matrix Breakout
  49. Max Malone
  50. McFly
  51. McSimonius
  52. mgtow is freedom
  53. Mlordandgod
  54. Murdoch Murdoch
  55. Operation Hal
  56. Peekay
  57. Peekay Boston
  58. Psyched Substance
  59. Redd Dog Truth
  60. Richie Allen Show
  61. RichieFromBoston*
  62. Ron Johnson
  63. Russian Vids
  64. Sargon of Akkad *
  65. The Black Child
  66. The Kepler Telescope Channel
  67. The Ochelli Effect
  68. The Paulstaul Service
  69. Titus Frost
  70. TruthmediaRevolution
  71. Urban Moving
  72. Victurus Libertas VL
  73. WAP tech
  74. Willy Myco

Of course, this all comes after Google hired 10,000 people to clean up its subsidiary company YouTube and has been blamed as a mistake by new employees banning the “alt-right,” Bloomberg reported.

“The Southern Poverty Law Center is assisting YouTube in policing content on their platform,” The Daily Caller reported. “The left-wing nonprofit — which has more recently come under fire for labeling legitimate conservative organizations as “hate groups” — is one of the more than 100 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and government agencies in YouTube’s ‘Trusted Flaggers’ program, a source with knowledge of the arrangement told TheDC.”

However, it is interesting to note that this purge comes after mainstream media stated that “YouTube’s conspiracy video problem is just getting worse researcher says,” and after several questions were asked regarding the latest shooting spree in Parkland, Florida. Some of those questions Activist Post proposed in an article entitled: “5 Reasons To Question The Official Narrative Of The Florida School Shooting.”

Asking logical questions is critical thinking and as Carl Sagan once said:

There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question.

Everyone should be free to express their thoughts, especially those who take on the responsibility of independent journalists; people should be free to make up their own minds or else we walk into an Orwellian society where we are told what to watch read and believe. Without that right of freedom of expression, tyranny becomes prevalent; everyone has an opinion, even though it is important to source and back up your reasoning. Can 10,000 people at YouTube and others elsewhere really be put in charge of determining what information should and shouldn’t be decimated by the public?

Ironically, Activist Post reported months ago that since Google was heading towards targeting critical thinkers demonized as “Conspiracy Theorists” who ask the difficult questions in its rating guidelines, YouTube wouldn’t be too long to follow behind those actions.

Considering that the origination of the word “Conspiracy Theorist” comes from the CIA, I would say using a derogatory word to discuss those who think is dangerous. More modernized, in fact, it is also straight out of the JTIRG playbook that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden revealed.

Misinformation is plaguing the Internet, but who is to decide what is and isn’t misinformation?  The readers themselves need to, because policing thought and opinion opens a door to the avenue of a Truth Council and information oversight where admins (the purveyors of truth) decide what is and isn’t fact. What happens when one of these people doesn’t dig deep enough and just dismisses something without looking at the evidence, due to lack of information or understanding? Censorship of not only ideas, but also people as a whole who are effectively removed from the discussion.

Questioning is healthy; and as writer Naomi Wolf exposed, you should think before it’s illegal to do so. “It’s no longer crazy to assess news events to see if they are real or not real,” she stated in the video below. As history has shown through declassified documents (overthrow of Mossadegh), leaked diplomatic cables by WikiLeaks, and reporting by murdered journalist Michael Hastings who exposed propaganda used against the Senate and Congress, “all over the world, it’s well-established, the State Department intelligence agencies engage in theatre, and it’s what they do, it’s spycraft, to create spectacles and events that people may not realize are spectacles and events…,” Naomi says.

Hastings exposed the use of propaganda to get into Afghanistan in his report entitled: “The Afghanistan Report the Pentagon Doesn’t Want You to Read.” The article was surrounding a leaked unclassified Pentagon report.  The report took the shroud off the U.S. military’s psyops operation command revealing several techniques the group uses in psychological warfare to manipulate the public, including but not limited to fake intelligence information, lack of information and social media manipulation, according to Lt. Colonel Daniel Davis. The kicker is that not only were those tactics used against the American people but the tactics were used against senators.

It is an extremely worrying fact that the Military Industrial Complex would manipulate elected officials with fake news, especially considering that propaganda wasn’t legalized in America again until 2012. Previous legislation had been passed to protect citizens during the Church Committee hearings as part of a series of investigations into intelligence abuses during the mid-1970s, amended by the Smith-Mundt Act. Smith-Mundt was repealed in 2012 under Obama, as Business Insider reported, “The NDAA Legalizes The Use Of Propaganda On The US Public.”

As Arkansas Senator J. William Fulbright stated, VOA, Radio Free Europe, and many others “should be given the opportunity to take their rightful place in the graveyard of Cold War relics.” Fulbright’s amendment to Smith-Mundt was bolstered in 1985 by Nebraska Senator Edward Zorinsky, who argued that such “propaganda” should be kept out of America as to distinguish the U.S. “from the Soviet Union where domestic propaganda is a principal government activity.”

Zorinsky and Fulbright sold their amendments to Congress on the sensible composition that “American taxpayers shouldn’t be funding propaganda for American audiences.”

(IMPORTANT NOTE: That’s not to say that this author feels the Florida Parkland shooting was a false flag; there is not enough information available to determine that assumption, rather the point of mentioning the now legal use of propaganda is more about a recent town hall event by CNN, which shows how legitimate events can be biased and manipulated for a political agenda afterward without being fake. The second point to make is just because you are asking questions about an event doesn’t necessarily mean to assume that you believe that any event is staged or didn’t happen. That’s the beauty of keeping an open mind and thinking for yourself.)

Further, suppressing someone’s beliefs only makes them stronger because people question why you are suppressing an individual or group’s thoughts, thus drawing attention, as the Guardian recently noted.

So, with all that background, the problem is now well defined that there is a growing censorship of certain ideas and thoughts, as well as people being suppressed and even dangerously being labeled conspiracy theorists. The solution now is to use alternatives for YouTube such as DTube and BitChute; and for social media to use Steemit, Gab and onG.Social.

I recently sat down to interview one of those alternatives, BitChute, about this growing problem of suspension of free thought, what they are doing about it, and why users should trust them with their data, and more…

1. Question:

What is your opinion of the recent YouTube ban wave and censoring of users’ opinions, ideas, and thoughts?


It’s part of a trend that’s been getting progressively worse each year and will continue to get worse. Last year we had the Adpocalypse, to which people adapted and found other means to earn money such as patreon and crypto. We also saw the banning of select channels such as Activist Post. If I had to label the types of channels that have been worst hit then I would say it’s freedom lovers, and it’s people who aren’t afraid to challenge establish norms and speak up for their rights.

2. Question:

How does BitChute hope to capitalize off of YouTube banning users and the ongoing censorship?


Freedom of expression is how we resolve our societal problems and keep the people who govern us in check, you don’t need to look too far back in history to find examples of where censorship has resulted in disaster, such as 1930s Germany. On top of that, the existing social media companies have far too much power and really need some competition and independent voices speaking out against their many bad practices. The only effective way to fight bad ideas is with good ideas, the answer to hate speech is more free speech not less.

3 & 4. Questions:

What is your view on the censorship of individuals and beginning to put everyone into an echo chamber where only certain information is okayed like George Orwell’s 1984, do you view the ongoing censorship as dangerous?

You plan on launching an ICO utilizing the power of the blockchain to reward users for their content, do you see this as a means to combat the ongoing demonetization by YouTube, making BitChute a better alternative?


We’ve laid out our principles and we apply our rules fairly and openly, in addition to that we believe in greater decentralization, we’re already using torrents and we’re working on moving the indexing of those to a blockchain and will have an on-site crypto that can be used for various things such as tipping. We’re also designing the platform so that we do not take editorial privileges, what’s trending or what’s popular is what our users decide we see our role in that as preventing gaming or abuses and let people do the rest.

5. Question:

Are there plans to allow users to live-stream content like how YouTube allows users to live-stream?


First stop is monetization, live streaming is definitely in our plans along with mobile apps, and many other features.


I would also encourage readers to see Ben Swann’s important coverage of the Internet purge of dissenting voices below:

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29 Comments on "YouTube Purge: The End Of Freedom Of Expression Or The Great Awakening For Alternatives?"

  1. rollout of a ghettoization scheme

  2. Blaming liberals for censoring conservatives is misuse of the word liberal. A true liberal wouldn’t care one way or the other; quite like someone claiming to be a Libertarian. Libertarians, Democrats and Republicans are owned and operated by corporations, the real hidden hand in internet censorship. Case in point Activist Post on numerous occasions has censored my non-offensive comments.

    • Don’t feel pregnant, my friend. AP has put several of my comments into “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved…” Now, sometimes one will appear later anyway, but usually after the ‘party is over,’ that is, after the first wave of commenters, having the effect of reducing the number who see it. One took as long as 8 days to appear. Others have stayed gone. Have no idea what sets this off, and AP will not respond (has not responded) to queries. Makes ya wonder.

      In re ‘owned and operated by corporations,’ the way I see it, society at large, and many elements within it, such as corporations, are tools of society’s ancient masters, which can be called the ‘aristocracy,’ or, that Cabal that elected itself ‘royalty.’ But institutionalized government is also an Elite construct—for mass herding and control. Thus, political parties are also tools, as are all the divisive words (‘Left/Right’ and so on) used to resolve and define the ‘differences’ that keep everyone at each others’ throats.

      Power and control is what it’s all about with these psychopaths; and their manipulations are deep, such that many aspects we take for granted as normal, natural, spontaneous, the-way-things-must-be are still part of a mind trap. This consists of conditioned belief systems, outlooks on who, what, and where we are, and views of ‘reality.’ That’s what ‘they’re’ doing – constructing reality for the masses, like script writers and directors create Drama. They always get operatives on both/all sides of conflict, playing roles. Of special focus for them are economics and money/banking systems—their death grip on nations and people. I suggest we’re living in a relatively invisible psyop under the induced belief that we’re free. Like a giant zoo. We seal our own fate by participation in the system.

      • We seal our fate by refusing to buck the system while using it. The ruling class, the corporate elites, the NWO are delighted if we opt out. Stay and fight.

        • How would you buck it while using it. Perhaps I should have said participating in and cooperating with. Participating, for example, by indulgence in the toxic consumer orgy, especially wireless tech. Chasing the “Dream,” basically.

          • Here’s how by example: the German Green Party, with only 8% of the vote shared power by aligned with the SPD: they got key cabinet positions such as Foreign Minister, leading Germany in a pacifist direction and they changed the German energy policy to green energy, among key accomplishments. They used the system to change the system. What those who run the show most want us for to become cynical and drop out, leaving them to rule “in peace.”

            We can use the internet, developed by the Department of Defense, to criticize and expose the Department of Defense.

          • PeterTocci | March 16, 2018 at 9:42 am |

            I agree that battles need to be fought at the level you speak of—for example, pipelines and the many threats to public lands. Most such endeavor isn’t making fundamental difference, however, but only at the level of symptom. Most such challenges are symptoms of the very existence of the system, which exists only to give the illusion that it’s workable. It’a a psyop. The illusion of freedom – economic slavery and the routine satisfaction of runaway material lust sold as freedom. It thrives based almost entirely on human character flaws and a the loss of intimate communion with the natural world. It is the normalization of insanity. I call it the Idiotized Society, consisting of conditioned dependence for prosperity and even survival on self-destructive ways and means.

            I haven’t seen the German Green platform, but the US Greens are not what I’d call pacifist, because they still think there is such a thing as the “just” war. They haven’t seemed to have come to the realization that war per se is a racket. But Germany is NATO and thus involved in a criminal outfit/operation. If they dropped out of that, I’d agree they’re in a “pacifist direction.”

            Green energy has a nice-sounding ring to it, but it’s just not what it’s cracked up to be. Needed much more is a dramatic reduction in energy demand regardless of type/source. Green energy will only encourage the utilization of more energy, which, without a fundamental shift away from manufacturing-based economics and consumerism, could destroy the earth even faster than otherwise. Just the materials needed to roll out a full-fledged green grid will put inordinate demand on hard resources – especially metals, and copper in particular. The whole idea of raping the earth to turn it into commodities IS the system, and it’s suicidal.

            Concomitant to thing-based economics is the financing thereof, mediated by another, even more fundamental enslavement mechanism – private banking/usury, the Elite’s death grip on nations and people. Accompanying this travesty is the income tax system—latter-day feudalism—another mechanism designed to steal a healthy portion of income produced by work and flow it to the top. So, for me, non-participation in the system means a mass movement to eschew consumerism, to stop all payments on interest-bearing debt, to remove money from the banking system, and to stop paying income taxes. And you could throw in the avoidance of industrial-ag/processed food and conventional medicine. Above all, however, would be the total rejection of wireless technology, especially the 5G rollout. That’s the shift from ‘analog’ mind manipulation to digital push-button surveillance and control.

            Lastly, the DoD was roundly, thoroughly and completely criticized and exposed before the Internet even existed. Internet is a convenience, and a lot of info can be shared, but neither pre nor post Internet is making any fundamental difference. No one listened to Smedley Butler, for example, who told the truth way back in 1933-35. You have propaganda and conditioned belief systems in play. Brainwash. “It is very difficult, and perhaps entirely impossible, to combat the effects of brainwashing by argument.” – Paul Feyerabend. And while we use the Internet to exchange info, the powers are cataloging and indexing us therewith, while precisely locating anyone with a wireless device and watching you from space while you take a crap.

          • Peter, you make many good points but there is a heavy wash of cynicism that blurs some important details.
            Germany is not 100% pacifist…it’s a question of degree…and the Greens did not rule but shared power, which by definition, involves compromises. But of the “great powers,” Germany is among the most pacifist:
            1. – Germany shocked the world in March went it opposed NATO action against Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi.
            2. Germany has lost 57 soldiers in Afghanistan but to put it in context:
            he number of fatalities has caused a stir in Germany since it is the highest of all deployments abroad that the German army has ever participated in since World War II and because the German participation in the conflict is controversial. ISAF participation marks the first time since World War II that German ground troops have been confronted with an organized enemy. Prior to 2002, the Armed Forces had sustained only two losses of life connected to direct hostile activities, (A soldier with UN troops in Cambodia was shot dead in 1993 and a medical officer died when the helicopter he was travelling in was shot down by Georgian insurgents in 2003).” wiki
            3.”11 Dec 2014
            Germany is planning to send troops to Iraq in a major break with the military policy it has followed since the end of the Second World War, and one that may even require the country’s constitution to be changed, according to reports.

            Angela Merkel’s government wants to send troops to northern Iraq to help train Kurdish forces fighting in the struggle against Islamic State (Isil). German troops were have served with international forces in Afghanistan, Bosnia and elsewhere, but until now they have only taken part in missions with an international mandate from the UN, or as part of the Nato alliance.

            A handful of German military personnel are already in northern Iraq training Kurdish peshmerga fighters in the use of sophisticated weapons, but Mrs Merkel’s government wants to send more than 100 troops in a major expansion of the mission, according to Bild newspaper.”

            The Greens helped maintain a pacifist orientation and they were instrumental in changing German energy policy.

            Many pacifists, myself included, accept that there is such a thing as a just war, as when you defend yourself from attack. The misuse of the concept does not negate the fact that even pacifists understand that using force to deter violence is not a betrayal of the rejection of violence but a defense of it.

            Your views on green energy make no sense. If I have clean, green energy (say from my rooftop solar array), why not use as much as it can provide? No harm is done.

            As for taxes, it all depends on whether they are used for the common good or not: taxes to insure clean water, etc benefits all; taxes to benefit special interests is a form of kleptocracy.

            Tom Paine in Agrarian Justice argued that since no one built or created the earth and its riches, they belong to all, and so those who exploit them (farmers, miners, etc) for profit owe “ground rent’ to the community which owns the natural resources I find this a compelling argument for taxing profits, not labor.

            The internet has many aspects but even you are using it to expose lies, scams, and propaganda.

          • PeterTocci | March 17, 2018 at 2:23 pm |

            Thanks for the details. In re Germany’s pacifist direction, given, “…the military policy it has followed since the end of the Second World War…” one would have to say the Greens cannot be credited with the “pacifist direction,” since, as you point out, it already had some motion.

            But militarism is not just about active troops. US, GB and Germany provided biochem WMD to Iraq prior to Gulf I (US $4 bn) these were all stashed in huge bunkers in southern Iraq, and were blown up in place by the “allies” (using another WMD – uranium munitions) leaving 400,000 US troops in the poison cloud.

            Merkel must be aware that ISIL/terrorism is a Western/NATO-funded creation. For the purpose of continuing the resource war that is the ME conflict, under guise of fighting terrorism and defending democracy. She’s probably just playing along with the black operation.

            There are all kinds of rationales for “defending” oneself from attack, including the one about helping allies. But the bottom line is that conflicts/wars are created via Elite operatives in corresponding/opposed nations—including WW II, so completely blamed on the Nazis, who were financed and technologically supported by Wall Street and a huge international cartel, facts that should have been exposed by a complicit media (which should also have exposed FDR’s black treason at Pearl, not only purposely leaving the fleet exposed, but goading the Japanese into the attack). Nor has the US proper ever been attacked. The “pacifists” are just keeping the door open.

            Thanks for validating my point about green energy encouraging more use of energy. I emphasize again that the materials required for a full-fledged green energy grid will cause untold environmental distress to acquire. And how is that energy used, but to drive the myriad commodities of the techno-masturbation called the consumer economy, which is also predicated upon the liquidation of the source of life to turn it into things and cash – all of which perpetuates and augments the Elite’s death grip on nations and people. As noted, the ME chaos is a cover for an operation to control the hard resources of ‘Eurasia,’ essecntial for global control, the Illuminati’s wet dream.

            IF Paine put farmers and miners in the same category, he had a problem. LATER, one could compare them, since industrial-ag “farmers” deplete the earth, as opposed to natural farmers, who enhance it. In producing healthy food, farmers owe no “ground rent,” but perform one of the noblest activities of humans. Nor does any community truly “own” natural resources. This is an artifact of the artifice of private property, a scourge of the earth. The earth does not belong to us – we belong to it. The turn-around on that point is an Elite construct.

          • The Greens amplified and solidified the pacifist direction of post-war Germany. Here are the words of the Green Foreign Minister: ” I adhere to two principles. Never again war! Never again Auschwitz, never again genocide, never again fascism! For me, both belong together!” (Joschka Fischer, at the Federal Delegates’ conference, Bielefeld, 13 May 1999).”

            The Greens internally have had to deal with the aspiration of no war and the need to use military force to prevent or stop genocides, etc as in Bosnia. That is why pacifism is always relative, tho I distinguish war violence (in which a moral red line is violated) and force, which is the use of physical power to stop or prevent violence. If you restrain a man trying to harm your daughter, that is not violence but legitimate force. As a pacifist I find this distinction cruel based on the underlying principle of doing or preventing the least harm, which sometimes means NOT doing something (beating someone up, eating meat, polluting the environment, etc) and sometimes requires DOING something, such as using power to stop violence.

            Significant features of the Green/SPD Alliance:
            ” a SPD-Green government took power on 27 October 1998, with Fischer appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs. By 2005, he was the second longest-serving foreign minister in German postwar history (after Hans-Dietrich Genscher).

            In mid-April 1999, Germany came up with the first peace plan, when Fischer produced a proposal, notably including Russia, that would have rewarded the beginning of a Yugoslav pullout from Kosovo with a bombing pause.

            In 1999, Fischer supported German military participation in the Kosovo War. This proved to be a highly controversial position since Fischer’s plan not only clashed with the largely pacifist philosophy of The Greens, but because it also supported for the first time since World War II active participation of German soldiers in combat. Fischer justified this military involvement with allegations that Serbia was planning to commit genocide against the Kosovo Albanians.”

            So there is the irony, that under a Green Foreign Minister committed to protect both human rights and avoid war, Germany had its first combat experience since WWII.

            This is why I say that pacifism is relative and that we must distinguish force (used to prevent violence, such as genocide) and violence (military aggression used not to prevent violence but to punish or conquer). The same distinction holds in our personal lives: if we use force to stop a mugger, we enter over into violence ourselves if once he is stopped and the police alerted, we then start kicking him out of anger. The rejection of violence sometimes requires the use of physical force to stop or prevent violence: this irony can be understood only when we consider the motives of force to prevent violence and violence to punish.

            Force observes a moral line: only enough power to prevent and no more. Violence violates that line, and in crossing that line force can become violence. This is what I have learned in my 50 years of being a pacifist and non-violent resister.

            Your considerations of farms and miners has a point but both use the riches of something they did not create (and if they bought the property, it was, down the line, from someone who seized it from the Commons). Even organic farms use the soil, which they may improve but did not create, and water which they did not create but use.

            Like miners, they exploit the riches of the earth to produce their products, and these riches, fundamentally, belong to humanity as a whole. I think farmers who deplete or poison the soil should be fined, while those who use organic methods should pay lower tax rate; and those who rebuild depleted soil should be rewarded. Costa Rica has such a plan: if you plant trees on a former forest that has been denuded, each year the government pays you a reward.

            I did not say the earth belongs to us: Jefferson and Paine did, but I think that the construction, “We belong to the earth” puts us in the proper frame of mind to care for the earth as we use it I think we are in basic agreement……..those who harm the earth should pay; those who rebuild the earth should be paid Organic farms are basically paid back by commanding a premium price for their superior products. But sadly, conventional agriculture is subsidized, paying people to produce inferior food while harming the environment.

            I find in Paine’s Agarian Justice a 3d way between predatory capitalism and state socialism for a libertarian socialism based on decentralized self-government. A sad fact is that when Paine died (he being the only true non-slave owning democrat among the Founding Fathers), only 6 people attended his funeral (none of the Founding Fathers: Washington had said if not for Paine, there would have been no American Revolution) and 3 were ex-slaves.

            In my view, he is our true Founding Father, the one whose ideas we need to reclaim in order to create a truly democratic Republic.

  3. You will be controlled. You will be vaccinated. You will eat your GMO gruel. God Bless America.

    • Do you know what poisoning the well means? Lumping lunatic conspiracy theories with valid?

      • In the end, the lunatic paranoids will be proven correct.

        • That is what the fascists say: will triumphs over truth. Historically, the core value of the will to power has led to catastrophe, genocide, mass murder. And yet the peacemakers prevail, tho history shows they are assassinated: Jesus, Gandhi, JFK, RFK, MLK. To me this does mean defeat (which would mean surrender) but proves that the peace movement is considered more dangerous than armed enemies.

          In the end, the lunatic paranoids destroy themselves.

          • JFK does not belong in a list of peacemakers.

          • He was killed for his efforts to prevent war, including refusing to help the CIA invasion of Cuba, refusing to listen to Pentagon generals urging a first strike on the Soviet Union, and directing a total withdrawal from Vietnam.

            The release archives show that he had a directive for total withdrawal, which LBJ reversed as soon as he replaced the martyred President.

            JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal Plan Is a Fact, Not Speculation | The Nation

            ” Recently opened White House taped conversations and other documents reveal a president who recognized the inherent dangers of military intervention in Vietnam and who had devised an exit strategy. Had it not been for his assassination, the withdrawal plan might have prevented the deaths of more …”

            He order a total withdrawal, quietly and gradually so as not to kick up a shitstorm, as well as reversing the Eisenhower doctrine of treating neutral or independent nations as pawns of the Communists and letting them go their independent way. The Deep State, which he had said he would dismantle by breaking up the CIA, saw him as real threat to their plans for world hegemony and along with others (likely Bush I, LBJ, the Pentagon, and the Mafia) orchestrated his assassination. When LBJ took over he repealed the directive escalated leading to 3 million deaths.

          • Well I lived thru the Camelot days, and my take is quite different. JFK was a rabid anti-communist; he was on heavy duty psych drugs; and he had his finger on the nuke button. There were routine nuclear blast drills in school as if hiding under your desk would protect you from an overhead 1 megaton detonation. There were signs in public buildings defining safe areas to shelter in in case of nuclear attack. So there ya go – my short list why I am not a JFK fan.

          • So did I and heard JFK speak when I was 19 I have recently read Mary’s Mosaic, based on a 16 year investigation of his murder and that of his lover Mary Pinchot and also an 800 page book that traces his life until he runs for office called JFK: the Reckless Years.

            He ran as a cold warrior but once in office, he evolved into a peacemaker that caused him to be assassinated. Proof of peacemaking: 1) he refused CIA requests to aid in Bay of Pigs invasion 2) he refused Pentagon calls for first strike against the USSR 3}. He said he would dismantle the CIA, which had become a rogue paramilitary operation and 4) his directive to withdraw all troops from Vietnam and 5) his signing the Treaty with the USSR to limit nuclear testing, the first reversal of the arms race, and 6) his decision to end the Eisenhower doctrine of treating all independents or neutral nations as enemies.

            He was on medication for his back conditon, and he came to the view that nuclear arms should be eliminated and signed the Treaty with the USSR. He also had backchannel efforts to create detente with Krushchev and Castro.

            You should read the books which, using released presidential archives, correct the lies and myths that concerned JFK, no doubt promoted by those who murdered him.

          • Do you remember the Cuban missile crisis? Do you remember the Turkish missile event that preceded that? And I have no interest in reading books that try to change history. JFK was freaking scary.

          • Yes I do. Books based on released archives correct false histories. You have no interest in learning the documented truth. Pentagon generals urged JFK to do a first strike on the USSR: he said no,I am not going to start WWIII. JFK murdered because he stood up to the CIA, the generals, and the war mongers..This is now documented history.

      • Non sequitur. There was no “lunatic conspiracy theory” stated by abinico.

    • Equating vaccination, which has saved the lives of millions, with GMO production, which is carcinogenic, is poisoning the well, used to discredit even the legitimate programs that are net positive.

      • Vaccination is out of control. Kids are being vaccinated simply for pharma profits. Schools are refusing to let in kids that don’t get the flu shot, a vaccination that is proven to be of dubious value. And I find it disturbing that you cannot find out the ingredients in vaccines, and that vaccine damages go thru their own special court system. Like I said – vaccination is out of control.

        • There are issues with vaccinations and we want safe vaccines, of course. No one is forced; parents can choose to homeschool or not use public schools. Those who do not get vaccinations put others at risk so it IS a public health issue.

          It is false to equate vaccinations, which have saved millions of lives, with GMO food production, which is, according to the IARC a known carcinogen (ie glyphosate, used on 70% of gmo crops).

          You can find vaccine ingredients here:

          For the occasional damage done by vaccines, they save thousands of lives each year Measles still kills hundreds of thousands in regions where there is not widespread vaccination: ” There has been a 75% decline in measles deaths from 2000-. 2013 (15.6 million deaths prevented).” cdc

          ” Approximately 89 780 people died from measles in 2016 – mostly children under the age of 5 years. ”

          WHO reports: “Before the introduction of measles vaccine in 1963 and widespread vaccination, major epidemics occurred approximately every 2–3 years and measles caused an estimated 2.6 million deaths each year. The disease remains one of the leading causes of death among young children globally….”

          To put it in context, even today 100,000 a year die from measles where vac programs do not exists, and but for vaccinations, millions would die. Compare that to the infrequent harm done by the vaccinations.

          Here is an example but note that the vaccine was not administered professionally: “JUBA, South Sudan — Fifteen young children have died in a botched measles vaccination campaign that saw people as young as 12 years old administering the vaccines, South Sudan’s government announced Friday.

          The United Nations said the children died of “severe sepsis/toxicity” from the contaminated vaccine, and the health ministry blamed the deaths on human error. One syringe was used for all the children during the four-day campaign, and the vaccine was stored without refrigeration the entire time.”

          What is out of control are the lies spread by the anti-vax campaign; here is an example from a source I usually respect, globalresearch:
          “Measles Vaccines Kill More People than Measles, CDC Data Proves”

          This is based on the CDC assertion that since 2003, no measles deaths have occurred in the US. The lie of omission of which the article is guilty is that the lack of deaths is due to the widespread herd immunization as a result of vaccinations.

          An honest assessment would compare the number of lives saved with the numbers of lives lost. The article claims that before the 1963 vaccination progams, virtually no one was dying of measles but that is a lie: “From 1958 to 1962, the U.S. averaged 503,282 cases and 432 death associated with measles each year. Before measles vaccine was licensed in 1963, the CDC admits there was massive underreporting of measles cases….” And by 2003, there were zero measles deaths.

 examines the claim and debunks it pointing out that the deaths “from measles vaccines” are actually reports of deaths in a period of time after a child was vaccinated, which is a case of confusing correlation with proof.

          There have been deaths verified as being caused by the vaccine. Vaccines that did cause problems were long ago pulled from the market. The politifact debunking concludes: “The article misreads data, to suggest that the measles vaccine is a greater threat to children than the disease. Experts, and data, show that measles is far more dangerous than the vaccine, even if some kids do have a reaction to the shot.

          We rate the claim False.”

          Toxic mercury was once a concern but was eliminated in all but flue shots nearly 20 years ago. ” All vaccines routinely recommended for children 6 years of age and younger in the U.S. are available in formulations that do not contain thimerosal.”

          What we want are safe vaccines. Period.

          • PeterTocci | March 18, 2018 at 2:33 pm |

            Trying to reply to this, but AP is censoring, putting my reply ‘on hold’ for approval. Sometimes comments will appear, sometimes not.

          • PeterTocci | March 26, 2018 at 9:08 am |

            One sees that you are fully indoctrinated with vaccine propaganda. Vaccination is one of the biggest scio-medical scams of all time, and has caused infinite misery. Do you know that, even though the short-term side effects are well known (though they will not admit to SIDS) there is not one study on the long-term effects? That vaccine effects can ‘kick in’ many years later, after is appears that a child is developing normally? Do you know that at the point of introduction of every major vaccine, disease incidence was already well on its way down? Because infectious epidemics are cyclical by nature (another thing they don’t tell you, but take advantage of).

            Let’s take just one example – polio, the darling of all vaccines. The vaccine was declared in the media and news to be an unqualified success when it was no such thing. Statistics were manipulated to give appearance that the vaccine worked, when what it did the best was to spread a simian virus associated with cancer (SV 40) worldwide. Speaking of viruses, vaccines made from animal tissue are knowingly laced with unknown spurious viruses that can’t be filtered out.

            Before vaccine intro, doctors were paid ($25, I believe) for every reported diagnosis. Also, it was known that polio went away by itself 50% of the time after 30 days. So before vaccine intro, you had to have symptoms for less than that to be called a case. But after intro, it was changed to more than 30 days, so if it came and went away you never had it, making the VAX look good. Also, before intro, aseptic meningitis was made part of the polio symptomology, increasing incidence. After intro, it was separated again, decreasing incidence.

            Here is part of the intro to a definitive article on the polio scam:
            “The Salk Vaccine and the ‘Disappearance’ of Paralytic Polio
            “With that brief introduction into the minor heresy of questioning the value of vaccination, I will now tackle the greater heresy, to wit, (1) Was there really a “polio” epidemic? and (2) Was paralysis a sequelae from viral infection? This is not a conspiracy rant. I don’t dwell on motives of supposed evil doers. Instead, this is a sober scientific inquiry into medical fraud, which didn’t require 100 years to pass before the public could be duped. It occurred in real time.
            “This essay challenges the two basic popular contentions about the polio epidemic of the 1950s. First, there’s the claim that there was a genuine epidemic, in spite of, for example, the biased and grossly flawed epidemiology by public health officials, which included the manipulation of statistics, diagnostic criteria, and case definitions that artificially inflated cases prior to the Salk vaccine, and then artificially deflated them after the vaccine was administered. If there was indeed an epidemic (i.e. a genuine increase in paralysis), then the second consideration is to determine if it was caused by a microbial pathogen (poliovirus), or in my opinion, chemical and biological toxins with nutritional cofactors?”

            And here is an excellent piece that includes the toxic cause of polio: “Polio is a devastating disease; the preferred method for fighting it is vaccination. Yet there is a mass of historic evidence that suggests it is not caused by a virus but by industrial and agricultural pollution.”

            This statement is a procession of rhetoric and error: “There are issues with vaccinations and we want safe vaccines, of course. No one is forced; parents can choose to homeschool or not use public schools. Those who do not get vaccinations put others at risk so it IS a public health issue.”

            To say there are “issues” is to paint the lily much whiter than it is. The “issues” are that vaccines, based as they are on serious misconceptions about immunity, are neither safe nor effective. That about says it all. The disease statistics you cite are biased, for one thing, because they look only at incidence of the target disease, ignoring other pathology caused by the poison needle. And the Pharma-controlled conventional establishment can easily manipulate target statistics, as well as conclusions about what was the cause of death. Not to mention that incidence goes up and down by itself. Thus, there is no way to prove that low incidence or lower deaths is due to vaccination. It is herd-immunity propaganda that the unvaccinated threaten the vaccinated

            However, there are medical practitioners who will tell you that deaths from childhood diseases is related more to poor health than the disease itself. This can be true even for deaths caused by vaccines. In an investigation of 50% mortality in vaccinated Aboriginal children, two Australian investigators found that the children were subclinically scorbutic, and that the vaccine pushed them over the edge to SIDS/respiratory-failure crib death. In healthy children, childhood diseases ‘exercise,’ train, and strengthen immune function. By the way, there is no such thing anatomically as ‘the immune system.’ Several anatomical systems have immune function, especially including the the gut, which is usually weakened by vaccines.

            Nor is antibody-mediated immunity the ‘first line of defense’ in the body as we hear. It is a back-up fraction of immune function, which is why bypassing the whole of immune response with a needle is Unscientific nonsense. If antibody-mediated immunity were the first line, there would be no need to spike it up with artificial toxins to ‘replicate’ anamnestic response. Instead, non-specific, or cell-mediated immunity is the first line. But even this is secondary to the general condition of balance and harmony (health) in one’s ‘terrain.’ It’s generally known that soil pH can have a profound effect on the vitality of plants; whereas, there is not the same awareness about body pH – and infectious disease.

            People ARE forced – often by circumstances, such as two parents having to work and not having time for homeschooling. Or not having money for private schools that might not require vaccines. And there are incidents where “authorities” have come and abducted children whose parents refused vaccination. among other “offenses.”

            Another questionable assertion: “An honest assessment would compare the number of lives saved with the numbers of lives lost.” The only way to establish the first part is by pure guess, based on the unfounded assumption that those vaccinated were saved…from death? 🙂 “”From 1958 to 1962, the U.S. averaged 503,282 cases and 432 death associated with measles each year.” Wow! The big “lie” notwithstanding, that’s a whopping .00086%. What a killer, eh? Once again, raw stats do not tell the story of whether deaths (“associated” with measles doesn’t mean caused by, either) were of very unhealthy patients to begin with.

            You say, “… examines the claim and debunks it pointing out that the deaths “from measles vaccines” are actually reports of deaths in a period of time after a child was vaccinated, which is a case of confusing correlation with proof.” In other words, deaths in a period of time AFTER vaccination is no proof of cause; yet reduced incidence of disease in a period of time after vaccination IS proof of efficacy? Which way do you want it?

            “Vaccines that did cause problems were long ago pulled from the market.” Utter nonsense! First of all, they don’t do the research needed to ferret out all the “problems,” especially long-term, as noted. It’s also estimated that many vaccine after effects are not recognized and/ore reported as such. For short-term evidence, you should see the documentary “VAXXED,” even though you will find it “debunked” in various venues. And there’s a new one, “Sacrificial Virgins,” about the ravages of HPV vaccine and the questionable ‘science’ behind it.

            Lastly, search on Tube for “Haley vs. Offit: A Virtual Debate about Vaccines,” And pay attention.

  4. I never maintained my Youtube channel, though every once in awhile I shared a video just for me/friends/for fun, I never promoted it to anyone else. A few years ago, I re-posted a George Carlin video (“It’s a Big Club and You Ain’t In It”) and never thought another thing of it. Little by little, it started getting hits and up until about January of this year, it had steadily gotten itself to over a half-million views. Then suddenly…nothing. They’re censoring George Carlin? Ask yourself why….

  5. Angie Miesner Blake | March 12, 2018 at 8:19 am |

    This is Angie from Victurus Libertas. We are seeking anyone who has had their channel censored and deleted from YT to contact us for a round table discussion about censorship. If anyone from this list wishes to be included in that interview/discussion next week (week of March 19th), please contact us as soon as possible at: or Thanks for your continued support! -Angie of VL

  6. There has never been freedom of speech on the Internet. There are two topics you are forbidden to discuss and criticize. I will not mention those two topics for obvious reasons.

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