Thought Police: Canadian Activist Lauren Southern Gets Banned From The UK For Life

By Mac Slavo

Lauren Southern, a Canadian activist, received a ban from the United Kingdom for life because she conducted a social experiment that irritated Muslims. Apparently, you’re no longer allowed to have your own opinions – they must conform to the government-approved opinions.

This just more evidence that there is an all-out global assault on liberty and free thinking. Southern’s ban comes after she distributed what the UK deemed “racist material.” In the “racist material,” the Canadian claimed Allah was gay. Well, gay isn’t a race and neither is Islam. So we’ve already pinpointed the problem here: Southern had an opinion that a government didn’t like.

According to the Daily Mail UK, Lauren Southern came under fire in February after she was caught handing out leaflets in Luton that proclaimed “Allah is a gay God” and “Allah is trans.” Although the 22-year-old said it was only a “social experiment,” she was detained in Calais when trying to re-enter the UK on March 13 and was questioned over the posters.

In a video posted on Thursday, Southern claimed that she received a lifetime ban from coming to the UK, stemming from the leaflet incident. A Home Office Spokesperson said that the “Border Force has the power to refuse entry to an individual if it is considered that his or her presence in the UK is not conducive to the public good.” Free speech is always conducive to the public good, but it’s in the government’s best interest to squash any dissent.

Of course, the media is far from biased pro-government propaganda, so let’s hear from Southern herself what her side of the story is. She explains in her video titled “‘Allah is Gay’ – Here’s What Happened In Luton.”

Southern says she became intrigued by an article which claimed Jesus Christ lived his life as a gay man. (Please note, that the author of that article has received little to no backlash for his theory that Christ could have been gay. Southern is banned for insinuating Allah is gay.)

Southern claims the UK has “blasphemy laws enforced by Sharia” law. She also concluded that her social experiment “highlights a double standard in Western societies: why is it racist to say Allah is gay, but not Jesus is gay?”

“Why does (sic) the rights of Muslims to be homophobic trump the rights of gay people to have their self-expression?” Southern added that the UK “needs to have a conversation about this before they’re no longer able to have a conversation at all.”

Southern said she has assumed her interaction with the police in Luton was the end of the incident until she was quizzed for six hours by border guards in Calais earlier this month.

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5 Comments on "Thought Police: Canadian Activist Lauren Southern Gets Banned From The UK For Life"

  1. negative energy vampire

  2. ,I once came across a video of a Muslim man who claimed “ Christians were like ISIS “ now we all know that ISIS routinely behead Christians if they don’t convert to Islam. But tell me how many Christians have beheaded Muslims if they don’t convert to Christianity.Also why was not this classed as “ hate speech “

  3. The interesting thing to ME about this is that there is ALSO no freedom of speech in CANADA!! I was banned for life from setting foot into any of the Corporation of Delta BC’s recreational facilities due to alleged “violations of the code of conduct” a nebulous, totally undefined posted “rule” that the highly corrupt BC Human Rights Tribunal allows to be interpreted by the head of the Delta Parks Board any way he wants. In other words, the “law is in his mouth” and the so called “BC Human Rights Tribunal” allows this sad state of affairs to exist because just like the UK, Canadians are also brainwashed with relentless “political correctness” that is stifling freedom of thought, and freedom of speech. There is no freedom of speech in Canada, you can be charged with violating the law if you express controversial views such as denying the reality of the Holocaust, for example. I don’t believe the stated reasons for banning me from Delta’s recreational facilities has anything to do with the real reason. I think the REAL reason was that I often engaged in and sometimes initiated heated conversations that raised pointed questions about why Canadians allow themselves to be so damn enslaved by their extremely socialist government? I also ran afoul of many Trump haters any time I was in the sauna or hot tub in these facilities and sometimes, heated discussions occurred in which people got very angry at me for refusing to be “politically correct” in my world view, and for especially being a huge fan of our second amendment right to bear arms, which most Canadians hate and totally disapprove of. (I live in Point Roberts WA, a border town and exclave that is disconnected from the rest of the State of WA and the rest of the USA on the tip of a Canadian peninsula that sticks just south of the 49th parallel. This forces me to spend a lot of time in Canada, where I am in a state of constant conflict of the brainwashed collectivist PC crowd that truly HATES freedom of speech, and freedom of thought. In Canada, the nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

    • CeeLeeRose-AKA-Cisco Drake | March 28, 2018 at 11:39 am |

      How is your WhidbeyTelecom service up there?…Do they run around gangstalking people & acting like a little mafia?….They sure seem too here on Whidbey Island?-WhidbeyTelecoms home base…

      Just thought I’d ask…Beware of listening/data mining & tap’s on lines if they are your provider. They have a loooong history of doing such here to the folks on Whidbey…


  4. So called Human Rights Commissions are blatantly anti democratic and puerile. None of them would know an actual human right if they fell over it. Instead they use their power to browbeat individuals who refuse to be defrauded by political correctness. In BC, I know of one case where a woman interviewed for a job dressed in a heavy wool coat. She got the job and worked through the 3 month interim period and then took pregnancy leave. She was fired for fraud against the company ( she wasn’t ready, willing and able to work) but the human rights committee came down hard on her side against the company. They truly are worthless twits! Another case had to do with a UBC law student many years ago. A downtown lawyer was asked to judge a moot at the university where a First Nations student was involved. Later at the traditional social drink in the Student Union building, the lawyer mentioned, that she was an Indian. The mention was as an integral part of the conversation they were having. He, in no way used the term as a slur. She brought him before the human rights commission, who foolishly held a hearing over it. The lawyer walked in with a book under his arm and shut down the whole proceeding in one minute. He opened the book and revealed that it was the Federal Indian Act. He read one of the legal definitions contained therein, stating that indigenous peoples in Canada are legally to be called Indians! That show you the lack of depth and understanding these leftist commissions have, of what is allowed and what isn’t. You may surmise correctly that the Commission was just itching to lower the boom on this lawyer, instead he lowered the boom on them, while showing their ignorance and basic stupidity.

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