Protecting Bad Faith Nominees FBI Threatens Whistleblower

By Aaron Kesel

For a decade plus, eToys federal case whistleblower, Laser Haas, has continued to pursue justice against rackets like a “Bankruptcy Ring” that is enjoying above-the-law status because the cui bono unjustly enriches the powerhouses of Goldman Sachs & Bain Capital personnel.

Protection is insulating billions of dollars from being clawed back, from harming thousands of people, trust, and investment groups.

To assure the culprits escape accountability, there are FBI agents betraying the public’s trust by issuing threats against the whistleblower.

The parties the stalwarts seek to protect includes judicial nominees and other cabinet positions already snuck into the Trump administration (such as SEC Commish Jay Clayton).

Additionally, the racketeering enterprise has many roaming managers to protect, including, but not limited to, Goldman Sachs current and past partners, along with Mitt Romney, his Sankaty & Bain Capital and their gangs of, Michael Glazer, Barry Gold and Tom Petters Ponzi “control” partner Paul Traub.

That being said, the most nefarious party, with the greatest amount of power and undue influence over the Department of Justice, able to obtain profuse refusals to prosecute, is the Morris Nichols Arsht & Tunnell (MNAT) law firm.

MNAT partners of Greg Werkheiser, Robert Dehney, Maryellen Noreika and their in and out associate, revolving door Colm Connolly, who was planted into the DOJ as the very federal prosecutor having auspices over the particular cases of KB, Mattel/ Learning, Fingerhut and eToys, as Laser’s documentation has proven.

Greg Werkheiser is a longtime MNAT partner who was court approved to represent eToys and file paperwork on behalf of Laser Haas’s CLI entity.

Instead, Greg Werkheiser and his partner Robert Denney betrayed Laser Haas and eToys with a forged “HAAS Affidavit” that they, in cahoots with Barry Gold and Paul “bagman” Traub, claimed Laser was waiving rights for Laser/CLI’s compensation for the millions of dollars in fees and expenses.

Once again, does anyone in their right mind believe Laser willingly waived his rights to millions of dollars?

The bad faith parties also unlawfully inserted Barry Gold into eToys at the behest of his secret partner, Paul Traub, which was aided and abetted by MNAT, to usurp Laser as the eToys court-appointed fiduciary.

Paul Traub was eToys court-approved Creditors’ counsel and MNAT was eToys case (DE Bankr 01-706) court-approved Debtor’s counsel, despite that those two parties were required, by numerous Codes and Rules of Law, to be diametrically opposed.

Once Barry Gold was “planted” into eToys, then MNAT, Paul Traub and Barry Gold locked Laser out of the eToys estate in December 2001; bizarrely doing so after MNAT put the phony “HAAS Affidavit” into the eToys docket record in November 2001.

This usurpation was deemed necessary by the adversarial parties because MNAT, Barry Gold and Paul Traub had offered Laser a million dollar bribe and chance to become a partner in their Mitt Romney roaming gang.

Originally, MNAT & Paul Traub sought to sell eToys to Bain/KB for $5.4 million; which Laser canceled and compelled the bids to go for tens of millions of dollars.

In 1999, Goldman Sachs took eToys public for more than $75 per share; but eToys received less than $20 in a classic pump-n-dump stock fraud “spinning” scheme (see N.Y. Times March 2013 “Rigging the I.P.O. Game”).

Also in 1999, MNAT worked the merger of Mattel with “The Learning Company,” which resulted in instant catastrophic $4 billion loss for Mattel/investors.

Goldman Sachs aided Romney/Bain Capital to be involved with The Learning Company (see the details in this reporter’s story about The Learning Company defraud of Mattel).

Then, in mid-2000, marching towards a Toys “R” Us ownership, Bain Capital acquired KB, with Michael Glazer as CEO of KB, from 2000, until – at least – 2005.

Around the same time, Stage Stores, owned by Mitt Romney, filed bankruptcy, with Barry Gold as the Stage Stores executive assistant who hired Paul Roy Traub for the Stage Stores bankruptcy case.

All the while Jack Bush and Michael Glazer were Directors of Stage Stores. (Glazer has since become CEO of Stage).

As reported by Matt Taibbi’s huge September 2012 Rolling Stone cover story (“Greed and Debt”), Taibbi stipulated it was a “True Story About Mitt Romney –.”

“Greed and Debt” details the facts that Mitt got the funding for Stage Stores from Michael Milken junk bonds.

Of particular note, Taibbi reiterated the Boston Globe story that pointed out the fact that the judge presiding over Milken’s case allowed the monies to stay in place, for Romney to use, when the judge’s wife was part of the Stage Stores dealings.

Also noteworthy is that, sadly, according to Laser Haas, Matt Taibbi skipped over the eToys case (inexplicably), as the “Greed and Debt” article points out the facts of Michael Glazer paying himself $18 million and Bain Capital $83 million, prior to Michael Glazer filing bankruptcy of KB.

The fact of the matter is that Taibbi was prompted to do the story by serial whistleblower Laser Haas; and, though Laser gave Matt permission to leave Laser’s name out of the bombshell article, that was done under the condition Taibbi told the “Whole” novel not holding anything back.

(Matt Taibbi declined to comment and did not return any messages from this reporter’s attempts to reach him, including a direct email where I introduced myself to him.)

One of the many things missed by Matt Taibbi and Rolling Stone is that Laser Haas was also the KB case whistleblower, who had an email from the Department of Justice Deputy Director, Lawrence Friedman, promising the DOJ was on top of the case.

Additionally, Barry Gold, Mitt Romney’s Sankaty, Paul Traub and MNAT are all there, in the KB case, pretending to be opponents of each other (in the same manner they were doing in the eToys case).

MNAT openly represented Bain Capital of the $83 million issue (here); and Paul Traub is also representing the Creditors of the KB bankruptcy case (here).

Further, as par for the course, neither MNAT, nor Barry Gold, nor Michael Glazer, Mitt Romney/Bain Capital or Paul Traub do their lawful duty to disclose the unwavering factors they are all connected to each other in the Mattel or Stage Stores cases.

Unfortunately, these racketeering/“Bankruptcy Ring” crimes have escaped being brought to justice as the DOJ Deputy Director, Lawrence Friedman resigned shortly after telling Laser he was on the case.

Prior to that, apparently to make sure there are no investigations or prosecutions, the parties arranged for MNAT’s partner – Colm Connolly – to be promoted and moved to the very Delaware United States Attorney office that was presiding over the KB, Mattel/ Learning, Fingerhut and eToys cases.

Even more shockingly, or perhaps not, Colm Connolly has never disclosed the fact that – for the 7 years he was in office as a top dog federal prosecutor – while Laser was beseeching Connolly to prosecute MNAT, Colm failed to disclose the fact he himself was a partner of Morris Nichols…

Prior to 1999, Colm Connolly was the Delaware Assistant United States Attorney, starting in 1992.

Before becoming a federal prosecutor, Colm Connolly clerked for Judge Walter K Stapleton (who just so happens to have been a partner of you guessed it… MNAT).

These facts about Colm Connolly are irrefutable. They are part of his archived résumé at the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Policy (here). (archived)

Another glaring coincidence is the fact Mitt Romney’s campaign is documented to have falsified the fact that Mitt left Bain Capital, and had nothing to do with Bain in any way – whatsoever – after February 11, 1999.

When Laser pointed out to everyone in the media, certain smoking gun proofs that Mitt was lying during his campaign run, Romney’s campaign flip-flopped on the issue, claiming Mitt was “retroactively” retired from Bain Capital, as of August 2001, back to February 11, 1999.

This era of time is also when the KB, Fingerhut, Learning Company and eToys frauds were occurring, which has MNAT involved.

You can see details about Mitt Romney’s Campaign Finance perjury, as detailed by (here) and Colm Connolly’s DOJ/OLP matching timeline resume (here)!

Back in 2007 then-President, GW Bush nominated Colm Connolly to be a Delaware District Court Judge; but Laser worked feverishly to stop his nomination and, as a result, Colm’s chance for the federal bench was halted. (See items about Senator Biden blocking Colm Connolly – here).

Alarmingly, with all the other things transpiring, Laser sought to block Jay Clayton’s nomination for Commissioner of SEC recently; but that effort was unsuccessful, as the corruption spread across the country.

Washington D.C. Clerk of Court received Laser’s lawsuit on March 22, 2017, where Laser litigation was against the official capacities of Donald Trump, the DOJ, FBI, EOUST, SEC and Delaware Assistant United States Attorney, Ellen Slights (who was Colm Connolly’s assistant).

Enigmatically, further proof of how incestuous and systemic the rackets are – with undue power and influence over the Goldman Sachs, Mitt Romney and Bain Capital/MNAT cases – is the fact that the D.C. Clerk of Court illegally put Laser’s lawsuit into a desk drawer ignoring it until after Jay Clayton was confirmed on May 2nd, 2017.

Though every one of those agents/agencies received a copy of Laser’s complaint, it has now been a year since; but none of them are doing anything to arrest the organized well-documented criminal activity.

As a matter of fact, as the court records flagrantly show (see below), the D.C. Clerk of Court did not clock in Laser’s papers until May 9th, which was a few days after the judge signed an Order to dismiss on May 5th.

The thing is, as the docket record observably shows, the D.C. District Court Clerk did not make the documents viewable, in the public record, until May 24th.

That begs the question how does a judge order a case dismissed when the items are not yet filed into the record?

Perhaps it has something to do with the clicked in papers having a connotation on the right-hand side labeled “F-Deck”.

This reporter wonders if the “F” stands for what Laser thinks it stands for just missing the U?

Regrettably, this is not the first series of extraordinarily strange things transpiring, concerning Laser’s whistleblowing and his official court filings.

In Delaware, the eToys case judge, Mary G. Walrath, ordered the Clerk of the Delaware Court in December 2013 to forbid any future filings by Laser Haas.

Prior to that time, when Laser learned about Connolly’s smoking gun résumé proof that Colm was an MNAT partner, Laser then went clear across the country, to Los Angeles, to file a Complaint where the Public Corruption Task Force was housed.

You can see by the time-stamped 18 U.S.C. § 3057(a) filing of Laser Haas (here) that the Task Force United States Attorney’s office received the Complaint against Colm Connolly, and others, on December 7, 2007.

Then, straight out of The Twilight Zone or a horror film, the Public Corruption Task Force was surreptitiously shut down and career federal prosecutors were actually threatened to keep their mouths shut – or else (see March 2008 Los Angeles Times article “Shake-up tools federal prosecutors”).

Beyond that fact, this was when Romney was running for president, the 1st time, separate of the fact the Los Angeles U.S. Attorney, Tom O’Brien was a purported fly buddy of GW Bush (who some say didn’t fly as much as logs said he did). Aside from that, GW Bush and Mitt Romney are reported to be distant cousins….

The thing is, way back then, the FBI was already threatening Laser Haas to “back off” and stop his pursuits of justice.

Debra Yang was the United States Attorney, in Los Angeles, where the eToys corporate headquarters were stationed.

Upon being emailed, constantly, by Laser Haas, Debra Yang, as head of the President’s Corporate Fraud Task Force, referred the matter to the Delaware Department of Justice.

That was the Delaware Department of Justice which had Colm Connolly as its top dog.

At that time, working with Ellen Slights, the Wilmington, Delaware FBI threatened whistleblower Laser Haas with a ridiculous prosecution for violating the Electronics Spam Act.

Imagine that! One could actually be prosecuted for informing federal agents about crimes being committed while the alleged criminals walk free.

Who would’ve thunk!

Debra Yang then left the DOJ, when she got her million dollar slice of the $50 million dollar pie, given to John Ashcroft by United States Attorney Chris Christie.

Apparently, it is no longer considered bribery when federal agents get millions of dollars to – forgo – federal prosecutions; because they are now relabeled to be okay as – “Deferred Prosecution Agreements.”

Al Capone must be turning over in his grave?

Sad to say the FBI threats against Laser Haas didn’t stop there. After the Public Corruption Task Force was shut Ddown and career federal prosecutors were threatened to keep their mouths shut, the Baltimore FBI actually called Laser Haas.

It appears to be the first time that the FBI actually called Laser. After about 30 minutes of taking in the Q&A of Laser’s case information, the Baltimore Supervisor FBI Agent (which supervises Delaware) asked Laser the following question.

Why should we spend money and manpower on a case the Justice Department is just going to toss in the trash?

Laser instantly responded by stating:

The best thing you can do, is resign from your position, being that your oath of office is worthless, and make way for someone who actually gives a shit.

This enraged the FBI Supervisor who then demanded Laser’s full name, DOB and SSN.

That Agent then hung up when Laser said he could have the affirmed information as soon as Laser was given the FBI “Special” Agent’s name and badge number.

In 2013, a NYC DOJ Investigator, Ron Gardella, working under Preet Bharara (who received multiple requests from Laser to do something) veiled a threat against Laser.

Then Gardella was promoted off these cases; and Gardella moved up, to be head of NYC OIG.

More recently, on September 26th, 2016, Laser’s fellow warrior – eToys shareholder Robert Alber – woke up dead.

Alber was also offered a bribe, this time by Jack Abramoff’s self-professed partner, Johann Hamerski (Alaska).

Reportedly, Johann Hamerski told Robert Alber that, “People like you, who turn down a bribe – usually wake up dead!”

Just a mere three days later after, Alber died; on September 29, 2016, Laser received emails and phone messages from Wilmington, Delaware FBI Agent Scott Duffey.

Thinking that the untimely demise of Robert Alber prompted FBI Agent Scott Duffey to call, Laser spent approximately 55 minutes and 58 seconds to speak with Scott Duffey.

To account for personnel doing proper case attention, there is a protocol mandating a case number and issues must be filed, once an hour of work is necessary, to review any case.

The phone call between Laser and the FBI abruptly ended when Duffey let slip the fact that he was calling and threatening Laser with federal prosecution unless Laser took down certain names from his letters and websites.

Laser then got vulgar with Agent Duffey.

After they hung up, Laser reconsidered who to focus his anger upon. He thought about it and realized this was the first FBI agent to give out a direct email, desk phone, and a cell number.

Therefore, Laser decided to send out a broadcasted email to various bad faith parties and the top-billed Ellen Slights, who is the name Agent Duffey accidentally let slip.

Furthermore, this email was copied to Ellen (who was still at the DOJ), and Colm Connolly at his new office of Morgan Lewis, along with various agents of justice.

Laser also copied and got vulgar with others voicing his frustration.

Laser’s point was that – perhaps – FBI Agent Scott Duffey did not realize as an agent of justice he was being duped into racketeering retaliation against Laser Haas for blowing the whistle on the whole scheme.

That email by Laser (that this reporter and others now have a copy of), brazenly accused the despots of being despots; and stated they should leave Scott Duffey out of their schemes.

Since then, Ellen Slights appears to have had a husband become a Delaware State judge.

Compounding those issues, Donald Trump has recently nominated the bad faith Colm Connolly to become a Delaware District Court Federal Justice for the second time, following his predecessor President George W. Bush.

Laser reached out to FBI agents Scott Duffey and his Supervisor in Baltimore (Paul Cavanagh); but they failed to respond to his pleas to block Colm Connolly.

During Laser’s 55 minute and 58 seconds phone conversation, the FBI agent acknowledged seeing Laser’s many filings concerning Colm Connolly.

Therefore, FBI agent Scott should have filed a case number; and he very well knows of Laser’s contentions concerning Colm Connolly.

It is a protocol that local FBI agents must do a background check on judicial nominees.

Laser is now greatly concerned because Scott Duffey’s new voicemail boasts about a promotion just like the rest.

Over this past weekend, a Twitter account purportedly belonging to Colm Connolly (@realprosecutor ) and a woman claiming to be his wife (@prosecutorswife ) veiled a threat by a man claiming to be an FBI agent (@DetectiveMark ) who is reportedly close by to Laser in Los Angeles.

Though there is some debate about the authenticity of the Connolly Twitter accounts, there can be no debate that Detective Mark and the Sherry woman claiming to be Colm Connolly’s wife, are on the record claiming Detective Mark is an FBI agent.

Both accounts then mocked Laser as being “scared” of them and the prosecutions to come for his attacking Colm Connolly’s reputation.

Then the account claiming to be Colm Connolly federal prosecutor also stated Laser is “scared.”

Those accounts have now gone dark (restricting to only permitted followers); but Laser was prudent enough to take screen pictures of the arguments and banter.

Apparently, now nobody can call local FBI offices unless you have the current name of agents; because the new protocol is to hand calls over to a West Virginia location.

As Laser started to detail the facts to the call center, they disconnected his call and called him names and also veiled threats against him, according to Laser.

To get a better picture that details the facts, there’s one particular email from Wilmington, Delaware, FBI Special Agent Scott Duffey.

Less than 15 minutes after Laser Haas sent out the widely broadcasted email accusing the autocrats of trying to corrupt FBI Agent Scott Duffey, Laser received a follow-up email that makes any silence by FBI Agent Scott Duffey, or other federal agents, to be extraordinary.

Specifically, FBI Special Agent Scott Duffey emailed Laser Haas, stating a remarkably noteworthy message…

Thanks, Laser. Keep me in the loop. Scott.

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