President Trump Said in 2015 that He Never Had Flu Shots and Never Had the Flu. Meanwhile Everyone Else Being Pressured to Get These Shots

By B.N. Frank

My deepest condolences to all who have lost loved ones because of “The Flu.”  Because there is so much illness right now in the U.S, there has been much debate whether flu shots are effective, not effective, or even harmful.

President Trump is known for saying many colorful things.  What many haven’t heard is what he said about flu shots in 2015.

The flu shot is the greatest scam in medical history, created by Big Pharma to make money off vulnerable people and make them sick.

I’ve never had one. And thus far I’ve never had the flu. I don’t like the idea of injecting bad stuff into your body. And that’s basically what they do. And this one (latest flu vaccine) has not been very effective to start off with.

I have friends that religiously get the flu shot and then they get the flu. You know, that helps my thinking. I’ve seen a lot of reports that the last flu shot is virtually totally ineffective.

Audio from this interview:

According to a recent article, President Trump has been reported to be in good health.  Like everyone else, he is being encouraged to get a flu shot.  However, he “has no legal obligation to do so or make public whether he received one or not.”

President Trump isn’t the only one who is apprehensive about flu shots.

I remember seeing a segment on Inside Edition in 2009 about a healthy athletic 25-year-old woman whose life changed dramatically 10 days after getting one.

I was sad to see that this happened to her.  But I was actually not surprised.  In 1977, my great aunt unexpectedly had a massive stroke.  I was 8 years old.  Before the stroke, I remember her being active, boisterous, independent, healthy, and strong.  She insisted on living in her own house, doing all the cleaning and laundry, cutting her own grass, walking to and from the grocery store.  She liked keeping busy.  I loved and admired her very much.  I also found her to be a little intimidating.  Adult family members would howl with laughter when telling stories about her.  She was truly a force to be reckoned with.

Sometime after the stroke, I remember hearing my parents talking about her.  They said the stroke happened about 2 weeks after she received a flu shot.  Apparently this was happening to many other elderly people who had never had strokes before.  No one had yet proven there was a correlation, though.

The next time I saw my great aunt, it was like she was a completely different person.  She was self-conscious and frail.  She no longer had control over the right side of her body.  Her right arm and leg shook constantly.  She had to use a walker and be cared for by others.  I felt so bad for her.  About 5 years after the stroke, she told me that she prayed every night that God would take her in her sleep.  God didn’t take her until she was 97.

Because of her – I have never wanted to get a flu shot.

I’ve also had 2 primary care physicians who discouraged flu shots.

And I’ve talked to at least 8 other people who have also become sick from flu shots – one being a Vietnam veteran.  A couple months ago, he was tired of being hassled by the VA to get vaccinated.  Within 24 hours of getting the flu shot, he became very sick with flu-like symptoms for 10 days.  He called the VA and reported it.  The doctor told him that the shot wouldn’t have made him sick.  He said he was still never getting a flu shot again.

All things considered, I don’t have any desire to ever get a flu shot.

For those experiencing illness right now, many people – including physicians – aren’t aware that “The Flu” and “Microwave Sickness” share many of the same symptoms.

“Microwave Sickness” isn’t a new condition.  It was discovered by doctors in the 1950s.

“Microwave Sickness” is caused by exposure to microwave radiation emitted by electronic devices such as cell phones, WiFi routers, utility “Smart” meters, and more.  Microwave radiation is now more commonly referred to as “Wireless” or “WiFi.”  Exposure to other sources of electrical pollution (Electrosmog) may also cause illness.

These days when many of us are under-the-weather, we spend our sick time using personal electronic devices that expose us to WiFi and other sources of Electrosmog.  This could make a bad situation worse.

For many years, some health care professionals have been recommending a “no electronics in the bedroom” policy because it’s good for everyone to take breaks from electronics.  Quarterback Tom Brady and his supermodel wife, Giesele Bundchen. subscribe to this lifestyle.  They always seem healthy and happy.

According to experts, up to 1/3 of the population is “sensitive” to some degree to microwave radiation and other sources of Electrosmog. Misdiagnosis is common.

The next time you’re under-the-weather, consider resting at a respectable distance from the TV instead of using personal electronic devices.  Or maybe read a book – paperback or hardback of course.

Additional references:

“President Donald Trump has never had the flu shot… and never got the flu, either – coincidence?”

“Donald Trump – Flu Shots Are Ineffective”

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10 Comments on "President Trump Said in 2015 that He Never Had Flu Shots and Never Had the Flu. Meanwhile Everyone Else Being Pressured to Get These Shots"

  1. Too bad the flu vaccination proponents don’t recommend building up your immune system with vitamin C and D3 and adding some zinc. Those taking a small dose of Colloidal Silver every day are also far less likely to get the flu. Apparently Big Pharma and the flu vaccination proponents can’t make much money that way. I have not had a flu vaccination or the flu for over 20 years.

    • Colloidal silver and separately, Master Mineral Solution (natrium hypochlorit) are two most effective substances for killing bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Licensed M.D.s rarely recommend colloidal silver due to its availability, effectiveness, minimal cost and does not require a prescription. MMS (natrium hypochlorit), similar to prescription medications, requires more precision than colloidal silver. Taken In Accordance With MMS literature, there are no unfavorable side-effects such as are associated with all prescription medications.
      Physicians (M.D.s) and pharmacy employees spread fake news about MMS, alleging it to be dangerous and poisonous. If one reads – and comprehends – “side effects” that are required to be printed with all prescription medications, patients would decline and seek out physicians that recommend holistic and natural preparations.
      Of course, current MDs are trained to act as pimps for the pharmacy industry. Modern allopathic medicine treats symptoms, not the causative condition. Natural and-or holistic medicine treat causative conditions that lead to healing, not only “symptom reduction”, which is the intent of modern medicine.

  2. A New Zealand study and one by the internationally famous Koch Institute of Germany established that unvaccinated children are healthier than vaccinated children. In September 2011, German researchers surveyed 8000 unvaccinated children from the ages of 0 –19. The findings indicated that vaccinated cildren are five (5) times more likely to suffer a range of communicable diseases than unvaccinated children.
    Former chief virologist for the German pharmacy company, MERCK (supporter of Hitler) Dr. Maurice Hilleman, who on camera admitted that Merck’s Hepatitis B vaccines, contaminated with a virus, caused the AIDS epidemic in the US.
    He went on to say that all of Merck’s vaccines are contaminated with cancer and other viruses. (The US government has conceded the HEB B vaccine causes Lupus. That vaccine is mandated for every infant in the US on the day of birth, and is associated with MS as well.) This should be classified as a criminal activity by the American Medical Association, and adjudicated.
    “The chief, if not the sole, cause of the monstrous increase in cancer has been vaccination” – Dr. Robert Bell, once Vice President, International Society for Cancer Research at the British Cancer Hospital.
    One group of specialty physicians has suggested that vaccines are the true weapons of mass destruction_ https //www youtube com/watch?v=9WoMps4Pmpo#t=201.

    Perhaps the highest scientific authority saying vaccines are contaminated is Garth Nicolson, cell biologist and editor of the Journal of Clinical and Experimental Metastasis and the Journal of Cellular Biochemistry. Nicholson is one of the most cited scientists in the world, having published over 600 medical and scientific peer-reviewed papers, edited 14 books, and served on the editorial boards of 28 medical and scientific journals. Scientist Nicholson states that not only are vaccines contaminated with mycoplasma but warns the US that we are all being damaged by them and contracting chronic, degenerative diseases.

  3. A nation of sheep always brings about a government of wolves.

    Nature is running its course.

    If your in doubt in what to think, act, or do, just check your phone. I’m sure it will never lead you astray.
    Besides, everyone else is following the dictates of the screen culture. You don’t want to appear different.

  4. Evil is conditioning stupid to destroy themselves.
    Seems to be working quite well.

  5. flu vaccines, any vaccines at all:
    if you are a leader, whether it is the city / county, state or federal chief medical officer, legal officer, member of legislature or local government, it makes no difference… ALL of those persons (and their families) are required to take their medication publicly (LIVE on TV)
    and if they can’t, won’t or refuse to… then no other person is required to, either
    anything else is proof of a crime
    and you can verify: first of all check that it came from the same packaging as he would have used for you, in fact you pick random from his stock
    if he refuses, you take him to court, he has the pleasure of having officers of the court (or court-appointed officials) verifying his compliance, but… take the local newspaper and TV station with you
    as you work up the list to secretary HHS and Merck CEO, you have over 100 million other supporters behind you
    either they comply or are exposed as liars!!!

  6. After Trump’s annual medical check-up, the doctor claimed that he assaulted Trump with both the non-therapeutic flu and influenza vaccines.
    Could Trump really be that non-intelligent?

  7. Vaccines are child abuse.
    Stop the child abuse.
    We have all we need at birth.

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