Free Speech And Social Engineering In The “Land Of The Free”

By Mac Slavo

A disturbing trend has been going on for quite some time now, and that’s the destruction of free speech.  Many college campuses even have safe spaces now, where certain speech is banned so college students can snuggle blankets.

Free speech is now the topic of several debates and they all revolve around social engineering/social tyranny. Take this article from The Week, for example.

On many college campuses, groups of left-leaning students insist that free speech should be conditional on speakers adhering to explicit standards of diversity and avoiding the infliction of emotional harm on the members of marginalized groups through the spreading of “hate.”

From the opposite ideological direction, President Trump believes that the government should “take a strong look” at libel laws to keep news organizations from subjecting his own administration to negative coverage.

Finally, from the center-left come calls to use anti-discrimination law to punish organizations that oppose the legitimacy of same-sex marriage and accommodations for transgender people. If that happens — either by passing new laws that explicitly add to existing anti-discrimination statutes or by courts treating the members of these groups as protected classes covered by existing law — the result will almost certainly be a significant constriction of speech, as those holding more conservative views will face sanction for expressing them in public. –The Week

The article asks the question: Is America Having Second Thoughts About Free Speech?  But Joe Joseph with The Daily Sheeple answers the question perfectly. “NO! America’s NOT having second thoughts about free speech. But the social engineers are cramming it down our throat like this is what we want.  But really, nobody wants it! It’s unfreakin’ believeable!”

Joseph’s take reflects all those who are individual minded.  Even offensive speech is only offensive to the emotionally weak. “I can’t believe that we’re even having this conversation in the land of the FREE!!!! What the heck is going on…. are we in the “Twilight Zone”? When did we go from a nation of bad ass mo fo’s to a nation of pansies?” says the caption on Joseph’s latest news shot video.

“How about we do this…how about these media organizations actually follow through with what their code of ethics say. How about they actually do what they say they’re gonna do! How about you practice the rules you’re taught day one in journalism school!” says Joseph about the media. He goes on to say laws dictating what speech is acceptable an what type of speech is not acceptable are not designed to fix the problem.  They are designed to divide the people and amplify the problems.

There should never be a question of whether or not humans have free speech. It’s a natural right to think and say whatever you want.  Words don’t do physical damage, and until someone is hurt or their property is damaged, no crime has been committed.

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4 Comments on "Free Speech And Social Engineering In The “Land Of The Free”"

  1. On many college campuses, groups of left-leaning students insist that free speech should be conditional on speakers adhering to explicit standards of diversity…

    So “diversity” now means exclusion rather than inclusion. Way to go, Lefties!

  2. The media has been usurped by the dictator/communist/fascists elites that want us enslaved or dead.
    MSM is dead.

  3. WOW, lot of articles right now about the elephant in the room.
    Too bad we are tripping over it in our attempt to ignore it.
    We have become derelict in our duties as sane and reasonable people and are going along to get along with the evil pied pipers.
    Don’t want to appear different. Don’t want to offend anyone. We must be inclusive and tolerant. You know … progressive! Superior. What a load of crap. Political correctness has become the bane of our existence, and to this nature says, don’t worry about being progressive, tolerant, politically correct. You better worry about becoming irrelevant. A populace this dumbed down wasn’t made to endure.

    Willful ignorance.

    We have become the most advanced idiots on the planet.

  4. Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but words will never hurt me.
    This is what I was taught.

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