The Deadliest School Attack In US History Wasn’t Done With A Gun

By Matt Agorist

As the media and the government continue to use the tragic shooting at a Parkland, Florida high school to push their various agendas, it is important to remember that psychopaths who want to kill a lot of people—will do so with or without a gun. In fact, the deadliest attack on a school to ever take place on US soil was done so without a single round being fired.

In Bath Township, Michigan, 44 people, mostly children, lost their lives when a man by the name of Andrew Kehoe blew up the town’s school. This attack is often disregarded by history as it paints a different narrative outside of the normal problem, reaction, solution of grabbing guns. As a result, it has largely been erased from the narrative.

As reports, the local institute of learning was Bath Consolidated School, built only five years earlier to replace the scattered one-room schools of the surrounding farmland. It had 314 students from around the region, many the sons and daughters of farmers. Some students were bused in, and all took classes with their peers over the course of elementary and high school.

Kehoe, an electrician, had snapped and become angry after the town’s taxes levied on his farm had forced him into foreclosure.

“He was notified last June that the mortgage on his farm would be foreclosed, and that may have been the circumstance that started the clockwork of anarchy and madness in his brain,” claimed the New York Times.

So, while he worked at the school as an electrician, he wired it with explosives. Luckily for half of the students in the school, the timer on one of Kehoe’s homemade explosives failed to go off so the tragedy could’ve been far worse. However, the catastrophe resulting from the 38 children and 6 adults who died was still utterly horrific.

“There was a pile of children about five or six under the roof and some of them had arms sticking out, some had legs, and some just their heads sticking out. They were unrecognizable because they were covered with dust, plaster and blood,” wrote local author Monty J. Ellsworth in his 1927 account, The Bath School Disaster. “It is a miracle that many parents didn’t lose their minds before the task of getting their children out of the ruins was completed. It was between five and six o’clock that evening before the last child was taken out.”

Prior to setting off the explosives in the school, Kehoe murdered his family and burned down his farm. After the bombing, he blew up his car, killing himself and others nearby.

The story barely registered a blip in the national headlines at the time and was almost immediately wiped away by the news of Charles Lindbergh’s successful first-ever nonstop transatlantic flight two days after the bombing in 1927. And because Kehoe didn’t fit the stereotypical definition of a “terrorist” at the time, the United States quickly forgot about the event.

According to TIME, in the 1920s, the terrorists most Americans feared were anarchists. Newsreels regularly reported anarchist-related bombings and attacks in the U.S. and abroad. Anarchists were scary—but they were also characterized as shady foreigners. When people thought of anarchists, they thought of men like Sacco and Vanzetti, whose final appeal against death sentences had failed a few weeks before Kehoe’s attack. (They would be executed in August.) White men in small towns did not fit the mold.

Indeed, there is no mold for mass killers; and instead of talking about solutions to stop the problem, Americans tend to focus more on the symptoms—as they are easier to use for division.

Until we have a rational discussion on mental health and the direct role of psychotropic drugs used in most of these killings, all the gun banter in the world will not stop the next psychopath from inflicting harm on the world’s most vulnerable—with or without bullets.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project, where this article first appearedFollow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.

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10 Comments on "The Deadliest School Attack In US History Wasn’t Done With A Gun"

  1. “gun grab” is meaningless rhetoric considering that more folks own firearms in this country than ever before; and that’s just the registered ones. A tragic situation is being turned into a political debate when the corruption of the school board, police, sheriffs dept. and the state attorney general are culpable for this scenario taking place.

    • There are more guns but a smaller percentage Americans own guns. The lack of laws such as universal background checks, which 94% of gunowners support (see Nov2017 Quinnipiac poll) and bans on assault weapons is inherently political, as Congress, paid off by the NRA, refuses to allow such popular legal reforms to even come to a vote. What is corrupt is a political system where the NRA controls politicians, legislation, and policy.

  2. The previous comment has been time censored/monitored.

  3. This article makes the case for banning semi-automatic assault weapons, as it has to go back over 90 years to find a case where a horrific school mass murder was not done with a gun. This is the kind of exception that is so far in the distance and so rare that it is the kind that proves the rule: the weapon of choice of mass murderers is the assault weapon.

    • Keep the false narrative alive, eh?

      • In the last 4 years, more Than
        400 People Have Been Shot
        in Over 200 School Shootings.
        The false narrative is that we don’t need to change our gun laws because these are false flag or fake shootings. Your cynicism is part of the culture of indifference to mass murder, enabled by laws that allow legal purchase of assault weapons and private sales which are unmonitored and thus allow anyone to obtain WMD.
        The idea with over 150,000 murders since 9/11 and 200 school shootings in the past 4 years, with thousands of eye witnesses, that someone (the government, George Soros, Lucifer) is planning these shootings as false flags to grab your guns is pure lunatic paranoia, aided and abetted by the gun makers thru their propaganda agents like the NRA to stoke fear of confiscations to sell more guns, creating both more risk of violence and more profits.

        If 150,000 murders and over 300 mass shootings year is not enough, why would one more school shooting turn the tide? And why would anyone be against banning assault weapons and having universal background checks unless their had a financial stake in promoting fear (of mass violence plus fear of government confiscation). The last ban on assault weapons in 1994, which Republicans let expire, did not include existing guns nor do current proposals so there is no plan to grab guns, but for the paranoid and gullible it works to induce fear and sell even more guns (US has 30-50% of all private guns already in the entire world: if more guns would end the violence, we would not have a gun murder rate 85-99.9% higher than all other 34 advanced nations but be the safest. The safest nation is Japan, with virtually no guns and no gun violence, a gun murder rate 99.9% lower than the US. Your paranoia has struck deep and into your heart it will creep…………….and itA is tragic since it is part of the campaign to prevent the kinds of gun laws most Americans want, including most gun owners.

        Keep the truth alive by working to ban assault weapons, enacting universal background checks, and calling out the lies of enablers like you.

        Here is a headline: ”
        Florida Gun Show Sees Record Attendance 10 Days After Mass Shooting At Parkland School

        If anyone had a motive to do false flag shootings, it would be the gun makers whose sales soar after each such massacre and predictable NRA warnings that the “liberals” want to grab your guns. Manufactured fear is a commercial propaganda tactic that works and would suggest who might have a motive to plan false flag mass murders.

        In reality, with 300 million guns, and 35,000 gun deaths a would think even the most paranoid would understand the need for rational guns laws, which the SC has long declared are constitutional and which a vast majority of Americans support.

        Shame on all those promoting NRA lies and opposing the will of the people for laws that will reduce violence.

        • Take into account this article and that of the one linked by @Paul Panza, then explain to me again the false narrative.

          “… calling out the lies of enablers like you.”

          Yes sir, you’re quite correct. It seems to follow the logic outlined by Edward Bernays who taught one is to accuse your adversary of doing things you yourself do. In other words you lie but accuse any who oppose your view of lying and suggesting you do not.

          “Manufactured fear is a commercial propaganda tactic that works … ”

          Ah, seems you do know a bit about propaganda and fear. Also seems you know of strategy. Wow! You might even be a genuinely defined terrorist, one who uses fear to achieve political gain or change systematically. You are correct though, manufactured fear does work toward an ends. It is though not only used by businesses, governments use it as well.

          What both articles in summary state is that our current Law and legal policies are enough to stop dangerous mass shootings at schools. The problem lies in the fact that criminals will be criminals. Criminals are criminal because they do not obey Law or legal policies, in fact they corrupt both.

          By the way the criminals have discovered they can like the wolf lay in wait under sheep’s clothing. That is to say a criminal can get a badge and be a cop/police officer.

          Who enables when there’s no leadership? The leaders do. We’ve not had genuine accountable leadership for a long while now. I do not unfortunately see that being changed any time soon. Those in power do what ever is required to remain in power, legal, illegal lawful or unlawful it doesn’t matter.

          I recall being four years old when my mother taught me something that remains true and proves truer as years go by. “If someone wants you dead, you’ll be found dead sooner or later if they want it bad enough.”

          Her point was as clear then to a four year old boy as to a forty five year old man that has seen a fair share of the world. If danger is to be caused it’ll be caused and not much can stop it. Sure, we might mitigate a good deal of danger but nothing will ever grant us one hundred percent security.

          Frankly, I’m alright not having one hundred percent security. Rather that than loss of liberty.

          • You are neither free nor safe.

          • I’ll be a bit more concise to avoid censorship. You’re correct in that. You fail solving anything though. Stating back a point I made and am aware of, have been nearly lifelong does nothing.

            Both articles clearly state in summary that Law and legal policy enough exist to stop the alleged ‘problem’, if these were not corrupted by criminals. They are though corrupted by criminals, which further explains why there is crime. Ultimately, I opine thinking that greed is a root cause for a lot of the ails of being human.

            Why don’t you ask your idols the capital/criminal/corrupting class? They seem bent upon having all even at the cost of life, Love’s greatest gift.

            Your statement “… the weapon of choice of mass murderers is the assault weapon”, is incorrect in my humbled view. Lies and falsehoods are the weapon of choice by mass murderers in my humble opinion.

    This the link that has been censored involving Paul Panza’s complaint comment below from yesterday.

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