#4 Dumb Thing to Boost Possible Cancer Risk Addresses Those Who Gab and Drive: Using a Cell Phone When Signal is Weak

By B.N. Frank

Last month, posted “Cell Phones & Cancer:  8 Dumb Things to Boost Your Possible Cancer Risk”

#4 on their list: Going cellular when signal is weak.”

The weaker the signalthe greater the amount of radiation that’s being delivered to your body.”

It’s not breaking news that cell phone and other sources of wireless (WiFi) radiation harm our bodies AND in other ways besides boosting cancer risk.  There has been credible U.S. military research that has proven this since 1972 also isn’t the first reference to “Dumb” Thing #4:

November 9, 2009:  Dr. Oz on Good Morning America.

“… don’t talk when you’re driving…the phone signal must move to several wireless towers. Those waves have to boost up from your cell phone to find the towers,” Oz explained.  “If you’re in an elevator, same thing.”

May 31, 2011, CNN  

  • “… cell phones emit the most radiation when they are attempting to connect to cellular towers.“
  • “A moving phone, or a phone in an area with a weak signal, has to work harder, giving of more radiation.”

December 20, 2017:  California Department of Health Brochure: “How to Reduce Exposure to RadioFrequency (RF) Energy from Cell Phones”

  • Reduce or avoid using your cell phone when it is sending out high levels of RF Energy.
  • This happens mainly when You are in a fast moving car, bus, or train.  Your phone puts out more RF energy to maintain connections to avoid dropped calls as it switches connections from one cell tower to the next unless it is in airplane mode.

Cell phone minutes have become so cheap that phone use and driving has become very common.  People are busy and many feel this is a convenient way to “multi-task”.  Some hold phones up against their heads which is coincidentally’s #2 Dumb Thing to Boost Possible Cancer Risk.

According to Dr. Keith Black, Chairman of Neurology of Cedar Sinai Los Angeles:

  • What (wireless) microwave radiation doesis similar to what happens to food in microwaves, essentially cooking the brain.
  • “So in addition to leading to a development of cancer and tumors, there could be a whole host of other effects like cognitive memory function, since the memory temporal lobes are where we hold our cell phones.”

Some drivers have their cell phones attached to their dashboards which may reduce how much and how fast their brains and everything else is being cooked.  However everyone in the car is still being exposed to more radiation than they would be if they weren’t inside a moving vehicle.

It also still doesn’t change the fact that there are still more accidents now because of cell phone use while driving or “Distracted Driving.”

Besides “distracted driving” and increased cancer risk, exposure to cell phone and other sources of wireless (WiFi) radiation has been proven to

  1. disrupt the brain barrier
  2. lower impulse control

Lower impulse control and blood-brain barrier disruption may explain the increase in traffic accidents as well as incidents of road rage and other bizarre happenings.

Cooked brains, disrupted brain barriers and lowered impulse control.  I can’t help thinking about these haunting lyrics in a whole different way

“He blew his mind out in a car.”  (“A Day in a Life”, The Beatles 1967)

Even if you – as an adult driver – are still sharp as a tack and cool as a cucumber behind the wheel,

no “safe” level (of cell phone and wireless radiation) has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women

This being said – when you choose

  1. to use your cell phone while driving
  2. to allow passengers to use their cell phones and other wireless (WiFi) emitting devices while you’re driving

you are choosing to expose both you AND your children to more radiation than if you weren’t all in a moving vehicle.

Is 2nd-hand radiation is the new 2nd hand smoking?  Some people think so.

If you drive with your pets, same thing:

Even if everything is still hunky dory in your family, according to Dr. Black

“The biggest problem we have is that we know most environmental factors take several decades of exposure before we really see the consequences.

How convenient for those who manufacture and market cell phones and other wireless (WiFi) radiation emitting products that are now so affordable that we feel free to provide them to our children and use them all the time…

And yet Silicon Valley parents (including Steve Jobs) have been limiting their kids’ use and exposure to new technology for many years now. 

There must be valid reasons for that.  Perhaps it’s because

  1. Silicon Valley parents actually read the wireless (WiFi) radiation device product manuals unlike many of the rest of us.
  2. Safety guidelines and standards for all wireless emitting technology as well as other personal electronic products were established by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) over 20 years ago.
  3. Safety guidelines and standards were only created for adults because children weren’t using cell phones or other wireless devices 20+ years ago.

In the United States, safety testing for products that emit wireless (WiFi) radiation is primarily performed on plastic mannequin heads and bodies.

Yet plastic mannequin heads and bodies don’t use cell phones or any other wireless (WiFi) emitting products.  People do.

Many scientists believe these 20+ year old U.S. federal safety standards and guidelines are outdated as well as inaccurate.  Source 2.

Many scientists also believe there is enough research that proves wireless (WiFi) radiation should be classified as a Group A Carcinogen.

However some of the same scientists being paid to defend Tobacco products are also being paid to defend wireless (WiFi) radiation emitting products.  Everybody’s gotta eat, right?

Still not concerned?  Like sun exposure, wireless (WiFi) radiation exposure has also been scientifically proven to speed up the aging process.

and “A moving phone… has to work harder, giving off more radiation.”

Children may be psyched about speeding up their aging process so they can leave home and conquer the world, but most grown-ups I know feel like they are aging rapidly enough as it is.  They’re tired and achy.  They curse “harsh” florescent lighting in store dressing room mirrors and everywhere else.  I’m with them.

Research has also determined that cell phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat.  That can’t be good for anybody’s pores.

Cell phones have also been known to malfunction, catch fire, and/or explode so hopefully you have good auto insurance.

Happy Trails…

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1 Comment on " #4 Dumb Thing to Boost Possible Cancer Risk Addresses Those Who Gab and Drive: Using a Cell Phone When Signal is Weak"

  1. Very good article, the best part being “no “safe” level (of cell phone and wireless radiation) has been scientifically determined for children or pregnant women.” It’s even worse, though: There is no safe dose, based on power level, of information-carrying microwave radiation (ICMR), period.

    As usual also, concerns are expressed in human terms (maybe a pet as well). But ALL LIFE is detrimentally affected, including birds and bees. Truth be known, we have no right to be inflicting this level of threat to the ecosystem. So the dumbest thing of all is the implication that we should be careful with this poison, instead of what we should be doing in a sane world – getting rid of it entirely.

    The article is right to criticize the plastic heads, but missed are two crucial points: 1) a water-filled cavity, no matter the material, does not respond like living tissue; and 2) “safety standards” never were such a thing, because they were/are based on heating effects only, while tons of trouble comes from long-term/non-thermal power levels. This was never officially considered—more accurately, was dismissed—prior to the initial wireless rollout, even though extensive research already existed, beginning in earnest in the 1950’s. There are now many thousands of routinely ignored peer reviewed papers unequivocally showing harm.

    Most of the talk about harm is in re cancer. This is actually a lesser concern. There is solid scientific evidence of serious chronic health consequences from ICMR, including DNA damage, possibly inhibited DNA repair, sperm damage, miscarriage, endocrine disruption, dysfunction of cell-membrane transport channels, breakdown of blood-brain barrier, *autism, physiological and biochemical changes in the brain (demonstrated by EEG), oxidative stress, altered metabolism, ADHD-like pathology. Not to mention eventual termination of human reproduction and destruction of the ecosystem.

    Electromagnetism is the foundation of life. Any sane society would not leap into such potential threat to it all. But governments knew, because much early research was on the use of the tech for very low-power stealth weapons. That’s what is standing in our midst. Moreover, wireless, especially 5G, along with nanotech, AI, microchipping, “Smart” tech and so on, comprise the power structure’s tools for the ultimate digital global-fascist human-control system and surveillance/police
    state. It’s the siren song of pathogenic seduction.

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