BOOK REVIEW: “How to Cool the Planet” by Jeff Goodell

By Peter A. Kirby

I usually disregard the other side’s propaganda. All their talking points, discussions, hearings, reports, videos, movies, presentations, articles, papers, and books all amount to a steaming pile of Central Intelligence Agency horse manure. All they ever do is repackage the same old crap and sell it like it’s some revolutionary breakthrough. They want people like me to waste my time debunking it. That’s why I usually don’t. They want us on defense; so I usually go on offense and go about gathering court-admissible evidence.

In this case I will make a slight exception. This is a slight exception rather than a full one because this article does not consist entirely of refuting the other side’s assertions. This is because the material in question has also revealed important new pieces to the chemtrails and geoengineering puzzle of a factual basis, so that information is presented here as well. As to the accuracy of those facts, we’re just going to have to trust Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (the book’s publisher) and the American rule of law.

In 2010, Rolling Stone contributing editor Jeff Goodell wrote a book titled How to Cool the Planet: Geoengineering and the Audacious Quest to Fix Earth’s Climate. Akin to the 1942 film Flying Tigers, it is a modern masterpiece of propaganda designed to further an establishment agenda. While Flying Tigers was designed to legitimize the participation of the United States in foreign wars, How to Cool the Planet is designed to sell Solar Radiation Management (SRM) geoengineering; otherwise known as the war against Mother Nature and our health. The book is high in production quality, but it is low in journalistic integrity and social value; like what they publish in Rolling Stone.

Now I know a good reason why Rolling Stone magazine sucks so much; aside from the sexual misconduct allegations against the publisher Wenner. I mean, how many times are they going to have the brain-damaged zombie Johnny Depp or Madonna or some other washed-up celebrity on the cover? They seem to be stuck in the world of 20 or 30 years ago. No, this review is not going to be kind.

In this article we will examine Goodell’s extraordinary specimen not only to annihilate his juvenile arguments and assertions. We will also examine the crucial pieces of evidence his work leaves behind. In the course of his whitewashing, Goodell provides us with interesting details of the personal backgrounds of three of the most famous geoengineers: David Keith, Ken Caldeira, and Lowell Wood. Goodell also provides us with new leads as he drops name after name.

If you want to know the background of my research in these matters, then please check out my book Chemtrails Exposed: A New Manhattan Project.

A dumbed-down, whitewashed, misguided, and wrongheaded version of a geoengineering exposé

An alternate title to this book might be “How to Cool the Planet: A dumbed-down, whitewashed, misguided, and wrongheaded version of a geoengineering exposé.” Goodell has swallowed the establishment’s bait here hook, line, and sinker and he proudly regurgitates it all over his readers. He’s no conspiracy theorist!

First of all, Goodell is a devout member of the cult of man-made global warming. He wrote another book called The Water Will Come which, of course, blathers on and on about some future catastrophic sea-level rise due to man’s carbon emissions; disaster porn, basically. Never mind that alarmists have been predicting this for many decades to no avail. And you can also forget the fact that climate alarmists back in the 1970s and 1980s said we’d be frozen solid by now, but, back to the book review. Throughout How to Cool the Planet Goodell professes his belief. Hardcore cultists like him believe that nothing is worse than a slight increase in the Earth’s average global temperature and avoiding that is an absolute imperative which must be achieved at all costs. This is why he believes that spraying the Earth annually with tens of thousands of tons of sulphuric acid might be a good idea.

The geoengineering agenda is a lot like the master thesis of the Catholic Church. Isn’t that interesting? While geoengineers say that for us to get better we must pay them to spray us (a pay-to-spray scheme if you will), the Catholic Church says that for people to become better, they must make sacrifices to the church. This is analogous to Monsanto telling us that we will be better off using their products. This is the same Catholic Church that said that they KNEW that the Earth was flat and they KILLED PEOPLE who asserted otherwise. This is why today we have the global warming fear monger Pope Francis waddling around, muttering things about climate change and ‘fake news.’ But poor Jeff just falls for it every time.

Maybe someone should tell Mr. Goodell that asserting that man’s carbon emissions are bad is the same as saying that man himself is bad because man INHERENTLY emits carbon. It’s called breathing. When one pairs that with all the establishment’s calls for depopulation, one can see where all this is going. But Jeff, even though he makes the big bucks as a contributing editor at Rolling Stone, can’t seem to put two and two together and find the story. He’d rather just go with what his friend David Keith and the other gods of this world tell him. He knows how to make the big bucks.

I’ve got news for you Jeff; carbon dioxide is good for the Earth. Plants breathe it and turn it into what we breathe; oxygen. I know your friend David Keith wants to spend billions of taxpayer dollars manufacturing and planting fake trees that do the same thing as natural trees down here in the troposphere, but I find that slightly unnecessary. Unnecessary, that is, unless our environment has become so contaminated with chemtrail spray that it can no longer sustain natural trees. But again, Jeff, you fail to acknowledge reality and you fail to ask the question. You just keep repeating CIA talking points. Basically, Jeff, you fail.

Another article, or for that matter an entire book, could be written about debunking the CIA’s theory of man-made global warming and many books have been. I’ve covered it multiple times. Maybe I’ll write a book about it someday, too. But for now, we will stop there and continue going about tearing the rest of Goodell’s book to shreds.

It’s interesting how Goodell’s previous book Big Coal: The Dirty Secret Behind America’s Energy Future is about the coal industry. He wrote about coal-fired electrical power plants. This is significant for many reasons, the most important being that today’s common chemtrail spray has been identified as coal fly ash; a byproduct of coal-fired electrical power plants. I wrote about that last year in my article “Chemtrails Exposed: Coal Fly Ash and the New Manhattan Project.”

There are a few passages in the book that play like a horror movie. The reader is left almost yelling at Jeff to turn around, or to not go into the basement. Here David Keith reveals the method when he says, hypothetically speaking of course:

Maybe we can figure out a way to engineer our food supplies, our drinking water supplies, even our climate. But we still evolved – our brains evolved – in the natural world. And preserving a link to that world is important – not just for me personally, but also as a larger anchor for our society, even as we gradually engineer a social order that largely is cut off from nature.

So many times Goodell hints at the real story here but doesn’t deliver:

He writes of a ‘Cold War-style military-industrial-climate complex.’ I couldn’t have put it better myself, but his words are not substantiated.

He writes about the 1996 Air Force report “Owning the Weather in 2025” but only long enough to say that it was of little consequence… when it was of huge consequence.

He writes about Project Popeye and the U.S. military’s cloud seeding activities during the Vietnam War but says they weren’t effective… when they were.

He writes about Svante Arrhenius and the history of the theory of man-made global warming, but fails to note how Arrhenius’ work has been weaponized and popularized in order to ram through establishment agendas.

He writes about John von Neumann’s geoengineering work, but not about how von Neumann wrote the earliest published mention of the Solar Radiation Management (SRM) geoengineering thesis.

He writes about weather modification history and mythology but doesn’t show how these ancient motivations are the same motivations for what is called SRM geoengineering today; not some artificial desire to ‘cool the planet.’

He links modern atmospheric modeling to the development of nuclear fallout pattern charting and Lawrence Livermore National Labs, but fails to note that Lawrence Livermore National Labs is the most probable location of the New Manhattan Project’s Command Base 1.

He mentions the 1965 report “Restoring the Quality of Our Environment,” but fails to note the true significance of this document.

He mentions the name Bernard Vonnegut once, then promptly forgets about him although Vonnegut’s work here has been key.

He writes that the optimum size of an SRM geoengineering particle has been found to be about one tenth of a micron, but fails to note how one tenth of a micron (100 nanometers) is the same particle size needed for optimum nucleation. If the SRM geoengineering particles are supposed to reflect sunlight, how is it that their optimum particle size just happens to be the same as that of particles meant to nucleate and influence precipitation? Maybe it’s because the particles aren’t really meant to reflect sunlight at all. Also it is important to note the extremely small size of these particles because the smaller the particle, the more dangerous it is to Human health. But most readers of Jeff’s book will probably never consider these things because Jeff doesn’t have the background of knowledge to write about them and he doesn’t ask the question.

Repeatedly, when he goes over the reasons why someone might be opposed to SRM geoengineering, Goodell leaves out the most obvious reason. He says that it might be too complex. He says that it might shift global precipitation patterns. He says that it might make the sky look funny. He says it might distract us from reaching our carbon emissions reduction goals. Just like every other establishment hack that has covered the issue, he completely neglects to mention any potential BIOLOGICAL ISSUES.

In a couple of instances, he is just flat-out wrong. Goodell writes, “the detonation of the atomic bomb represented a kind of victory. For the first time, humans had acquired a power that was greater than any thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado, or earthquake.” His hero Teller could have told him that an average-sized storm packs much more energy than any single atomic weapon. Teller made the comparison many times. Later on he writes that General Electric and Irving Langmuir worked on cloud seeding during World War II, when in fact this work was done after World War II.

He mentions the chemtrail conspiracy a couple of times. He writes that what the ‘chemmies’ assert as currently taking place is not happening and that anyone who says otherwise doesn’t know what they are talking about. He later paints our anti-geoengineering movement as a ‘whole lunatic fringe.’

He drools over Bill Gates and Google. Bill Gates, because of his geoengineering ‘philanthropy,’ is painted here as some type of messianic hero. Goodell also looks really cool when he drops the names and writes about the work of famous climate personalities like: Paul Crutzen, James Lovelock, Alan Robock, Stephen Salter, John Latham, Michael Wickett, John Holdren, and Phil Rasch.

The Christian Science Monitor called Goodell’s book an ‘enjoyable read.’ I guess they find spraying the Earth and all of its biota with tens of thousands of tons of toxic materials annually an uplifting topic. It only interests me because I’m attempting to defend myself. The people at the Christian Science Monitor apparently enjoy reading about this stuff; like spraying everything and everybody (including themselves) with megatons of toxic crap is fun or something. I find that very odd. This is the same Christian Science Monitor that in 2015 published an article comparing me to some cop-killing ‘domestic terrorists.’ I have no criminal record and nothing but respect for law enforcement, but never mind that. The Christian Science Monitor just goes ahead and publishes some semi-defamatory garbage, making me look bad before weak-minded people. It makes me look great with my core audience of strong-minded individuals, but most importantly it demonstrates that Jeff’s friends are what most people would call enemies.

The Christian Science Monitor rearing its head here repeatedly speaks to a specific group of individuals attempting to control the chemtrails and geoengineering narrative as it appears in the media; in other words, the shills. Jeff wouldn’t be sitting at or near the top of a hierarchy of disinformation agents, now would he? If he is, I bet that I’ve battled him online many times either directly or indirectly. In fact, it is my opinion that famous geoengineers Ken Caldeira and David Keith are probably two of the most prominent online comments sections shills; under different names, of course. It’s their job to sell the project. CIA all the way, baby! But, just don’t tell anybody, OK?

Diamonds in the rough

Despite all his faults and travails, Jeff has actually done us all a favor here. In our ongoing effort to expose chemtrails, How to Cool the Planet affords us some very interesting new evidence.

Goodell left me plenty of names to be investigated further: Steven Koonin, Ted Parson, David Victor, Nathan Myhrvold, Richard Tol, Tom Wigley, Larry Summers, Daniel Schrag, David Victor, Scott Barrett, Gregory Benford, Michael MacCracken, The Climate Institute, the Energy Modeling Forum, and the Economic and Social Research Institute.

Even though I hadn’t previously considered him very much at all, Virgin Airlines owner Richard Branson is mentioned in the book FIVE separate times. Now Branson is suddenly on my radar screen. According to the Wall Street Journal, Branson is quoted as saying, “If we could come up with a geoengineering answer to [global warming], then Copenhagen wouldn’t be necessary. We could carry on flying our planes and driving our cars.”

Most impressive here are the personal backgrounds of the world’s two most famous geoengineers: David Keith and Ken Caldeira. They are the finest the author has yet seen. Also, Goodell’s information about the secretive Lowell Wood is of interest. Hey, I’ll give credit where it’s due. Goodell got lengthy interviews with all three.

First, Goodell writes about his BFF David Keith. Goodell writes of Keith working early on with famous physicists like Paul Corkum and David Pritchard. The book describes Keith’s other early work at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), which, of course, has so many connections to the New Manhattan Project. The book also speaks to Keith’s early work in carbon sequestration at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). The name Carnegie is very important to the New Manhattan Project as well. Not long after Keith’s arrival at CMU, his first geoengineering paper was published titled “A Serious Look at Geoengineering.” Keith’s paper was published at about the same time as a big National Academy of Sciences geoengineering report, which helped him gain exposure and recognition.

Complimenting his comments noted earlier, Keith considers geoengineering a permanent, forgone conclusion. He says:

It’s not the end of nature – but it is the end of wildness – or at least our idea of wildness. It means consciously admitting we’re living on a managed planet. It may be that geoengineering can help save the Arctic. But it won’t be the same Arctic we have today. It will be a museum piece, a place for the elites to go someday and remember what the real Arctic used to be like. The fact is, whether we want to admit it or not, we’re living in a zoo. And we’re both the animals and the zookeepers now.

Coming from David Keith, this stuff is really not all that surprising. This is the guy who is famous for describing SRM geoengineering as, “not really a moral hazard. It’s more like free-riding on our grandkids.”

Next, Goodell gives us a nice background of the omnipresent, but somehow mysterious Ken Caldeira. Goodell gives us insight into the man as he writes, “Caldeira had taken a circuitous route into science, majoring in philosophy as an undergrad at Rutgers University, then working for a few years as a computer programmer at a big Wall Street firm before leaving to write software to track insider trading on the New York Stock Exchange.” Before he finished his PhD at New York University, Caldeira had an atmospheric sciences paper published in Nature; probably the most prestigious scientific journal in the world.

Goodell writes that Caldeira, “was a prominent anti-nuke activist back in the 1980s, plays bass in a rock band, is married to a tall, glamorous Russian woman, and commutes to his office on a Vespa scooter.” Goodell writes that in 1990 Caldeira was a ‘quasi-socialist’ going on a five month trip to the Soviet Union as part of a scientific exchange program. In St. Petersburg, Russia, Caldeira worked under the famous pioneering geoengineer and atmospheric modeler Mikhail Budyko.

Caldeira did postdoc work at Pennsylvania State University. Pennsylvania State University produced the first ionospheric heater way back in 1966. Today, ionospheric heaters provide the New Manhattan Project’s weather modifying electromagnetic energy.

Caldeira started working on computerized atmospheric models at Lawrence Livermore Labs right about when the large-scale domestic spraying began in 1995.

Like Keith, Caldeira also talks about geoengineering as a forgone conclusion. He thinks that the people are too weak to stop it. Goodell translates Caldeira’s thoughts as he writes, “Putting particles in the atmosphere is likely to cause sunlight to become more diffuse, blurring the sharp lines of shadows and turning the sky whiter during the day, while making sunsets redder in the evening. How do you calculate the psychological impact of that? It’s not just the end of blue skies as a physical reality but also the end of blue skies as a metaphor – that suggestion of the great beauty and power of nature, of a promising day ahead, of cosmic beneficence.” And the Christian Science Monitor finds the book an ‘enjoyable read.’

We must prove them wrong.

Goodell’s information concerning Lowell Wood is the best I have yet seen. Since writing about SRM geoengineering with his mentor Edward Teller at Lawrence Livermore National Labs, Wood retired from Livermore in 2007. Wood has since moved to Seattle and now works for a firm called Intellectual Ventures. We learn that Bill Gates of Microsoft fame has not only been working with Keith and Caldeira, but he has been working with Wood as well. Gates is friends with the most famous geoengineers.

Goodell writes that Wood’s colleagues jokingly refer to him as ‘Dr. Evil.’ And it is apparently for good reason. Wood goes on and on in a Dr. Strangelove-like manner. He boldly advocates for SRM geoengineering. He jokes about using a nuclear bomb to loft SRM geoengineering particles into the stratosphere. He sincerely says that sulphuric acid vapor injected into the stratosphere is, “nothing to be alarmed about.” He says that, “a fleet of modified 747s or high-flying military aircraft could do the job.” In fact, they ARE doing the job, but Jeff never asks the question. Wood thinks chemtrail laden skies at sunset are ‘pretty.’ This is how they think.

Like Keith and Caldeira, Wood says that the inevitability of geoengineering is ‘written in the stars.’ He says, “When we decide to solve this problem [global warming], we are likely to do it by doping the stratosphere.” He is referring to SRM geoengineering. In fact, it was Wood pushing the geoengineering agenda before Keith and Caldeira. Wood had something to do with turning them and others to the ‘dark side,’ as he says, during an important 1998 speech in Aspen, Colorado which led to collaborations between Wood and Caldeira.


Jeff Goodell really ought to be ashamed of himself. He has been very bad. He just goes on and on and on without addressing the most obvious issue: BIOLOGICAL IMPACTS.

Jeff, come on, really, it’s like DUH! NOWHERE IN THE BOOK DO YOU ADDRESS THE BIOLOGICAL IMPACTS OF RELEASING ANNUALLY TENS OF THOUSANDS OF TONS OF TOXIC MATERIALS INTO THE AIR WE ALL BREATHE!!! And do you call that journalism? Do you call that integrity? No. Your entire omission of the subject is negligent and dishonorable.

How dare you let them get away without addressing these issues, Goodell? It smacks of complicity. Your book is more of an advertisement for geoengineering than it is good journalism. I thought your great Fourth Estate was going to keep the bad guys in check. It’s not your Old Media institutions that do this, Goodell. It’s the New Media that’s doing it. As long as you don’t perform your job properly, Goodell, we’re just going to keep on eating your lunch.

How to Cool the Planet: Geoengineering and the Audacious Quest to Fix Earth’s Climate a book by Jeff Goodell, published by Mariner Books and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010





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  1. Come on Jeff. Don’t be angry. I have some valid points here. I didn’t really cross any lines. I was just destroying your arguments to the best of my ability. Now, what do you have as a rebuttal?

  2. The article says: “climate alarmists back in the 1970s and 1980s said we’d be frozen solid by now”.

    Any intelligent person can google Grand Solar Minimum and learn that we are indeed in a new Ice Age. End of story.

    • Yes, I do believe that the most probable scenario going forward is that things are about to get COLDER not WARMER. But, either way it goes, it’s not our job to try to stop it. It is simply our job to adapt to it. Western society should be less of a control freak and more of a pragmatist.

  3. againstcorporaterule | February 9, 2018 at 8:37 pm |

    If Bill Gates and his geo-engineering buddies really were interested in stopping global climate change then they could easily bring forth Stan Myers’ cheap invention that can alter all cars to run on water, or the people from the Thrive movie community who showcase many inventors of free energy such as affordable ways transform gas-guzzling cars to run on air.

    Climate change or not, certainly the fossil fuel industry is destroying the earth with all the disastrous oil spills everywhere… You really want to end the power of the fossil fuel investors, like the Koch brothers, then activists should be pushing for free energy -the US govt prevents public access to so many patents for free energy -which only aids the fossil fuel investors to keep their power and control over the rest of us

    GMO promoter, Bill Gates doesn’t give a damn about humanity and is only using global climate change as an pretext excuse to beat the earth to death even more, for whatever future plans there are for installing Artificial Intelligence.

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