Trump’s Policies Are Putting The Screws To Israel

By Janet Phelan

The US policies in the Middle East have increasingly exacerbated the tensions in the region, turning it into a cauldron of conflict. Under first Bush and then Obama, the US’s interventionist policies dramatically increased both the incidence of terrorism as well as funded wars that increasingly appear to be without end.

And now, Trump appears to be following in the footsteps of his Presidential predecessors. His recent declaration of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, followed by his announcement of savage cuts to UNRWA, which provides support to the Palestinian refugees, can only serve to further endanger peace in the Middle East. And while Trump publicly declares his love and support for Israel (and what American President has not?), these two decisions pave the way for further conflict and also for endangerment of Israel.

The Jerusalem announcement resulted in protesters clashing with Israeli defense forces. More missiles were launched against the Southern Israeli city of Sderot and in retaliation, IDF planes struck Hamas military targets. Protests also ignited in numerous cities across the Muslim world as people took to the streets in Jordan’s capital of Amman, as well as in Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, Algeria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran.

The second action by Trump, cutting US aid to UNRWA by over one half can only have devastating consequences for the Palestinian refugee population and will very likely increase terror attacks against Israel. The UNRWA supports and administers 363 schools serving 311,071 pupils, 65 health facilities with over 5.2 million patient visits last year. According to the UNRWA, there are 2,158,277 Palestinian refugees. Many of the refugees served by the agency are in Displaced Persons camps, which are known to be hotbeds of terrorist activities. Cut the funds and it is predicted that terrorism against Israel will increase.

According to intelligence historian and former DOJ prosecutor John Loftus, the US’s support of the state of Israel has been two-faced all along. Writing in the introduction to his 1994 bestseller, The Secret War Against the Jews, Loftus baldly states that

The major powers of the world have repeatedly planned covert operations to bring about the partial or total destruction of Israel.

The US purports, consistently and rather loudly, to be a friend of the Jewish state, providing military aid in the billions each year. However, the US’s policies have generally resulted in outright sabotage to the security of Israel and in intelligence aid to Israel’s enemies. A couple recent examples include the Iran nuclear deal as well as the order from President Obama to pull back on the tunnel destructions during 2014 Operation Protective Edge. The tunnels were providing access into Israel from Gaza and inexplicably, Obama ordered Netanyahu to stop destroying the tunnels. Even more inexplicably, Netanyahu obeyed Obama’s order.

The recent actions by Trump again show the two faces of the US’s friendship with Israel, actions which on the surface may appear to be supportive of the Jewish state while the repercussions are clearly only increasing conflict and insecurity.

A recent HAARETZ article, entitled “Israeli Army Warns: Danger of Violence Escalating into War Is Growing,” discussed the present threat assessment.

The article was published prior to the UNRWA announcement, which is generally seen as a potential fuse to a tinder box. Speaking on conditions of anonymity, a captain in the Israeli army recently admitted to this reporter that the reserves are being called up in Israel. Reserves are always called up in preparation for war.

Janet Phelan is an investigative journalist and author of the groundbreaking exposé, EXILE. Her articles previously appeared in such mainstream venues as the Los Angeles Times, Orange Coast Magazine, Long Beach Press Telegram, etc. In 2004, Janet “jumped ship” and now exclusively writes for independent media. She is also the author of two collections of poetry—The Hitler Poems and Held Captive. She resides abroad.

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12 Comments on "Trump’s Policies Are Putting The Screws To Israel"

  1. does anyone (well, any thinking person, with a modicum of intelligence) still have any respect for the un or any of its agencies?
    among the most interesting statistics to come out of the middle east in the last seventy years (i don’t have numbers or even remember where i saw it) but palestinian refugees moving into refugee camps in Jordan in the 50s outnumbered palestinian citizens as a whole, let alone those who may have been displaced – the camps were a place for the lazy to get looked after, that they didn’t have to worry about actually working)
    and the taxpayers of the free world have been sponsoring them for years

    • Do you ever hear about the impact American illegal occupations of Arab countries has caused ?
      20 million displaced people the U.S. military and its cohorts have been directly responsible for ended up in a whole lot of countries that didn’t prepare for them. The U.N. and NATO helped overthrow Libya and Ukraine, failing in Syria. As America wakes up to who funds, trains and arms ISIS, (Saudi’s,Israel , U.S. w/ UK providing fake videos ), one imagines how the opioid crisis is deliberate and working the way these sick minds leading war charges wanted.

      • opioids are distributed “legally” because BIG pharma owns it
        why else would the Special Forces have been first into the Kurdish region in 2003? to occupy and pacify the poppy fields (why have the Kurds been the historical tenants of that particular corner of the world for the last several hundred years?)
        cannabis can be grown in a window box – that is why it has to be demonised
        cocaine (i am convinced the clinton crime family is in charge – so tptb are still scoring most of the income)
        crystal meth and lsd are demonised because anybody can break bad – you don’t need massive amounts of capitalisation to get started

        • lightingstrikesthrice | January 21, 2018 at 9:03 am | Reply

          I agree. Anything beyond their control is to be outlawed. Since, the kakistocracy hates and is terrified of independence. There goes their hierarchical classes of ‘prestige’ and might have to gasp! do labor as the servants do. Can’t have that, no no. Laziness and greed.

  2. Israel,Saudi Arabia and the bush administration did 9/11

  3. Good
    It would also please me if he ended funding the zionist nation
    and arm the palestinians to take their homes back

  4. Can I look for an article from Mrs. Janet Phelan on the continuing crimes Israel perpetrates on America ? Instead of reciting the dumbed all the way down talking points for Israel, why not cover the child genocide Israel practices against Arab children in Palestine ? Discuss how Zionist dual-citizens daily interfere with American elections, instead of the stupid distraction of a BOGUS Russia
    angle that consumed hundreds of hours of public airwaves ( Easy to calculate since it is the dominant topic on all channels) and, with the limited audience still watching this crap NBC,CBS, CNN & Fox–it’s time to confiscate the bandwidth and shut them all down. Phelan sounds like an Israel-first traitor of the kind that have infiltrated so many media outlets and think-tanks ..How did this person pass the antifa ‘jew-sniff’ test ?

  5. lightingstrikesthrice | January 21, 2018 at 8:57 am | Reply

    So why don’t the European colonialists just get the fuck out? The IDF are just useful idiots for the Khazarian-Zionist hierarchy. That is all Israel is; a new Khazarian State or Empire, since they lost their last one a couple millennia ago. Funny, how poor Israel is in danger of extreme acts, yet no mention why there are extreme acts against this Imperialistic Khazar Regime, and no mention of the statements made by the Khazarian ‘leaders’ against Palestinians, Syrians, Lebeneze, etc. Shoot, even invaded Egypt on top of Syrian, Palestine, and Lebennon.

  6. Not another – Poor me everybody hates us and the US even is not with us totally – Oy vey my ass.

  7. Isreal is not our freind, rather our enemy. When you see our congress and president constantly have to prostrate themselves to this foreign mafia cult, you have proof.

  8. Ahh, more lies to the people. Trump’s daughter (who isn’t Jewish) married a prominent Zionist Jew. The kingdoms = united. This article = propaganda. Trump does nothing but obey Israel. Anything to the contrary is disinformation created by either or both camps.

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