New Gift-Wrapped UFO Revelations From The Pentagon: What’s Going On?

By Jon Rappoport

You’re walking through a sea of misinformation, disinformation, lies, speculation, goofball theories—and suddenly, the wise men behind the curtain decide to reach out and hand you unvarnished facts that blow your mind. What’s going on?

We have an entirely new gambit in the UFO disclosure game.

From (Dec.21): “[Musician Tom] DeLonge is currently working with former Pentagon official Luis Elizondo at To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, which was founded by the ex-Blink guitarist.” This is a new UFO research and merchandising outfit.

DeLonge has taken it upon himself to expose the truth about UFOs. His new partner, Luis Elizondo, used to work for the Pentagon—and, boom, the mainstream press is suddenly telling us that Elizondo headed up a super-secret, $22 million a year Dept. of Defense UFO research group, from 2007 to 2012, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

According to the NY Times and The Independent, the program had, and still has, metal pieces from a UFO(s), has been studying the pieces, and doesn’t knew what they’re made of.

The press has also just released a 2004 Dept. of Defense jackpot video purporting to show a US fighter jet off the coast of San Diego encountering a UFO, which hovers in place, wiggles, dances around, and suddenly zooms away at a shocking velocity.

The Independent: “Commander David Fravor and Lieutenant Commander Jim Slaight were on a routine training mission 100 miles out into the Pacific when they were asked to investigate the object.”

“Commander Fravor told The New York Times the object was about 40ft long, had no plumes, wings or rotors, and outpaced their F-18s. It was big enough to churn the sea 50ft below it, he said.”

My, my. All these revelations, all of a sudden. Bingo, bango, bongo.

Years of, “We don’t have any information, we don’t have any comment on the subject,” and then, out of the blue, “Yes we do and here it is.”

Let all the WHY NOW? speculations begin.

I would point out that, if this is a test to gauge public reaction to: THERE IS LIFE ELSEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE AND A FEW OF THEM SHOWED UP HERE—the result of the test appears to be, so far: “Are we having the beef stew again tonight?”

This is interesting. People aren’t crowding into the streets and going wild. There are no parades. Presidents of countries aren’t holding major press conferences. I did read a piece about Trump drinking water again and possibly having trouble sipping it.


“That’s nice. Is this Blue Bloods a repeat? I think I saw it a few months ago.”

Another tidbit on the secret Pentagon program: it was brought into being by Nevada Senator Harry Reid. He and a couple of his senate pals managed to divert a little chunk of black budget Pentagon money to set it up. (More yawns from the public.)

Understand: In the press stories of the past few days, there are no leaks. The Pentagon is the source. They’re admitting it. They’re pushing the story. They’re permitting a pilot, who no doubt has been bound by non-disclosure agreements, to go public and talk to mainstream media.

As with all planned releases of this magnitude, there are always “after-analyses.” It’s standard. How did the public respond? What % of the press and the public appear to have bought the story? Are there serious doubters? Who are they? What are they saying?

In this case, the report might read: “Very few people seem to care.”

This in itself is informative. People are on overload. They’re in a trance state below the level where a claimed revelation about Life in the Universe stirs them from their basic hypnotic state. Also, alternatively, many people are so cynical they don’t believe what the government is telling them.

Now, if Robert Mueller can connect a UFO to the Russians, and then to Trump, and the election, more people might respond.

The Pentagon claims it shut down the UFO research program in 2012, because other priorities were more important. Really? They captured a UFO on film doing things in space no craft on Earth can do, and they have pieces of metal from a UFO (how did they acquire them?) which they can’t analyze and are most likely not from this Earth—and yet they shut down the program because it was inconsequential? Nonsense.

One of the point men for spreading the current UFO stories is Ralph Blumenthal of the NY Times.

The Independent: “’They [the Pentagon] have some material from these [UFO] objects that is being studied, so that scientists can try to figure out what accounts for their amazing properties,’ Ralph Blumenthal, one of the authors of the New York Times report, told MSNBC. Mr. Blumenthal said the DoD ‘do not know’ what the materials are made of. It’s some sort of compound they do not recognise,’ he added.”

I have a bit of personal experience with Mr. Blumenthal. In 1993, he wrote a shocking story for the Times about the first bombing attack on the Twin Towers in New York. It focused on an FBI asset and informant, Emad Salem, who asserted that he had been instrumental in putting together the bombing plot. His handlers at the FBI were supposed to supply him with fake bombing materials, so there would be no explosion—however, at the last moment, they gave him actual live material. At the subsequent trial of the defendants, Salem was absent. He didn’t testify.

I got in touch with reporter Blumenthal some years later and asked him what happened to Salem and why he wasn’t allow to tell his story in the courtroom. Blumenthal got angry with me. He told me I didn’t understand his article. And that was that. In my opinion, he was backing away from his own reporting.

So now, with his UFO revelations, I have a few doubts.

It’s likely that, as Tom DeLonge and his Pentagon partner, Luis Elizondo, move forward, promoting their To the Stars Academy (whatever that turns out to be—a movie production company, a school, a store for UFO merchandise), they will be releasing new info on the US government UFO discoveries. So far, no one at the Pentagon is explaining why they’ve decided to make their revelations public now.

The military is not in the habit of doing the public great favors that involve secret programs.

If what the Pentagon is handing over to the mainstream press is legitimate and true Disclosure, it is most certainly a limited hangout on what they really know. And they will to continue to release more info, to see how the public responds, at every step.

But they will also seek to own the story and shape it any way they want to. Through their media fronts, they’ll sculpt the conclusions that “should be made.”

For example, suppose they go as far as this: 50 years ago, they found an alien body at a UFO crash site in the desert. Here are photos. The anatomy of the corpse is definitely not human. Since then, no other alien bodies have been seen, located, or discovered.

True? False? Who would know? Because they are the source of the story. Which is the way they want it to be.

If someone wants us to look at the truth, they disclose all the data and they open up all the files, and they allow us to see the material evidence up close and personal, so independent analyses can be performed. What are the odds that this will happen? When has this ever happened?

If anything, positioning themselves as the central source of the UFO story pushes citizen research into the background. Which is never a good thing.

I fully understand there will be many explanations, offered by many people, about why the Pentagon is releasing this information now. Here is one possibility: the secret program was really a tiny research effort; the Dept. of Defense has actually spent extraordinary amounts of money in this effort, over a long period of time—some of it from the trillions of dollars in the budget “they can’t account for.” Thus, they admit to a $22 million program, as a limited hangout.

Again, THEY WANT TO OWN THE UFO STORY. Going directly to mainstream news with it, where naïve reporters and reporters who are their assets will cover it exactly as the Pentagon intends—this is a major part of what is going on.

The psyop aspect of the Pentagon revelations is all about testing and gauging public response. Imagine that the Dept. of Defense eventually states they did find an alien body decades ago—and then the majority reaction is: “That’s fantastic. Did you see my car keys? I can’t find them.”

Not only would that inform psyop professionals about the UFO reaction, it would also let them know their decades of work, on many fronts, aimed at deadening, overloading, distracting, and shortening public awareness has been an overall success.

The most astounding information barely causes a ripple.

“This is wonderful. In many cases, we don’t have to figure out whether the public believes or doesn’t believe what we tell them. They’re in a state of mind that is ‘lower than belief.’ The majority can’t form beliefs or non-beliefs. They’re firmly embedded in a passive, repetitive, Pavlovian zone…”

In this regard, I refer you to my years of research on the effects of medical drugs, and for starters, my September 13 article, “How many drug prescriptions do doctors write per year?”:

Medical News Today reports that, in 2011, there was a modest uptick in the number of prescriptions written in the US.

The increase brought the total to: 4.02 billion.

Yes, in 2011, doctors wrote 4.02 billion prescriptions for drugs in America.

The Medical News Today article concluded, “…the industry should be heartened by the growth of the number of prescriptions and spending.” Yes, I’m sure the drug industry is popping champagne corks.

We’re talking about prescriptions here. We’re not talking about the number of pills Americans took. We’re also not counting over-the-counter drugs or vaccine shots.

A population drugged to the gills is passive…

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALEDEXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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20 Comments on "New Gift-Wrapped UFO Revelations From The Pentagon: What’s Going On?"

  1. The people who do care aren’t surprised!

  2. It’s another scam…

  3. lightingstrikesthrice | December 23, 2017 at 6:36 am |

    This Tom Delong and To The Starts Academy thing has been going on for some time. But, the front man in the whole NYT story wasn’t DeLong though. That in itself was worth noting. Is isn’t just Elizondo but a few other ex CIA operatives involved. Hmm. I wonder if this also coincides with Corey and Stacey Goode’s Blue Avian – Sphere Being Alliance/Disclosure psyop/cult? Gaitv/ and David Wilcox is involved with it. I don’t see coincidences I see connections. Project Blue Beam perhaps? If people are numb to these ‘revelations’, perhaps that is perfect for the MIC to perform a fake alien invasion along with all their other projects.

  4. Just another way for Harry Reid to pay back his bg donor. 22m channeled through his biggest donor for not reason.
    America wake up

  5. The govt will probably fake a UFO landing and then try to convince everyone that it’s Christ returning. Their goal will be the final destruction of Christianity by “proving” that God is just an alien.


    • Interesting you find it funny. It’s the truth (what we in ancient times called God were Aliens in astronaut suits, landing here in rockets)! How can the truth be funny? Upsetting maybe, but funny?? But no, Christ is not returning b/c he never existed to begin with. But yes, there is a war on Christianity, and I feel sorry for all Christians who will get their bubble burst.

        • What a stunningly BRILLIANT reply. Sir, you just have a magical way with language, don’t you? I mean, NO ONE has ever put those two words together quite so elegantly, and the poignancy of their juxtaposition leaves one speechless. Still…hmmm, it’s lacking something, isn’t it, I can’t quite identify it…oh wait, it’s civility toward a woman. YES, that’s IT! So, Peter Piper, why don’t you pick a more perfect pronouncement for the public and while you’re at it, apologize to the lady. Were you standing in front of me and I had heard that exchange, I would personally guarantee that you would offer up an apology forthwith.

  6. You know there are other nations on this planet and they have been visited also. Americans seem to think they are the one and only and whatever happens, happens to only them. If the truth about ufos comes out, it may not be bled slowly by the Pentagon, it may actually come from the Russians, the Chinese, the Brazilians or someone else. I am not holding my breath while the liars in the US military establishment decide whether or not they will enlighten the public. I’m awaiting foreign disclosure!

  7. The government asked for the object to be investigated? Why? So they could just engage in another cover up? You’ll never get a straight answer out of any of these people. Just toss it away as more government fiction.

  8. The US government says they have proof of UFOs!

    This is absolute proof there are no UFOs.

  9. it’s like a thousand points of light

  10. Always enjoying Jon’s analysis, thank you!

  11. UFO’s are a great distraction from paying almost half of you income to taxes, the rapid destruction of the environment, 21 trillion dollars missing from the Department of Defence etc…

  12. Hmmm

    Come on people. The ruling elite got what they wanted for Christmas. Most importantly for them, israels illegal theft of Palestine, the Golan Heights and Jerusalem has now been formally recognized by Trump and the US Congress. In other words, the zionists in Washington have gotten their wish for official sanctioning by Washington of israel’s war crimes, crimes against humanity and Genocide against the Palestinian people which has been going on for decades in order to ethnically and religiously cleanse all three areas to make way for Jews. And oh by the way, the cost of all this is well over 10 Trillion which the American people were forced to borrow from the zionist controlled FED at 6%. After more than 100 years most people still don’t know that many of the largest stock holders in the Federal Reserve banks aren’t even American citizens…….The Pentagon didn’t “loose” the money, they spent it on nearly 2 decades of war for israeli empire.

    Secondly, the ruling elite, nearly all of whom are zionists these days, just got a MASSIVE tax cut. And to top it off, they can bring home their 4+ trillion in wealth they have hidden in offshore tax havens at 10% instead of 39.5%. I don’t recall seeing a 75% tax cut anywhere for the working people of America did you?

    So in the new year these treasonous scum need distractions, lots of them. So expect to see Hillary dragged out into the light. And of course the sexual harassment theater, which was perfectly timedproved a great if fleeting distraction. Funny thing about that, even though the biggest offenders like Weinstein etc. had literally dozens of witnesses file legal complaints he hasn’t been charged with anything. Expect lots of saber rattling in South Korea and the South China Sea. Even more fear mongering about Russia even though Kushner was reporting to israeli mossad and NutenYahoo officials literally every week throughout the campaign right on through the inauguration. Don’t worry, Kushner won’t face any formal charges even though he committed treason and lied repeatedly to practically every Government agency in Washington. he is after all, protected against all that. Though as a dual citizen israeli, like Weinstein he can always run home to israel if things get too hot. Naturally, it has been israel that has been the beneficiary of Trump’s largess, while he opposed Russia and Putin at every turn. But hey, who needs the truth when a good lie is working so well…….

    Since the American people are finally getting wise to many of these machinations, Washington is playing the UFO card. And if that doesn’t work there is always another lie about JFK that can be trotted out…..

  13. This outer off space story sounds great
    When read with aN Oklahoma accent.

    The Reason, if you copy, may have something – PeNTagoN errors. Say “error” as often as you can.

    On a different note, I personally believe the UFOs are holding many journalists and editorial support persons captive prisoners and no confidentiality agreements of any kind are involved.

  14. Gov: Should we tell them?
    Xyz: Just a taste .. we can monitor optics.
    Gov: Costs?
    Xyz: negligible.
    Gov: Source diversion?
    Xyz: Not necessary, the sheep are well contained.
    Gov: Now lets go start another war …

  15. PS; We’re all going to Antarctica!!!

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