James Corbett and Vin Armani Discuss “Self Ownership”

By James Corbett

Vin Armani, host of The Vin Armani Show, joins us to discuss his new book, Self Ownership: The Foundation of Property and Morality. In this wide-ranging, in-depth discussion we explore the philosophical basis and the political ramifications of self ownership, the nature and limits of property, the moral system that arises from a propertarian order and the cryptosavages that are threatening to storm the gates of the old order.

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1 Comment on "James Corbett and Vin Armani Discuss “Self Ownership”"

  1. Dear Vin and James, I turned off your video at 35 minutes of the presentation because Vin began to talk loco. Vin, the object/thing you call that leaves your body is called the “Soul” which is known conventionally and more commonly by people in general terms. Vin, you try to sound intellectual and I tried to listen to you but you make no sense. Sorry.

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