2017 Proves To Have Been A Banner Year For The Military Industrial Complex

By Isaac Davis

We live in an era when a Nobel Peace Prize winner oversaw 8 years of war, thousands of extrajudicial drone bombings and killing of innocent people, and no one calls into question the credentials of the Nobel organization. As the Obama presidency came to its end, many hoped that we may see a turn for the better in terms of military spending and the overuse of military power as a form of international diplomacy, but our hopes have been officially dashed.

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4 Comments on "2017 Proves To Have Been A Banner Year For The Military Industrial Complex"

  1. And this Nobel Peace Prize winner received his award right before he commenced his oversight of that eight years of war. Shame on the Nobel committee and all of the other millions who enabled that fraudulent president.

    Hopefully, the audit will have a drastic effect upon the MI complex. I have a feeling that many of those defense industry contractors will be returning some money to the treasury over the next few years. We have to identify the waste and where it went before we can safely reduce the defense budget.

  2. Trumpy, you can do stupid things !

  3. Is Donald Trump compromising or a mega traitor ?

  4. The irony is killing is wrong, and yet it’s America’s number one favorite biggest industry.

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