While Everyone Was Busy Being Distracted by Made-For-TV Mass Shootings…

By Truthstream Media

Aaron and Melissa Dykes explain what is happening behind the scenes while the media obsessed about more alleged mass shootings. You ready for more war?

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Watch their mini-documentary Obsolete here.

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18 Comments on "While Everyone Was Busy Being Distracted by Made-For-TV Mass Shootings…"

  1. Oh right, this is all about evil Donald. This has been going on for 100 years and you expect him to fix the Deep State in 11 months! Azwholes.

    • Why would he want to fix anything. He has done very well under the status quo. He is in fact a fraud but what else is new.

      • You made no sense. But we didn’t expect you to.

        • It is interesting watching the right wing double down on a tragic mistake. It was pretty clear Trump was better than the uber criminal Clinton but not by much. But now even after the orange man has betrayed his supporters and basically made a fool out of an entire nation for the entire world to see these very same supporters refuse to see him for what he is. A boorish stupid man who cannot make even the simplest decision without screwing it up.

          • Ok so far all you have done is throw out insults and insinuations, nothing concrete.
            From your posting (and I maybe wrong) you approved of all the policies of the past 8 years?

          • You are what you do not what you say. Trump said wars abroad are too expensive. Well he added more troops and more money to the black hole of the military and is actively looking for more places to fight wars costing trillions. He said he was going to fix health care and do date his plan which is no plan at all is worse than Obama’s which is pretty bad. Mexico is going to pay for the wall. Good luck on that orange man. This guy is a fraud. I can see why he got the votes but to double down on this fraud is simply not smart.

          • What is it I want to say?
            When Obumer go elected everyone rejoiced that he blamed Bush for all his faults, but now you people expect the next president, to fix every thing that he messed up over 8 years, in just one year.
            With all the information about how the DNC rigged the elections for Hildabeast, maybe they fixed it for the lair and chief Obumer.
            As for health care, everyone who is not in the system, Ie ,out ploy tic-sions that would be, if he changed it, so they are fighting it tooth and nail, for they do not want a failed health care program for them and theirs.
            Do you have any real thoughts on this or just what the NEWS spouts off?

            N Nothing
            E Essential
            W Without
            S Substance
            Packaged to be sold.

          • Brian Niziol | November 15, 2017 at 9:50 am |

            No one expects the orange man to fix everything but you seem to be unable to grasp the simple fact he is making things worse. You can only blame the hopeless CNN for so long . The right wing needs to start taking some responsibility for their man and they are unwilling to do so they only respond with catch phrases. Of course how do you defend putting a orange pig in the white house.

        • Just keep doubling down on the orange man. It looks good on you.

    • [Censorship on an “activist” site? Guess we can’t even use the “J” word here -in any context- without moderation.]

  2. Made for TV mass shooting! Thugs raid church, kill men women and children!

  3. Psychic Warrior | November 8, 2017 at 8:42 am | Reply

    Sorry to do this but I couldn’t find a way to just pass this info onto A & M related to earlier documentary on the Nazi South Pole:

  4. Good to see Aaron continuing the Info War, while his former boss is galvanizing the left right paradigm. Alex is either blackmailed or a willing sell out. Either way, it’s completely sad.

    • I agree, that they have some very good points of view.
      But why no comment? Just wondering.

      and remember
      N nothing
      E essential
      W without
      S substance,

      Packaged to be sold.

  5. The REAL AXIS OF EVIL IS BIG PHARMA and its yearly trillions?? of profits. Follow the money.

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