Massive Vegas Twist: Report Puts Cops Outside Shooter’s Door BEFORE Attack Started

By Rachel Blevins

One month after the Las Vegas shooting, there are a number of remaining questions about what led up to the massacre and how it unfolded, but there are also a several questions about why the timeline continues to change drastically—and the latest change puts law enforcement outside the shooter’s door minutes before the massacre began.

Some of the most glaring changes in the timeline have revolved around the account of Mandalay Bay Hotel security guard Jesus Campos, who was reportedly injured by suspected shooter Stephen Paddock. Campos went from being just another causality in the shooting to Paddock’s first victim, who was shot only once in the leg, despite the fact that the shooter fired 200 rounds down the hallway in his direction.

During an interview on Fox News with Tucker Carlson, an attorney for the victims revealed that not only did police officers respond to Campos after he was shot, they were right outside of Paddock’s door before he began shooting out of his hotel room window.

“As of yesterday it was that two—we knew about Campos—but there were two other police officers from MGM that were on the floor prior to the shooting,” Craig Eiland said.

The conversation came up while Carlson and Eiland were discussing the mysterious circumstances surrounding both Campos’ story and how tightly he has been controlled by MGM Grand.

“Maybe they’re concerned of what he’s going to say. Maybe they’re concerned he’s not going to stick with the MGM story,” Eiland said. “But eventually he will be examined under oath by attorneys in these cases and so it’s going to be important to know the timeline from what he says and from what the other two—now we know that there were two other police officers on the floor with him prior to the shooting—those are all questions that have to be answered and they eventually will be.”

Carlson responded to the revelation by asking, “Just to be clear—not Las Vegas Police Department, but MGM employees acting as security?”

“No. There was a report yesterday that there were two off-duty officers on the floor that responded to Campos prior to the shooting beginning,” Eiland confirmed for the third time.

Eiland also noted that MGM Grand claims to have a “corporate watch center” that trains its employees to report any suspicious activity. So if a guest arrived at Mandalay Bay Hotel with 27 rifles and 5,000 rounds of ammunition stored in 10 bags, why didn’t the employees who helped him, or the cleaning service who visited his room regularly, report suspicious activity? And if they did, why wasn’t it addressed?

I do think that after 30 days, we ought to be having more information than we have right now. For example, we know bits and pieces. We know that he arrived with 10 bags. We know that two bellmen helped him carry those bags up. Then we find out that those 10 bags had guns in them and 5,000 rounds of ammunition. We know that MGM claims to have a ‘If you see something, say something’ policy—and you’re telling us that nobody saw those guns over a 5-day period? No maid, no housekeeping, no food service ever saw any of the guns? Nobody saw him using power drills in the hallway? Nobody saw him setting up security cameras? These are all things that need to be answered.

As The Free Thought Project has reported, while the FBI’s timeline of the shooting continues to change, some of the most compelling questions have remained unanswered since Day 1, such as, why has no security footage of the shooter been released, despite the fact that he allegedly stayed in one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas for several days before the shooting?

Rachel Blevins is a Texas-based journalist who aspires to break the left/right paradigm in media and politics by pursuing truth and questioning existing narratives. Follow Rachel on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. This article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

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13 Comments on "Massive Vegas Twist: Report Puts Cops Outside Shooter’s Door BEFORE Attack Started"

  1. Those cops will never make it to trail to be questioned. Already half a dozen witnesses have been eliminated.

  2. This story changes more often that I change my socks. Why did they not get the lie straight before the shooting start

  3. Multiple shooters multiple casino’s.
    The witnesses that said there were multiple shooters on the ground are being systemically ‘taken care of’.

  4. At the risk of sounding redundant I say the dead man pictured in the media photos was dead before all the shooting started. I doubt that any shots came from that room. even the one that shot the guard! does anyone see a bullet hole in the door? if this man had the “bump” fire he was confident about hitting the guard to fire one shot. well that is another facet for another day. This was a constructed event. it was planned for a diversion. what it is they needed such a heinous event for is yet to filter into my view. I first suspected it was a way to get the president to come quickly. in doing so his secret service wouldn’t have the time it normally takes to set a secure parameter. thus increasing the odds that an opening to kill the president was provided. with all the events that caused so much pain for Americans an event like this couldn’t be ignored. fortunately nothing happened. we must look at the results. the police have been stretched to their limits this man having no talent or experience in an event of this magnitude so much will be missed and not because of the efforts put forth by this department. the word diversion returns with each view I look at. not having the ability to have simultaneous sources of events happening around America and the world, I can only assume it important enough that it would take an event such as this that would let it slip by without much notice. I am looking at this or the preamble of an event that now has gone by and will catch people unaware. Well now I must quit and rest because my pain meds are starting to work. the people who have read my posts before know I will quickly deteriorate so I will stop for the moment.

    • GRANDPA, My belief is that this Las Vegas “Red Flag” is the government’s continued intention to outlaw rapid fire weapons for the general public. This can only be accomplished when public outcry reaches a crescendo and it is at a tipping point.

      Their idea is to leave us with pistols and long guns only while ensuring that every police department in every Metropolis down to every small town is militarized with army supplied weaponry, drones, communications and trained in their tactics.

      If or when the sitting US President authorizes and sets into motion the National Defense Authorization Act, (NDAA), which will close down the Legislative and Judicial branches of our government thus giving full control of everyday life to the President and their Cabinet,the only hope will be a well armed militia; That is those who will resist for our freedom.

      No militia will or can resist very long with hunting rifles and pistols against a heavily armed and militarized local police force let alone with the US military in reserve. You think that they will join the side of the people who resist?

      Most of these people enjoy the power they have and are more than willing to be on the winning side. Sadly, that is human nature and one that has been repeated all over the world for thousands of years.

      • the second amendment does not have anything to say about semi or fully-automatic weapons.
        in fact, the founding fathers were using the best technology available to them, flintlock as opposed to matchlock
        and as rifled barrels became available, they used those.
        the LEGITIMATE militia, the minuteman (armed civilian) is expected to be using the best technology available to him, whether it is a M4 or even a M249

    • I agree. Paddock has “patsy” written all over him. I too, believe he was dead long before the shooting took place. I also agree that many of these operations have various goals. One of them is always to provide a distraction. I disagree that it was a ruse to draw out Trump for an assassination.

      Most people are not concerned with the important things which really affect their lives like our many wars, high unemployment, income inequality, etc. But, the public does seem to eat up the sensational manufactured distractions which have little or no direct impact on their hum-drum lives.

  5. far too much doesn’t make sense
    ask any hunter (especially sheep hunters, who regularly shoot at serious angles, either downhill or uphill) how easy it is to shoot from the 32nd floor – over 100 metres 330 feet height, and horizontal distance possibly as much as twice that, chances are that unless you are a trained sniper, you are not going to be very accurate, add in the “alleged” bump stock, high incidence of constant change of aim, how in he!! did he actually hit anyone?
    the cops outside of the door probably stood there until told to move, because there was no noise coming from the room, NO SHOOTING
    the narrative gives no EVIDENCE of HOW 27 weapons were transported into the hotel and up to the 32nd floor – there are too many gaps in the narrative
    and so, before the average sheep starts to question, we have Harvey Weinstein – complaints go back how many years – suddenly gets to front page
    not enough diversion – people are still looking at and questioning Vegas, so now we have to sacrifice Kevin Spacey as well – it seems to take a hang of a long time between something happening, and people talking about it
    MSM/FBI will have to find (or create) another new scandal soon, Vegas is still being questioned

    • “high incidence of constant change of aim, how in he!! did he actually hit anyone?”

      Are you serious? He was shooting into a crowd of 20,000. He didn’t need to aim.

      • i wasn’t there, so i don’t know, BUT… most INTELLIGENT people duck after hearing the first shot, that means that the only person who should have died would be the first shot, that requires that it was an aimed first shot. even with a large crowd, you don’t just hit everything or even anything, unless you AIM
        if you have ever shot any kind of fully-automatic weapon (I have absolutely no experience with a bump-stock), the only way to keep control is through underpowered rounds (i.e. 9mm sub-machinegun, don’t know why anyone, police or military would ever want something that isn’t worth a whole lot to start with (but, somehow they still keep getting sold)) or weapon / barrel weight (in actual fact, if you read back in history, many machine gun teams trained for short bursts, or for more teams all interlinked)
        automatic fire is NOT accurate after the third round (there may of course be those who can, but in my limited experience, don’t even bother)
        of course, the next question is… why were more people dead, why did they stand and wait to be shot (or were they already drugged to such an extent that they were immortal) or were they, as has already been asked, actors – there to make certain that those morons in congress who shout “gun control” would have a reason to further their agenda

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