Jeffrey Tucker Destroys the Net Neutrality Propaganda

By James Corbett

Jeffrey Tucker of joins us again to discuss his latest article, “Goodbye Net Neutrality; Hello Competition.” We explore the details of the net neutrality discussion that is being ignored by nearly everyone, including how the corporatocracy actually favours net neutrality and how government regulation of the internet is precisely what is keeping prices high and access to the market restricted for would-be competitors.

See transcript and sources here.

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4 Comments on "Jeffrey Tucker Destroys the Net Neutrality Propaganda"

  1. And so what Mr. Corbett and Mr. Tucker are not telling us is that net neutrality will help bring in the 5G grid system which will will be run by Ai. Some people believe this may happen in next 5-10 years. I have my doubts about these two guys being pro humanity.

    • Aren’t they arguing against it ?

      • Hello gazoo3. I believe Jeffery is for net neutrality (nn) because he says it brings more competition to the likes of comcast, at&t, etc.This (nn) allows the internet to become more affordable and thus allowing more people to gain access to it. In order for the 5G grid system to be more effective it needs more of the population to become into the digital age. Once we become fully dependent on the internet, smart phone, internet of things,and so forth the easier it will become to implement it.The end game is not pretty. So, I believe that many authors like Jeffery and possibly Mr. Corbett find ways to fool the public.

  2. Net Neutrality has provided a level playing field, allowing the cottage industry to compete directly with the the corporate behemoth. Other than Google offering search preference via pay to play, this has worked famously, nd Google should have been slapped with anti trust. But none of this is good enough for the corporate bohemoth’s. thy must dominate everyone, and everything. When Congress couldn’t end it legislatively, Obama pulled the okie doke, by placing the net in care of the FCC star chamber, awaiting the next Republican to come in and end it by board vote as opposed to by law. Now, the Cottage industry will be choked, throttled, and buried. Internet access will become limited, and more expensive. These two guys need to put down their crack pipe, and extol the dangers as opposed to pouring the kool aide.

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