Asking Government to Regulate Farmers Markets is a Horrible Mistake

By Curtis Stone

Is farmers market fraud a real problem? Some stalls at farmers markets got their produce from a central supplier instead of a local farm. What should be done about it? Some, including the mainstream media, are asking the government to get involved. Curtis Stone, author of The Urban Farmer: Growing Food for Profit on Leased or Borrowed Land, explains why he thinks that’s a horrible idea.

Curtis Stone is a successful urban farmer in Canada. Subscribe to his channel on YouTube, follow him on Instagram, and buy his book here.

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6 Comments on "Asking Government to Regulate Farmers Markets is a Horrible Mistake"

  1. When ever the gubbermunt gets involved, ya get what you voted for.

    War on Cancer, Cancer rates exploded…
    War on Terror, acts of terrorism every week…
    War on drugs, need I say more…

    please stop voting

  2. To those of you who agree with regulating farmer’s markets, you will one day discover the error of your ways.. You are probably the same ones whom criticize a 7 year old for selling lemonade because whatever. Be careful what you wish for. One day will come when the government will monitor the amount of poop you excrete because don’t you see a regulation was passed and now we must adhere to it. Not good.

  3. MSM crying about farmers’ markets, yet they say very little about the numerous heinous acts committed by multinational corporations. Shows you quite well who is holding their strings.

  4. People are stupid; the individual person is smart and reasonable, but people are ignorant scum with a tendency toward violence. And they believe anything any “authority” tells them. They get together and feed off one another’s fears and weaknesses, demands and prejudices. They don’t want to deal with anything, so they cry out for the government to “DO SOMETHING, PLEASE!!” and of course, that is the massive taproot of totalitarianism.

  5. It is all about government control. “I am from the government, I am here to help”

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