49% of Americans Favor Mandatory Military Service for US Youth

By Carey Wedler

Nearly half of Americans favor mandatory military service for the country’s youth, according to a recent poll from Gallup.

The polling organization surveyed 1,006 Americans over the age of 18 between November 3 and November 4, and 49% of those questioned expressed support for compulsory service. Further, “a majority of Republicans, including independents who lean Republican, favor it (57%), as do men (57%) and those 65 or older (66%),” Gallup summarized.

Gallup noted that efforts to actually impose such a policy — such House Rep. Charles Rangel’s repeated attempts between 2003 and 2015 to mandate it through legislation —have fallen flat.

Americans’ preferences for a traditional draft have fluctuated over the decades. Gallup explained:

A majority of Americans (54%) in 1977 favored sticking to a volunteer force, but two 1980 surveys showed a majority wanting to return to a military draft. Eventually, most Americans endorsed the all-volunteer concept, with five polls conducted between 1998 and 2007 showing majorities from 69% to 85% rejecting a return to the draft.

The draft was a powerful point of contention during the divisive Vietnam War, prompting many of those selected to fight to burn their draft cards in protest.

In Gallup’s poll idea of forcing young people to serve a mandatory year in the armed forces — as opposed to a draft — was unsurprisingly least popular among young people. Four in ten favored the proposition, however, marking a significant portion of those who would potentially be affected but still wanted to see it enacted.

“While Americans today are not overwhelmingly in favor of it, neither are they overwhelmingly opposed,” Gallup observed.

Militarism has long been a core element of American identity, as evidenced by millions of Americans’ stalwart devotion to and respect for soldiers. Though it currently remains unlikely that mandatory service will be implemented, that half the country would support it reflects this value system.

Countries that require mandatory service include Israel, North Korea, China, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Egypt, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates.

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20 Comments on "49% of Americans Favor Mandatory Military Service for US Youth"

  1. This must be a lie. That, or these slobs have learned nothing from all the criminal wars and lifelong harm done to vets. From a Vietnam-era Army vet here …

  2. It never ceases to amaze me how ‘important’ WAR has become on so many levels.
    Get them while they’re young and you can make them believe ANYTHING.
    No brain washing here – move along, nothing to see.

  3. Freedom is lost when you are forced to fight for it. Free people will always consent to defending themselves against a real and true threat.

  4. The poll is BOGUS, because 49% of 1006 cherry-picked people does NOT imply that 49% of 300 million people prefer anything. Also, the nature of the consensus-loving people who respond to these polls is also an issue. The article is propaganda theater.

    • I would remove my children from the US before allowing them to be drafted into “government” or military service. Washington’s only exports are war, death, terrorism, lies and a completely worthless fiat currency. Washington’s imports are the assets and labor of their victims.

      The pentagon has disappeared 20+ trillion since 1998 — the year they stopped doing mandatory audits. They are asset stripping the country prior to collapse. Capitol Hill and Wall Street are doing the same thing. The USA is circling the drain. Be ready.

  5. Maybe there is some truth to this poll. Why? Governments around the world have used the tactic of creating joblessness among their countries , so much so that the government with its armed forces become the only jobs available. We are at fault for allowing the government to this. The answer? Just say no to joining armed forces and wars. Find another way. Not good.

  6. I take it that there are zero “Americans” under the age of 18.

  7. All polls are bogus.
    Of course the unholy goat whoreshipers want perpetual bodies to keep their perpetual wars going.
    So long as their chicken shit asses are free from harm.
    Sacrifice the goats.
    Silver stakes required.

  8. Dear stupid ignorant assholes, all wars are banker wars.

  9. This poll is rubbish as are all Gallup polls. George Gallup was a flaming freemason who turned a 132 year old Masonic Lodge into “his” building. The Gallup Building. “A restoration in 2000, which incorporated the 132-year-old Masonic temple into the modern Gallup Building, won several awards for adaptive reuse, including a Washington Business Journal Best Real Estate Deals award in the renovation category.” https://www.bizjournals.com/washington/stories/2004/07/12/focus3.html

    Freemasons at or near the top have a completely different agenda than those at the bottom of their pyramid of power. They are dissembling, lying, cheating, stealing, murdering and defrauding people in order to usher in the NWO; the pinnacle of this organization’s goal: Global governance by the Vatican who already owns by conquest and discovery every bit of land on earth. Those at the bottom have no idea what they’re being groomed for unless and until they’re asked to do something “for the greater good of the Lodge”, which then uses them for nefarious means.

    • You do realize that the Vatican forbids all Catholics from joining Masonic Lodges right? Its why they invented the Knights of Columbus. Its the Catholic brand of masonry. This fact kind of undermines your whole conspiracy theory.

      • The Vatican also claims to be against murder, yet has murdered millions as well as claims to worship Jesus Christ, when it in fact worships idols (Mary, Saints, statues, graven images) and mocks Jesus their-called “failure” on the cross. So they lie. Freemasons, Rosecrucians, Knights of Columbus, Shriners, Order of Elks, ALL are Fraternal Orders and all Orders are Roman. Think it’s a coincidence that the Jesuit Oath of Induction (that Jorge took) reads just like the Protocols of Zion? They come from the same source, and that source worships Lucifer (see also Synagogue of Satan). Check out the list of Knights of Malta (a Roman Catholic Order), you’ll find names like Greenspan, Turner, Himmler, Blair, Clinton, Bush, Kissinger, Peron, Rockefeller and yes, Rothschild. They’re everywhere, and all roads really do lead to Rome.

  10. I would agree with mandatory service only in return for free education. Not free room and board, but classes of choice, no matter what, paid for. Maybe X number of hours paid after serving for a year.

    If all were required to serve, they could all be required to take aptitude tests which could help both the person and society, but no bootcamp. Something like what FDR did in the thirties.

  11. American militarism is a danger to the whole world. The public don’t see past the end of their own noses and forget what the military is forced to do, including bombing grandmothers and little children playing soccer.

  12. And they claim slavery has been abolished.

  13. What a great lesson for kids! Teach them how to obey orders unthinkingly, and how to murder innocent people if they have a little bit of oil, or because they live on land where your rulers want to put a pipeline. And then, when your darling children return from their “service” with missing limbs, and are forced into homelessness due to lack of veteran care, they get to learn that you don’t get anything in this world unless you work hard and earn it.

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