3 Characteristics of a True Political Awakening

By Sigmund Fraud

History is written by the winners, or so they say, but there is an agreed-upon version of our story that is taught to us in school and reinforced in everyday life by the media and government propagandists. Coasting through life haphazardly believing in this standardized version of reality is a form of consciousness; a contemporary way of relating to a world where the individual is consumed by the group, and truth becomes evermore out of reach.

The typical level of political awareness in our society is fairly basic, simplified and incomplete, but it serves as a functional trap for the mind and the imagination, pigeonholing individuals into a conformist. This psychological trap preys upon two basic human traits: conservatism and progressivism. And because these traits are biologically hardwired into the human psyche, they are exploited as a fissure to create disharmony and division amongst the public.

Many people only rise to a level of political consciousness which allows them to understand their predisposition to one or the other of these traits. Awareness often ends here, with extreme devotion to one side of the publicized political spectrum.

The truth is that human societies have always needed an even distribution of people with each of these ideological tendencies in order to achieve a balance between our need for external and internal control, protection and care. Political awakening involves rising above the prescribed psychology of division, into a position of appreciation of the qualities which unite us all.

This idea is enumerated in the following three characteristics of true political awakening.

Trust in the Statist System Collapses

To continue to trust and support a consistently abusive master is often referred to as Stockholm Syndrome. When a person experiences a true and deep political awakening, it is not longer possible to excuse any of the crushing affronts to human rights and human dignity that are intrinsic to state power.

State power is historically abusive. The manipulation of our money supply, endless wars, wasting of public resources, corruption, permitting the destruction of the natural world, terrorizing citizens with abusive police and punitive tax codes, and limiting prosperity with regulatory overkill are all standard operating procedure for the State.

In a Statist world, the awakening individual is tasked with the challenge of seeing through all of this in order to free the mind and see the greater possibilities for freedom and cooperation in the human story.

So-Called Leaders Are Seen as Puppets of Division

Watching the pendulum of public opinion and discourse swing violently back and forth between the merits of two political parties is comical once you’ve recognized just how predictable and destructive it is. We are goaded into engaging in the divisiveness, encouraged by the rhetoric of the political establishment.

It is our unity they fear most. Falling into the trap of politically dogmatic ideological fortifications is more dangerous to our society than just about anything else, and the truly politically awake fly above the argumentative mentality of those who are trapped in the two-party paradigm.

The Recognition that Politics is Heavily Influenced by Powerful Forces

If politics is the arena of government, and government is clearly influenced by corporate interests, intelligence agencies and deep state operators, and supranational organizations, then it makes no sense to pretend that we have power in the political system.  It makes no sense to pretend as though politicians are acting in the true interest of actual people. It makes no sense to pretend that we can save ourselves by calling on members of the state to represent us in their corrupt scene.

It is commonly known that politicians are beholden to special interests, and while they never talk openly about this influence, so many people carry on with the charade that politicians can wield  power over these organization, for the benefit of the plebs. They cannot, for these forces are beyond their control. The politically awakened understand that the plots against humanity extend way beyond the political scene.

Final Thoughts

Unity is the one thing that any political elite has always feared the most. Without smashing down the perceived barriers in contemporary political consciousness we can only expect our society to become more fractured, chaotic and dangerous. Trust in that which deceives and harms us is simply not possible for the truly politically awakened.

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Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for WakingTimes.com where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for humankind.

This article (3 Characteristics of a True Political Awakening) was originally created and published by Waking Times and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Sigmund Fraud and WakingTimes.com. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.

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2 Comments on "3 Characteristics of a True Political Awakening"

  1. The ‘Powerful Forces’ are the unholy goat worshipers that were given the keys to unfed b.s.bank of the U.S. on 12/21/1913 by the treasonous Woodrow Wilson. The unconstitutional 16th and 17th were forged (via fake votes) the next year and the thug agency IRS was brought forth to steal money away from hard working sovereigns.
    Taxation is Theft.
    END the FED and all Zentral banks and a thousand years of peace and prosperity will commence.
    Sacrifice the goats.
    Silver stakes required.

  2. The concept of statism is obsolete. As even this article points out, the state is controlled by corporations and “Deep State” forces (which represent Wall St and other corporate forces.).
    So, to be awakened is first to understand, as Marx pointed out over 160 years ago, the state is “the instrument of the ruling class” and the ruling class consists of the wealthy, billionaires and corporations.

    Thus “statism” is not a false ideology but a false analysis of how power is wielded. The term we need to use is corporate fascism, which is the occupation of the state by the dominant corporations to serve their vested interests under the mask of democracy or a “constitutional Republic.”

    Corporate fascism uses party division and ideological rivalries to mask the underlying unity of control by those who, to quote Founding Father and slave owner, John Jay: “own the country.”

    The foundation of corporate fascism are the 3 pillars of the modern warfare state (fascism is based on violence): the banks who fund wars, the energy oligarchs who profit from fueling it, and the weapons makers who get lucrative state contracts (under the Nazis as under today’s leadership) to produce the tools of war. Fascism combines the violence of war with a business model based on perpetual war in a power formation by which the corporations, directly or indirectly, fun state agencies and occupy or control state seats of power.

    Statism masks the underlyiing puppetmaster, which is not the state, nor even the Deep State (which has a revolving door with Wall St, who invented it under Dulles) but rather the corporate elites who control the political process by funding both parties to insure control over whoever gains power. Ultiimately, it is the corporations which are in control, and corporate fascism is the most descriptive term which uinmasks the false flag of “statism.”

    It is not the state but the corporate state, invented by Mussolini and fulfilled by the German industries (Krupp, IGFarben, Messerschmidt, et al) which, in terms of historical accuracy, were the puppet masters who guided the Nazis. Today, we see the fulfillment of the corporate fascist idea: a state which is run by corporations with perpetual war as its foundation, and control of the masses through propaganda.

    No political awakening is complete until this development, which the late political philosopher Sheldon Wolin called “inverted totalitarianism,” being understood as the reality behind the false struggles between the Business World and the State, between conservatives and liberals, and between politicians and corporate elites.

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