AG Jeff Sessions Suggests Prosecutions For Marijuana Growers, Sellers And Users In Legalized States

By Aaron Kesel

Attorney General Jeff Sessions suggested that the Department of Justice may crack down on people who grow and sell marijuana, even in the 29 states that legalized the plant, echoing the drawn-out argument that it is still against federal law.

Sessions made the non-surprising comments on conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt’s show after Hewitt asked whether the Department of Justice (DOJ) would be prosecuting marijuana growers and dispensaries for being criminal enterprises under RICO.

“A lot of states are just simply breaking the law and a lot of money is being made and banked,” Hewitt said to Sessions of marijuana growers and sellers. “One Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations prosecution of one producer and the banks that service them would shut this all down. Is such a prosecution going to happen?”

Sessions told Hewitt that he didn’t think “one RICO prosecution would be quite as effective as that,” but said he doesn’t think states that legalized the drug had the right to ignore current federal laws that ban the sale of marijuana.

“I do not believe there’s any argument that because a state legalizes marijuana, that the federal law against marijuana is no longer in existence,” Sessions said. “I do believe that the federal laws clearly are in effect in all 50 states and we will do our best to enforce the laws as we’re required to do so.”

Federal laws currently classify marijuana as a Schedule I drug — the highest level of classification given to illegal drugs which unfairly puts it in the same category as heroin and ecstasy.

Sessions agrees with that classification and is against the legalization of medical marijuana.

“We need grown-ups in charge in Washington to say marijuana is not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized, it ought not to be minimized, that it’s in fact a very real danger,” Sessions said at a Senate hearing on recreational marijuana in April 2016.

Hewitt further asked Sessions whether there are any prosecutions coming for marijuana growers and sellers.

“One prosecution that invokes a Supremacy Clause against one large dope manufacturing concern, and follows the money as it normally would in any drug operation and seizes it, would shut, would chill all of this,” Hewitt told Sessions, referencing the Constitutional provision that says federal law is above state law. “But I haven’t seen one in nine months, yet. Is one coming?”

Sessions refused to answer the question stating he couldn’t comment on the existence of an investigation.

“I can’t comment on the existence of an investigation at this time, you know that, but I hear you,” Sessions said with a laugh. “You’re making a suggestion, I hear you.”

This comes as Congress recently blocked a bill to allow veterans with PTSD access to medical marijuana as a substitute to big pharma’s opioids. Despite Sessions’ opposition to legalization medical marijuana, the drug has been shown to reverse a decade of rising opioid deaths in Colorado.

However, Congress isn’t giving Sessions the funds that he wants to start his revival of the war against marijuana, as Congress itself has increased support for the legalization of the drug and has denied Sessions money to fight his new crusade.

Sessions himself has previously claimed that marijuana causes violence and ordered harsher sentencing of non-violent drug offenders.

“Most of you probably know I don’t think America is going to be a better place when more people of all ages and particularly young people start smoking pot,” Sessions said during an exchange with reporters at the Justice Department. “I believe it’s an unhealthy practice and current levels of THC in marijuana are very high compared to what they were a few years ago.”

“We’re seeing real violence around that,” Sessions said. “Experts are telling me there’s more violence around marijuana than one would think and there’s big money involved.”

Since Congress didn’t give Sessions any money to fight his war on drugs it remains to be seen how he will accomplish his goal; but his stance is clear as day:  he hates marijuana users, sellers and growers despite the growing support to finally legalize the drug for medical use.

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62 Comments on "AG Jeff Sessions Suggests Prosecutions For Marijuana Growers, Sellers And Users In Legalized States"

  1. I only read the headline of this article. I find this decision by Jeff Sessions to be like, goofy. Did not President Trump just declare an opioid epidemic in our country? Would it not make sense to LEGALIZE marijuana in all its forms, since it is known to be non-addictive, is relatively cheap to get and is a painkiller both when used topically and when ingested? Jeff Sessions does not seem to be a team guy, being that he is not helping his boss, the President, to help people be pain free but not addicted to an opium derivative.

  2. I just read the headline of this article. Jeff Session’s decision seems to be to be goofy. Did not the President just declare and opioid epidemic in our country? Would it not make sense to LEGALIZE marijuana in all its forms as it relieves pain both topically and when ingested? Also, it is not addictive. Jeff Sessions does not
    seem to be a team guy as he is not helping his boss, the President, enable people to live comparatively pain free and not be addicted to an opium derivative.

    • He does not care about people in pain, as long as it ain’t him. If I could speak to him myself, I’d tell him to wait until he’s in pain and nothing works BUT marijuana. People like Sessions need to be educated on this subject but they do not care enough (yet) to bother with the real particulars, just keep depositing those phRMA checks.
      And yes, it would make sense to legalize it all over the USA but as long as we have idiots like Sessions, with their hands held out to phRMA and dollar signs in their eyes, that will not happen. You see, it’s not in their best interests to legalize something that actually works. He’s more into spreading fear, misinformation and lies. He fits right into WADC, doncha think, not to mention what a perfect fit he is for the phRMA companies? Hand in glove.

  3. With everything going on in our newly formed Zionist, communist country of Amerika, this is what he thinks is needed? What he needs to do is start smoking it, because it can treat mental retardation. We are living in one of the most criminal and corrupt times in our nation and he wants to go after pot, as if that weighs heavy on everybody’s mind? Sessions = Swamp.


  5. Now we know who he works for !!!!!!!!!!! Big Pharma !!!!

  6. Sessions Not worried at all about the treason and criminality of the Clintons, Bush’s and Obama crime families but God forbid, someone use a harmless weed to help their medical conditions. Jeff Sessions owns stocks in for profit prisons and big pharma. HE needs to be fired…today.

  7. Biggest do-nothing AG in history…..

    Lois Lerner just flipped him the finger

  8. He’s a ding bat. He doesn’t even understand the medical uses of marijuana, which don’t always involve smoking it. I’d be willing to bet his *connections and contributions* from BIGPHRMA and their lobbyists are paying him big-time to sport this notion. Only a fool would believe the propaganda garbage he’s trying to feed americans on this issue. He is truly ignorant about this herb – which has been around for a long time – and seems to be misunderstood on a large scale because no one bothers to read about the GOOD stuff it can do, they prefer to bury their heads in the sand and proclaim it as dangerous, or a “gateway” drug or some such nonsense. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Wait until these people are in pain or have cancers to treat or something where they are getting desperate and I’ll show you some people who have changed their mind very quickly about its uses and benefits. Sessions is a dolt.

  9. Jeff, With all due respect Sir I regret to inform you that Hitler lost the War. The US Constitution is the Law of the Land.


  10. Dump The Demented Dwarf, and get a real AG that will go after criminals like the Clintons, MS-13, and the Fakemedia®. Enough with this 1930s marijuana nonsense.

  11. Jason Chaffetz: Jeff Sessions ‘worse’ than Loretta Lynch

  12. Where in the constitution does it give the right to a dc municipal corporation to regulate weed Jeff?

  13. This swampy dimwit is the worst choice Trump could ever had made. As Rosenstein’s shoe
    shine boy he has single handedly done more damage to the office of
    the president than the RINO’s, Lying MSM and democrats combined.

  14. This idiot needs to be fired immediately.

  15. If you’re too high to defend my freedom much less your own, I could care less if you lose your freedom because you are of no use to freedom.

    However if you decide to join the weak, poor, and sick in fighting for freedom, united we are strong.

  16. Sessions isn’t playing with a full deck, so there’s no telling what he might think up. It could be that he has ties to big pharma and to the prison industry, but I think his lack of good sense is the main issue. Evidently he has led such a sheltered life that he has never had a child or a sibling or a relative who was arrested and convicted for possession of pot, and gotten to see how it messes up their life. Or maybe he has seen it and doesn’t care because he has no conscience. In any case he’s missing something very essential in human character. I wonder if Trump regrets appointing him as Attorney General. I would certainly hope so. But getting rid of him would probably be a hundred times more difficult than it was to give him the appointment in the first place.

  17. Michael Duberson | October 31, 2017 at 9:28 pm | Reply

    Hold him down and blow smoke into his mouth for 10 minutes.

  18. Sounds like the USA has the best AG money can buy!

  19. unbelievable

  20. he smokes that which he seizes

  21. Timothy E Hook | November 1, 2017 at 5:33 am | Reply

    Any violence is Actually the result of the prohibition and not the herb itself…go crawl back under your big-pharma, prison complex funded rock, you little blind weasel …on second thought..start actually doing the job that the people will actually support you doing and that is draining the swamp!…what a dweeb.

  22. John C Carleton | November 1, 2017 at 6:06 am | Reply

    Pedophiles to his left, right, back and front. People he talks to and deals with every damn day.
    And he is worried about people using a natural plant, which his bribe paying big pharma and booze industry, wants to keep “illegal”.

    The question being, does he need a stay in a sanatorium, or is he just a bought and payed for call girl?

  23. The ‘War on Drugs’ should be turned against big pharma, they are the real killers.
    Isn’t it better to just go into a store than to buy it on the streets.
    The 29 states that have legalized it are raking in ‘sin’ tax.
    End the war and the cannabis plant will, all by itself, smoke the economy. From paper to plastics to clothes.
    Sessions won’t even go after the swamp, which makes him a swamp creature.
    Jeff Sessions you are fired.

    • The whole government should be fired. People tell me if we had anarchy the criminals would be running the street, (wrong, but they don’t know what anarchy is anyway) but how is putting the criminals in charge a better idea? Statists are so funny!

  24. Vlad TheSkewerer | November 1, 2017 at 6:43 am | Reply

    Whatever big pharma is payin ya Jeff big weed will pay ya double. Take it, I didn’t vote for your boss to crack down on potheads, quite the opposite.

  25. Trump has a habit of picking people from the swamp for his cabinet, etc. After he picks them he says what great people they are. LOL Maybe there’s no one who’s not in the swamp to pick from.

  26. Jerry Wayne Carver | November 1, 2017 at 7:24 am | Reply

    Every one who is against this should resolve to never rule for the prosecution in a jury trial for pot. Nullify every single time. The state will soon realize the people wont support them on this.

    • The one time I was picked for jury duty I told them I’d never find anyone guilty as I don’t believe in caging people. They made sure I was one of those picked. It was a divorce case squabble. I was the only one selected who had been a plaintiff in a divorce case (means I filed for the divorce). I still remained on the jury selection. The charges were dropped though so I didn’t get my chance to go to jail for the utter contempt I felt for the whole stupid debacle anyway.
      By the way, if they only allowed grown-ups in D.C., he wouldn’t be there. What grown-up is so concerned about what free people put in their bodies? Oh wait, I forgot; we’re not free. It’s just a slogan.

  27. Robby Maraglia | November 1, 2017 at 8:28 am | Reply

    Sessions obviously doesn’t understand the constitution. ANY authority not specifically given to the federal government in the constitution is reserved to the states and/or its people. States have the right to nullify any unconstitutional law that the feds come up with, either by enacting contradicting laws or basically ignoring them. Any federal law enforcement agency has no jurisdiction in any state unless they are invited into that state. With that said, grants and subsidies given to a state usually come with mandated provisions that force a state to conform to certain rules, policies or illegal federal laws. Simply, states are bribed and manipulated to follow the federal agenda as they are forced to balance their budget every year- then add in the lobbyists that bribe the politicians to conform and we are all screwed. The one man that this country pinned its hopes on has been infiltrated, and by his own doing.

  28. JEFF!!! Focus.


    • A liar is what she is, but keeping up with tRump is a tall order even for her. And you can bet your bottom dollar that Jefferson Beauregard Secessions is gonna focus. He’ll focus, without KY, as bad as he can get away with, until he’s jailed.

  29. JS is a ultra compromised deep state traitor turd whp is ignoring real crimes like Clintons, banks and 911.

  30. i a man U Better Believe It | November 1, 2017 at 11:04 am | Reply

    Jeff Sessions needs to be arrested right now…. he is clearly corrupt by his actions against the people. Hey Jeff here is s news flash for you… you and your criminal cabal [BAR] have NO jurisdiction over any man or woman FACT… nor does this crap you pawn off as “laws” are nothing more than POLICY for a CORPORATION [UNITED STATES] that is simply providing government SERVICES to we the people… none of you corrupt pricks own us or have ANY standing over another manor woman in OUR PUBLIC COURTS…. but in your legal world of fraud… it’s the only way you lot can make a living stealing from your fellow man under the colour of YOUR SOCIETIES corrupt LEGAL/POLICIES….

    Sessions is just one of many in the future who will be brought to justice via common law courts by the people and will see this and many others hang once found guilty for their horrific acts…

  31. Sessions you stink. Drain the criminal swamp creatures in DC and stop worrying about a little marijuana smoke.

  32. marijuana cannot be regulated, everyone and their dog can grow it in their backyards, imagine the lost revenue when the government can’t steal, sorry… tax their UNfair share
    he Tenth Amendment, however, says that: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
    he is obviously confused, federal law does not trump – use different word (might be seen as political statement) – federal law does not overrule state law

    • I’m sorry, but I think the only part of the Constitution that hasn’t been overturned is the part where it says the rich people make the rules.

  33. Alice On Morphine | November 1, 2017 at 12:34 pm | Reply

    it is the criminal police who cause violence.

  34. Westcoastdeplorable | November 1, 2017 at 1:30 pm | Reply

    Sessions is still living in the “reefer madness” 30’s. Somebody needs to get him stoned.

    • Jefferson Beauregard Secessions can’t get stoned. And he should feel so all alone.

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          • Sandra Hilton | November 5, 2017 at 2:33 pm |

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  35. VIC_MORROWS_HEAD | November 1, 2017 at 2:17 pm | Reply

    How about real prosecution for the Clinton’s uranium bullshit.Why not prosecute Trump for the Whitefish contract in Puerto Rico? We all know he gave that to Zenke.Cobra contract to Oklahoma Co. has fingerprints too.

    Trump is a liar just like all of them!

  36. JimboBillyBob Justice | November 1, 2017 at 5:03 pm | Reply

    Ilive in MA. We have a medical cannabis program. I want Mr Sessions to come to my house and hang out with me on 3 different days. On day 1 I won’t take any medicine at all.(and prepare for a hospital visit) On Day 2 I’ll take the Thorazine/Haldol/Clozaril and other pills pushed on me by “doctors” for my PTSD. Then on day 3 I will use my medical cannabis. Then he will have actual experience in dealing with someone with PTSD…lets see how he judges medical cannabis then

    • Amen Brother! I hope you aren’t going to the evil VA death dealers anymore. I live in Florida, but still smoke as I please. It’s all that kept my PTSD in check. If it weren’t for this “demon” weed, I’d have doubtless become a mass shooter by now.

  37. By far the Biiiiiigest Disappointment of the Trump/Pence administration. It is the AG’s job to restore maintain and restore lawful Behavior and accountability to the national governing bodies (The Swamp). The next disappointment is Trump not telling to investigate the known issues of crime by the biggest names in the swamp. I guess that’s why they were all putting such importance on Sessions being independent of the president during confirmation hearings. Sad to see but this guy has been, it appears, Taken by the controllers also. I suppose by this time we should all know that these people don’t remain in Washington because they have the best interest of the people at heart. Sigh…..

  38. OH and the “experts” he has consulted with. Which pharmaceutical company do they work for? The ones who make the drugs that kill people by the tens of thousands? Maybe, the “experts” that PROTECT and control the real dangerous drugs and cartels that leave a trail of misery behind that Sessions and his consulted “experts” are fully aware of.

  39. Somebody should shoot Sessions in his big fat ignorant head.

  40. Censored-ABCNEWS.COM-Siemen | November 1, 2017 at 8:56 pm | Reply

    The problem with this guy is he doesn’t understand what he’s talking about. I’m sure he’s never smoked marijuana with a Hot Babe and had some Dynamite Sex … He should try it … Marijuana can turn an uptight dick into a reasonable human being … He needs to read the 10 Commandments, especially the one – About not stealing … Jeff Asset Forfeiture is Robbery Plain and Simple … That means stealing!

    When is the Donald Going To Tell Him – Jeff Your Fired!

  41. Our Founders grew cannabis in part to protect US independence.

    By contrast members of the obama occupation shilled opiates from muslim countries, the trump occupation panders to our sworn enemy Russia and the alternative was shillary pandering to our not so secret enemy China.

    They should all be stripped of their citizenship.

    In your heart you know it’s true.

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