Mysterious DHS Towers In NYC – Are These Radiation Detectors?

By Aaron Kesel

Mysterious metal towers have appeared popping up at local tunnels, and soon they’ll start appearing at bridges, too, but the authorities aren’t stating what they are. Could these be radiation detection devices?

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a transformational plan to re-imagine New York’s crossings for the 21st century which includes deploying cutting-edge technology and security personnel to high-profile crossings in New York to enhance public safety and fortify anti-terror efforts, a press release stated.

The strange metallic towers are part of a $100 million MTA outline called the New York Crossings Project shrouded in secrecy, with 18 of them planned for tunnels and bridges across New York.

Even people on the MTA board in charge of the towers can’t say why they’re being used or what’s in them, CBS2 reported.

A CBS2 reporter demanded answers from MTA’s Chairman Joe Lhota, and the answer they got was that the peculiar pylons are Homeland Security items.

Reporter: “Some of your own board members say they don’t know the specifics.”

Lhota: “The base of these new pieces that are going up include whatever fiber optics are necessary for those Homeland Security items.”

So with Homeland Security’s involvement, one can presume that these towers are anti-terror related. These new devices being radiation detectors isn’t at all a long stretch.

In 2009, NY Daily News reported that radiation detectors called “Advanced Spectroscopic Portal Monitors,” $450,000 devices, were given to the NYPD by the Department of Homeland Security. Those devices were placed on a trio of SUVs at entrances to tunnels, bridges and toll booths according to the publication.

The paper further stated that the NYPD stationed a sophisticated radiation-detecting device called the Thermo-Fissure Portal Monitor – which costs $100,000, at a July 4th celebration at the retired battleship Intrepid.

It’s been 8 years since that report; last year authorities increased radiation detection capabilities across agency assets according to a port authority press release.

A news agency based in New York, Reinvent Albany asked the Authorities Budget Office to investigate whether the MTA board met its fiduciary duty, and was fully informed, before approving contracts related to the governor’s NY Crossings program on MTA bridges and tunnels. $47m worth of expenses for decorative towers at the entrance to the Battery and Queens Midtown Tunnels.

They question whether the MTA board knew what it was doing when it approved $47m worth of expenses for “decorative towers at the entrance to the Battery and Queens Midtown Tunnels,” the publication wrote.

Some MTA board members, including New York City Transportation Commissioner Polly Trottenberg, stated that they know little about the towers – even though money has been spent and some of the towers are already up.

“A lot of the board members felt they didn’t have all the details they would have wanted, myself included,” she said.

It’s all speculation at this point what those metallic decorative towers are and what their purpose is, but it doesn’t seem outlandish to think that these are advanced radiation detection towers for preventing a potential bombing at infrastructure throughout New York, with the goal of protecting those bridges and tunnels, especially since Homeland Security is involved.

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Image: Natural Blaze

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11 Comments on "Mysterious DHS Towers In NYC – Are These Radiation Detectors?"

  1. It’s for the children.

  2. knowing this government they will probably emmitt radiation

  3. by looking at the size it is probably a whole bunch of sensors

  4. I hope they didn’t buy the cheap ones.

    • Is your name indicating a family connection to Mr. ‘Spread GMO’s everywhere, and deceive and kill the entire human populations slowly but steadily’? Sorry for my remark, if you ‘just’ happened to have such a name…

  5. I see two possibilities if these fear-towers are in any way related to radiation. The obvious possibility, considering it moves forward their NWO, is that they emit radiation (and probably other nefarious potions because they’re all about multi-tasking). The other possibility is that it also measures radiation and can be used in the future to “quarantine” people if they are “hot”. They want to relocate everyone in the world, that’s in Agenda 2030, and think about how many they’ve already relocated with their weather modification shananigans.

    I bet these things, if they aren’t just props to further the fear of terrorism agenda, they probably do a bunch of stuff, like facial recognition, ELF, radiation, radiation detection, license plate grabbers, cameras, maybe even x-ray since they pretend they’re worried about terrorists when they know the only terrorists are them. Whatever they are, they wanted us to talk about it, or they just would have put them up and hushed. While we’re distracted with this right hand, what’s the left hand doing?

  6. Why such useless pictures are posted here? If one can get close to that ‘alien’ than put real GOOD photos from ALL DIRECTIONS to see the DETAILS!!! The devil is always in them. In order to tell whether there are detectors, emitters, etc. inside, one would need to take the structure apart. Are these some screws there or some heavy duty nuts visible little bit in this bad quality picture? Some experts with good X-ray detectors around, could tell much more about the content of these ‘mysterious’ objects.

    • I am afraid if we try to tore them down its should be at night and we should know if they are not already at work, because if they are already produce all the necessary radiations and the rest, by tore them down they will actually send the radiation on their own plus they definitely might be computerized to react in case someone would want them tore them down

  7. With cumeo involved I am sure he is getting something out of it and taking something from the public.

  8. Its so funny that the board members claim they dont know what they are yet they approved money for it…cant have your cake and eat it too…..The reason for the secrecy is simple…if the regular people would get pissed if they knew what it was….i am missing the part where the people pay for this yet arent told what its for…thats how it works today? sad americans have left there balls in the closet a long time ago.

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